The Truth About The Attacks On Bill Cosby

One of the first things I tell people who are new to the “revolution of the mind” is to understand we are at war. To un-learn everything that has been taught.

Especially if it comes from mass media.

Being a passive/aggressive historian, I have done quite a bit of research concerning how dictatorships are formed.

Naomi Wolfe got it right. It always follows ten basics steps.

The 8th being “Target Key Individuals”. This is done by dismantling the persons legacy, their immediate source of income and discrediting them to their followers.

Why Bill Cosby you ask? Watch the video and make that determination for yourself.

For more info on 10 easy ways to a dictatorship … Start with Naomi Wolfe’s book… Then do your own research.


Side Note : Understand this is just MY opinion:

While I do believe Bill ultimately is to blame for his own demise (in my book he is a cheater- not a rapist) , I still sense an underlying aggression to ruin this man by the “powers at be” that is unsettling. It has the feeling of a lynch mob.

Men cheat and make themselves fodder to all forms of shenanigans.

That being said, no Black man in the history of Black men can rape over 15 white women and get away with it.

There is always a reason when an icon is being prosecuted in the court of public opinion.

Especially when historically, they are, and has always been an advocate for Black people and our true history.



181 Replies to “The Truth About The Attacks On Bill Cosby”

  1. Brotha, you’ve just restored my faith in humanity.

    1. All this article does is speak the opinion of the author. Nothing factual, but plenty of speculation. Women and men are unlikely to report a rape, because of the ridicule they endure when going public. You know scandalized the victim. There are maybe 3-4 women that I believe didn’t get what they expected out of Cosby and joined in. The rest of them I find a lot of credibility in their story. Mr. Cosby also settled out of court with a few women. If all these women are lying on him and he’s losing a lot of money as a result, why isn’t he suing some of these women of defamation of character?

      1. Cause he is an old ass man who doesn’t want all of the trouble of going to court for the next 3 years and having every little thing in his whole life picked throuh with a fine toothed comb. Because of course he cheated. I can tell you are white because you don’t realizethat it is iimpossible for a black man to rape that many white woman and not be dead or in jail. Some of these women talk about this happeningin the 60’s, they wwere still burning crosses then.

      2. he actually is filing a countersuit

      3. Nobody’s going to rape me and get away with it. It might take me 30yrs to prove it but not 30yrs to say something.

      4. Well, Christine, the entire scandal and the case being brought against Cosby by the media is ALSO “nothing factual and plenty of speculation”.

      5. “All this article does is speak the opinion of the author. Nothing factual, but plenty of speculation.”

        You mean like, what’s being said in the media about him?

      6. What?! Women report fake rape allegations without a care about ridicule!! And people will believe anything especially to see certain people fall from grace!

      7. It might an opinion but common sense and thinkin outside the box is a traite most people are brainwashed away from when it comes to the way we are being manipulated and and led to believe all is ok. But u say women are afraid to come forward when raped. I agree in normal cases. But this is bill cosby. I refuse to belive that out of all the 15 woman not one of them would od relised that she could gain a hell of alot financially buy blowing the whistle on bill cosby back then. Hed already settled out of court previously on similar acusations. So common sense tells me that thers noway non of them wouldn’t come forward.

      8. He has already file sue alleging character assassination in one case… According to court document… not a couple but one case was settle 2-decades ago out of court.

      9. That makes sense but no two minds think alike! He is to old to be dealing with this drama. They are seriously trying to kill him!

      10. Bill Clinton settled with a few women. They vilified the women

      11. Because they are probably broke. Hence the reason for all of this. Money is a vey strong motivator.

      12. One. He settled out of court with one woman.

      13. Lol I was taking my time and I was “going in” on the author. That is, until I read all the comments. You all have handled him very well LOL I need say nothing. Cosby is guilty as a smoking gun. And he has been paying the price, and will continue to do so. he assassinated himself. Maybe his son dying was part of the Karma tho?

      14. I agree with your statement to a point. Do you know the history of the US!? A black man raping a white woman in the late 60’s or 70’s!? You think that Bill Cosby (who at that time, wasn’t a dominant force in Hollywood) wouldn’t have been strung up immediately!? Black men were the excuse for white women when they wanted to cover up their indiscretions. They KNEW he would be proclaimed guilty without needing a shred of evidence. I don’t believe for a second, that they were afraid to come forward. The USA has a history of persecuting black men regardless of AGE or stature. Especially in those era’s.

  2. That doesn’t mean he didn’t turn into an old lecher doing inappropriate things. Many of us geezers do.

    1. …and you people mr peckawood are KNOWN for causing destruction and despair wherever you go…..from jacking ships and robbing and killing in the name of your ratchet ass, queen to “discovering” America that was ALREADY INHABITED BY A PEOPLE WHOM YOU BROUGHT VD, and many germs these natives didn’t even have….you went into south Africa and raped and murdered millions of african men and women with MORE of you Rabid class diseases, your filthy and hellish ways…usually murdering and causing distraction with your junk trinkets for diamonds and gold. Your Veteran’s Administration to some 50 Black GI’s and shot them up with syphillis and just watch and documented how their bodies reacted without giving ANY kind of medical aid when you were finished studying them. Jumping back in history again, you brought Black Kings and Queens over here to the US to pick your cotton and saw wood and wait on you nasty and filthy Crackers, you also raped and pillaged Black Slave Women and gave them the same diseases while you also raped little Black Boys, and beat and hung blacks, and even more beatings when they were forbidden to learn to read.
      Yes, you DO have the nerve to talk about ONE man, you son of a bitch with all the degradation and pillaging and murder you people did to the masses of black people that number now total 60 million Black beautiful people of color, and if you didn’t know mr nasty cracker, the first people to walk this earth were Black men, to say nothing of your blue eyed, blond haired superbly Jesus, who the Bible described as having dark skin and Lamb’s hair….Jesus was the color of a man who lived in that region where there were people of color.

      Don’t you EVER open your mouth to denigrate another Black Man as long as you live.
      You don’t even begin to have the right to, you two legged Dog, full of a history of destruction wherever you go with your own special brand of Christianity with your Gay and deceitful pope, who is just as much a mongrel as you. SMDH. YOU ARE THE TRUE LEPER….YOU!!

      1. Way to prove a point there, Elliot Louis; the ranting and name calling really convinced me of the rightness not only of your point of the view but of the article as well. Or, maybe NOT. You are just as wrong as the haters who call the President names. We have only one allegiance, I hope, and that is to the truth. If Bill Cosby is being wrongly accused, then he gets the opportunity to clear his name. If these women are telling the truth, and these are not the first accusations about untoward behavior toward women on his part, then they deserve the opportunity to prove their cases. What no one deserves is name-calling from you. That’s too much like what the other guys do. It’s just as wrong when we do it.

      2. Well said brother. Well said–Bravo!

      3. I agree with you elliot I understand your frustration an anger with how america is an what they doing an have done to our people seems like its always the ones for us as a race that gets attacked its all set up for the ultimate destruction of the black race but one thing they cant stop is GOD an before its all over everybody will see why we are the most hated race on the planet since creation i mean how can anybody question the reaction of any kind when it comes to our people when we are killed descriminated against shut out stereo typed considered sub human an so on it just doesnt stop we have been through an endured so much on this planet there is no way that this is for NOTHING there is a reason an in the end WE ALL WILL KNOW!!!

      4. Wow! This is absolutely the best comment that I have ever read on one of these type of discussions. Sums up a whole race in a nutshell.

      5. “Hear the Roars of the
        Ugly Cry”

        Indians have inhabited the United States years before the Caucasians. Further back to the beginning God said that man would live on the earth. He did not say whites would kill steal people from other land, rape, lynch, burn, drive by, enslave, behead, abuse, whip, kick punch, spit on, sell, shoot, hang and mutilate, And more for their own personal greed. No one did any of that to your people. You hide behind hoods and sneak hate meetings to pre meditate serial killing terroristic acts of murder. When you all drifted into America, you didn’t have any rights to not one piece of land. You stole, ran off and killed people like locus. Then you took over like it was yours. I call that grand theft. If anyone is an illegal it is the white nationality. You really don’t have a true native country to call your own no matter how you put it in your twisted ruthless high and mighty minds. You would be just as ignorant and stupid in other lands you barged in uninvited as you claim blacks were here that you brought by force not knowing their language and culture. If the other lands that you hijacked whipped your ass back, chained you up, kept you from learning their ways, sold your family, raped you, burned and hung you, wait and worked you as a slave for 400 years you would be in the same shoes as you put on the black race. Let me see; you might be referred to as white ape monkeys, stinking white Devils 💀👽, leftover eating wiggers and little lipped ugly frightening ghostly looking creatures.
        I think that you wiggers were the first to have serial killers. Anyone that kills any which way but loose for 400 years has a gene bloodline of a stone cold killer. I bet if you check the family tree of white serial killers up to date their bloodline will be traced back to you the original barbaric hunters of man. You taught people how to hang folks, burn, rape, etc etc etc. check back on the statistics of the first notation of lynching. White on Black for that matter, any other race you hated; even your own if they got in your way. You are the ones Burning churches and performing drive by’s. You have been some of the worst known torchering psychotic maniacs of all times. Who cuts babies out of a mothers stomach without a conscious; crazy. What I don’t understand is after 400 years of fee labor, not spending anything on food for your slaves because you threw scraps to them, not providing medical coverage; because you shot them or they died off when they weren’t any more use to you, and yet the over all white nation is flat damn broke. All you did was trade, sell, hoard and nasty off. If all this happened to you I wonder would you forget as easily as you are telling us to forget. You can’t eat the dung out of your own plate. You probably would not survive that 115* heat in the cotton, wheat and corn fields. I am sure you would get sun poison. Like many of the slaves you had out there, but he who feels it knows it. I hear some saying niggers want to work for nothing; they did for over 400 years, pay up! You know what you did and that’s why you fought so hard for it not to change; you were scared. You reap what you sow and you were plain scared. If you mis-treat a dog he will bite you and your dirty deeds always come back to haunt you. Oh that reminds me of another brutal way of murdering; sick the dogs on people and only for wanting to be free of your sickness. Looks like your devilish murderous ways been around a long time “master” like you are above God. My my don’t let me put God any where near this demonic white tradition and treacherous hate. God is good and full of love. You showed your true colors when your black hearts used the cross to burn your ungodly rituals, hang people and use as a deception of righteousness. Shame on your soul. I rather be black on the outside than black hearted on the inside. I thank my loving Heavenly Father for the color of my skin. The day of reckoning is at hand. Every knee will bow and we will all answer to Jesus. God says never to put your trust in man. Studying the nature of your character over the centuries of time, I will never trust you with me or anyone of mine. I could never dream of doing the horrible and cruel things you people did over the years to other people. I believe you all should be locked away. Oh! I believe that is what will happen when Jesus returns yes? When that happens on judgement day many will feel more fury than they have ever imagined or committed. God does not lie. Forgive me if I have lied on anyone. If the shoe fits wear it, if not praise the Lord and all Glory goes to the Father.

      6. Well put, Elliot Louis, with a strong dose of truth and reality! They will never accept what you’ve said, it will be pushed under the rug and will continue to want us to forget what they did by telling us to get over it. Funny how it’s ok to remember and refuse to forget 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, and it’s ok for the Jews to remember the Holocaust and it’s accepted if they bring it up and talk about it.They get to dictate and choose what everyone should remember, but for the things they do and did, they want it to be forgotten. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!

      7. I’m Native American, and what you are, is racist.

      8. Contrary to your presumption, I am Native American, and what you are, is racist. The invaders of MY country committed genocide on my relations and ancestors, reducing our population by 80%, estimates run to 100 MILLION killed. My ancestors lived and died on the Trail of Tears in Oklahoma, so you can just STFU and take your self-righteous pontificating to another stage.

      9. I’ll just ignore your blatant racism and hatred, along with your cherry picked history. Well, I can’t ignore all the cherry picked history. First, who sold the black men as slaves to the Spanish, who brought them to America? Other black African men who tortured, rape, abused, captured, then sold their own kind to the Spanish. It’s all well documented. “Americans” never stepped foot on Africa to buy slaves. And these nasty crackers fought and bled and died to free the slaves in America. Slavery, the kind we know as slavery from history, was first legally introduced bc a black man died in court to “own” another black men as an unpaid servant for life. Anthony Johnson was the first American slave owner and was black. 2nd, who started the African slave trade? The same people that are keeping it alive and well today with an estimated 20 Million black slaves TODAY! Muslims. The Muslims, bc of their prophet, are responsible for pillaging and raping Africa for all its worth and are still enslaving “your people” today all throughout the middle east. But, it seems you’re only pissed over the slavery that ended in America in the 1860’s. Probably bc it’s easier to be pissed over something horrible that happened over 150yrs ago by people long dead and blame people living today. Here’s an excerpt for you:
        The figures show conclusively that, when free, blacks disproportionately became slave masters in pre-Civil War America. The statistics outlined above show that about 28 percent of free blacks owned slaves—as opposed to less than 4.8 percent of southern whites, and dramatically more than the 1.4 percent of all white Americans who owned slaves (
        -so we learn that percentage wise, more blacks owned slaves than whites in America and 28% of freed slaves went on to own slaves themselves. So “your people” share in this sin, more so, bc those freed slaves knew first hand how it was to be a slave and willingly enslaved his own kind.

        Now let’s discuss your biblical illiteracy. Your lack of bible knowledge. No where does the bible describe Christ as dark-skinned, unless your reading some alternate poor version of the bible. There are plenty bad copies that have changed the bible and pass it off as real (NIV for example). I’ll tell you how to verify this. Christ was a direct descendant of Adam and Eve. You can easily trace that. If you look up Adam from the garden in Hebrew (H119) it means “ruddy complected, to be flush, to show blood in the face, to blush or be rosey”. The meaning of the word shows Adam was so light skinned that you can see when he’s flushed and rosey. So he couldn’t be black. Fast forward to the days of Israel. After taken captive by Assyria and furthering their heritage, they migrated north and west. They settled then crossed the Caucasus Mountain range,, becoming known as Caucasians, and settling into Europe, then Australia, Canada/North America. That’s verified and traced historically. (The United States and Britain in Prophecy). You can also find where the daughter of Zedekiah was taken to Europe, married a prince and basically founded Scotland, the whitest country in Europe. Now if Christ was Direct descendant of Adam/Eve and Israel, He likely didn’t change races. And have you seen true native Israelis today? Pale white. Same with Jews. I have fb friends in that area I the middle east. The PM of Israel is as white as any European.
        So we established you are either ignorant of history or just ignore that which doesn’t fit your ideology, which by definition makes you a bigot. And we established you don’t know the bible, but talk like you do. I hope someday you turn to God and let go of your hate and anger. It’s misplaced and unjustified. And uninformed.

    2. An Old Lecher? This supposedly happened when he was a Whipper Snapper.

      1. I Am Sorry don’t feel much for anyone who decides to wait 30 plus years to say they were Raped! BULLSHIT i don’t need to say much more the media heads are doing just that trying to ruin his reputation and any positive action he has taken on behalf of other Black Americans~ This country is so damned delusional and the History told in the books are not Accurate. Think about it folks we have the same few publishing companies providing text books to All the schools here in the U.S.. and we know how folks like to alter situations and circumstances to make the Formation of these United States so Grand; It Was Not Stop Lying to Everyone!

  3. Naomi is a bit misdirected! She SHOULD sue them for using her name that evokes beauty! She should be paid! But we are all fortunate to be classified as some kind of sweet chocolate!

  4. What up,

    I saw the full documentary on Black history by Cosby featured in this article a few months ago. In fact I downloaded it from Youtube I think to watch again and use as a possible sample source. All I can say is that was Cosby a long time ago. Now he’s a conservative curmudgeon. He talks down on Black youth and seems to be, for lack of a better word, “disconnected.” Here’s a video of Nikki Giovanni speaking to that point a lot more eloquently than I:

    After Cosby came out against Black youth I was basically done with him. I just looked at him as an old rich dude who is outta touch, living in a bubble, surrounded by a bunch of ‘yes’ men and ‘yes’ women. This rape shit is a whole other bag! He done stepped his shit up to another level sort of speak.

    I don’t think 15 women (plus the 3 new women I heard about yesterday), are lying. That is one of the most powerful myths of rape culture, that women for the most part, are liars. More particularly to the point; they lie about rape. Sure, every blue moon we find a woman lying but the overwhelming majority of women have to deal with the actual pain and agony of being raped and the stigma of society if they come forward with such an allegation. More than likely they got to try and convince a bunch of men, (the sex responsible for violence against women), that they were in fact victimized by a man. So what I am laboring to say is that there are many reasons in a sexist patriarchal society that women do not come forward right away with rape. Many women never come forward and I can fully understand that.

    As far as destroying his legacy. I’m sorry but dude did all this shit on his own. Sure the White capitalist establishment probably will be harsher on him because he’s a Black man, but in general good riddance. Here’s the thing tho, even if we look at it as a character assassination, thus far he has come out pretty good if you consider the fact that there are no one calling for criminal charges. That’s the major thing right there. Furthermore; he hasn’t lost any of the previous multi-millions of dollars he’s accumulated over the years. There are still people of all shades and backgrounds still defending him and I got to repeat this, this dude ain’t gonna do no time! Woody Allen didn’t have to do time for his child molestation charges and is still able to do his art and have people go see it and treat him like he’s a normal mutherfucker. Cosby might not get treated that well but who knows, give it time, maybe people will forget. Fuck Bill Cosby tho…

    1. August, really?so, because he uses his microphone and stage presence to verbalize what is obvious to multiple of millions, he is now disconnected? Your generation has become a scourge against society. Take a serious look at yourselves…maybe not u (I don’t know u), but your generation is tearing the very fiber of ethics and values away from societal norms. Bill was right. Furthermore, if Mr. Cosby did something of which he has been accused (I have some doubts), that still won’t change the truths he has spoken on in the past. It would just mean his sexual demons have their own lane…..many of us live in similar disparities with ourselves….judges are on drugs. Preachers love materialism, teachers enjoy a bit too much alcohol, etc.. Doesn’t mean that what they’ve said in their professional environment wasn’t true.

      1. “After Cosby came out against Black youth I was basically done with him. I just looked at him as an old rich dude who is outta touch, living in a bubble, surrounded by a bunch of ‘yes’ men and ‘yes’ women. This rape shit is a whole other bag! He done stepped his shit up to another level sort of speak.”

        So let me get this straight: A black man speaks out against the self-degrading and self-destructive behavior of young men and women, and he’s the one with the problem because he doesn’t just accept that y’all seem to want to attract all this violence and unnecessary drama in your life. Hmm. And meanwhile, you “realest niggas and baddest bitches” are demanding respect from everybody else, while you kill each other and fuck your own shit up. Makes perfect sense…to an idiot.

        I recall growing up and being called a sellout because I liked the Cosby Show; it was considered “unrealistic” to this fictional black community (community requires some kind of unity), mainly because they chose to only look for things that resembled their crappy lives. I was also considered “white” because both of my parents lived together, with me, in a house. Imagine that.

        I thought these negroes were dumb as hell then, and apparently they are still dumb as hell now. I’d gladly live in a bubble filled with respectable black people to get away from these heathens you claim he should have accepted as is.

        And by the way…ain’t. no. way…a black man with ANY amount of money and popularity is going to get away with raping any number of white women, in the motherfuckin’ 60’s, 70’s, and/or 80’s. I’m willing to bet that part of the reason he’s being targeted now, is because Bill would be quite busy speaking out against all these black kids who are unfortunately losing their lives trying to force the police of all people to respect theirs. I don’t care who you think you are, you better follow protocol when dealing with the cops; go ahead and take that “L” in the hood when all your so-called homies wanna call you a “punk” because you chose to do as the officer said instead of taking a few hot ones to the chest. I’m definitely not siding with them, but y’all sure ain’t gonna beat ’em with what you’re doing. Learn the law and how to deal with it! But they can’t have ol’ Bill trying to make sense. There’s too much money to be made in locking up protestors in private prisons, especially when certain cities start getting hit with martial law because y’all keep acting up. But then again, by ol’ August’s logic, negroes wouldn’t listen anyways.

    2. August I agree with you for the most part, but the woman who is claiming that he raped her at 15 years old is the only one bringing charges against this man. How will she prove that he raped her at 15? I believe him when he says her attorney was trying to extort money from him or she goes public, and I believe that is exactly what happened. You know when Gloria Alred gets involved there is :poop: in the game. After she loses her case, I’d be suing her if I were him.

    3. August I think your a little disconnected. There’s a good reason for Bill to get down on black youth we have become more and more eager to live up to the stereotypes that are associated with us. Look at music the vast majority is directing the youth to kill, steal, sale drugs, get high, and to have sex with as many girls as possible. Influencing our kids to strive to attain Gucci and L.V. instead of a education. While you all for tearing down Bill how many Black kids have you helped? Also the fact he hasn’t been arrested leads me to believe that these accusations are false and have a foundation made of lies. Finally if you didn’t know Woody Allen is white cant really compare Bill to the way they treated one of their own..

    4. Why can’t people ever accept that all youth have a problem today. The biggest is to wait their turn. There is nothing anyone 18-26 has to say that is valid. Many are still living at home. Many who had the chance to go to college had the bill paid by their parent’s. So your perspective is still untested and is in the bubble so to speak. Because you have not truly struggled, other than to balance party and study time. In the case of Mr Cosby think about this. Why is it so hard to believe that these women entered into a sexual relationship with Cosby based on receiving acting jobs, or whatever. Cosby doesn’t follow through because he was just trying to get laid. Who are you going to tell? Or maybe these women saw the chance to sleep with this black man and get something in return, he played the game and then didn’t follow through on his promises. These women didn’t come back to Cosby for multiple rapings. They were dating him for services he didn’t deliver. There is no justice in civil litigation. There is just monetary gain for an alleged suffering. This is about money.

      1. I totally agree with you jblanco4400
        Well said

    5. Cosby never came out against black youth… He simple said, pull ya damn pants, learn how to speak, learn how to read, learn how to behave in public, stay in school. Only the stupid think that is AGAINST black youth.

      1. You said a full mouth full….and some people can’t digest it…(smile) So many people of color are coming out against Mr. Cosby because they don’t like what he says about some of out youth…and how they act. Weather or not he did it…I don’t know…I wasn’t there…but I won’t condemn him in the court of public opinion. Complaining about a 30 year old rape is very hard to believe.

      2. It’s amazing how stupid some people can be…when someone tells them to do the right thing they think it means the opposite of what it really does.

  5. It’s possible that they’re all lying. Why accuse him now? He supposedly assaulted them some 40 years ago; white women…when blacks were still being lynched for walking down the wrong street! No way he did this! I don’t care if 100 women come forth! It’s evident that some wealthy racist are trying to destroy one the most positive images that my generation saw: the Cosby Show. Dr. Huxtable was who every little black kid wanted as a father. Women wanted as a husband. He opened our eyes to the possibility of achieving greatness.

    Now I don’t take assault lightly. My heart goes out to the women and men who have suffered from this abuse. Nobody is asking any real questions. The most recent woman says she was 15 when he assaulted her. But they met at the PLAYBOY mansion!!!! REALLY? What was she doing there? It’s laughable!

    Rumors are poisonous! The damage is done! Once the truth of his innocence comes out, the mass public will only remember this moment!

  6. what happened to the TRUTH about the SEVENTH HEAVEN DAD STEPHEN COLLINS??? At least there is proof of what he was doing!! now all we hear is what Mr COSBY may have done.ijs

  7. I have no doupt he fucked them lying bitches….but under what pretence?
    Did they expect something in return & didn’t get rewarded after performing nasty ass sex acts for bill…?
    Come on now if you were raped what good would money do after having your body violated…even if 100 lying old dried up bitter nasty ass old bitches got together for a pitty party crying to the top of their used up old ass lungs
    It doesn’t make it true!!!
    Especially if statutes are exhausted
    The nerve of them to even insinuate
    That he waive his rights for them to try to do what ever crooked shit they trying to do……The first time that bitch falsely accused him she should have gotten body bagged!!!!
    Like m Monroe…by Kennedy
    I have so much to say but
    If you put yourself out there like that
    You are subject to play yourself
    You can’t rape the willing!!!

    1. I agree he may have had some involvement but I cannot see him Raping someone especially during the time period the women claimed this happened. I believe that there is definitely some false accusations and How backwards to come out with such accusations when most have for 30 years plus stayed Quiet!

  8. “The Bill Cosby thing is so f**king awful, and what’s worse for comedians is a lot of us have known for a long f**king time. It was a very badly kept secret in the comedian world, and a lot of us would talk about it. Bobcat Goldthwait would mention it all the time, and really people would just go, ‘ah, that’s bulls**t.’ It took this long, and what really drives me f**king crazy about it is the idea that these women… just imagine, he did the s**t he did to these women when they were young and they were on this upswing. ‘Oh wow! My life is starting, my career’s starting… I’m gonna meet Bill Cosby,’ and this awful thing happens. They can never talk about it, so he’s just shot the ground out from under them. Not just in that one incident, but for decades of their lives when they’re supposed to be enjoying the time when they’re in their physical prime, in their mental prime, enjoying life. Some guy takes that away from them, he doesn’t lose a second of sleep over it… and by the way, how many women have come forward at this point, like thirteen? That means that there’s hundreds. That means that there’s f**king hundreds. If you see one cockroach there’s a thousand in your house. And they had to sit there for decades while this guy did this over and over again, didn’t lose any sleep, was beloved, and even now, everything is being taken away from him, but at worst he lives in comfy seclusion for the last years of his life. He lives in absolute luxurious exile for the rest of his life. That is one of the horrors of life.’”

    1. you are a buffoon. u need genuine help. bitch u live in america. if u find a good american u have just found the worst american. bill fucked those whores. but he did not rape those whores. and its obvious u are a pale face. and everyone should know by now that to a pale face a lie is the truth to you right.

      1. you’re only allowed to come at me if you can spell. Calling them whore makes you looking like a moron. When you learn punctuation and grammar, then we can have a conversation, but I doubt you’d be able to keep up.

      2. Bitch, learn to A) spell B) write a paragraph with proper punctuation and sentence structure, and perhaps you won’t come off like an uneducated stain on the soul of humanity.

  9. I’m sorry but I strongly disagree with you. Bill Cosby us not disconnected with my generation, he’s telling the truth about our regression and you convict him of that??? I’m of this very generation (90’s baby) AND I FEEL DISCONNECTED. We value celebrities that support no causes, clothes and money, and DOGS before the lives of human beings. Where’s the humanity in that? We’re more comfortable interacting thru various social medias because it doesn’t require us to COMMUNICATE and interact as true humans should. We are lost, can’t you see it? And because he has out rightly voiced his opinion he is wrong? Do you know much he gives back to the community?! Do your research because someone who gives as much as he couldn’t possibly be disconnected. I wasn’t in the bedroom 20 years ago with Bill Cosby nor these women but I do find it unbelievably odd that suddenly they’re so forth coming. And also, not to sound like one that comes with various conspiracy theories, however, I do know facts. And fact of the matter is the FBI (government) has been found guilty of murder and planting evidence to destroy leaders of our culture that were directing our people in a positive direction. Who do you think assasinated MLK, Jr.? Do your research because nothing about these allegations seem right especially in light of what he was trying to accomplish.

    1. You my friend are going places. Ive read Bill Cosby’s book and he is VERY much connected, especially with whats going on in the hood and what I see everyday. There are definite plans to destroy our black leaders. Including Tupac and MJ, and anyone that tries to help us (JFK)

    2. This is what happens when you are in a position to do an say something and do nothing.What did Bill Cosby do for the blacks beside talk down on us like he is better than us.Like in the God Father movie he went against the family.So what ever white people want to do to him ohh fucking well.He bought this on himself don’t ever compare what this clown going thru to MLK you are truly disconnected.What does Bill Cosby stand for i tell you nothing that is why he could be so easily bought down.What ever you do in the dark will be bought to the light no matter how long it takes.Real black leaders ideas and dreams are never destoried they live on.This guy should have billions of dollars did he not try to buy NBC so i say to you again what has he done with all this power and wealth.What was he trying to do or accomplish that he could not do on his own.This is what happens to blacks once they have made it.We start thinking we are no longer black,no matter how much money you have you will never be seen as equal.

      1. Quit being so ignorant…Bill Cosby has given scholorships to black youths for over 25 to 30 yrs. If you would take the time to do some research you’d know.

    3. I agree! Bill Cosby was seen as America’s Dad, not only to black people, but to whites as well. If he continued to speak about what blacks need to do in order to become more successful collectively as a race, he would have gained more traction. People were beginning to listen to him more and I feel the “powers that be”, were not trying to hear that. So in order to stop him, they had to discredit him. The government of our republic has operated like that for centuries, this is not anything new. The reality of the situation is, that he was probably a cheating dog, and made promises to these women. He may very well have used his power and influence to coerce them. I would even bet that some were sexually harassed by him. But raped all of them… I don’t think so. It’s possible, but not probable. I don’t care how influential he was in Hollywood, he is ultimately a black man. There is no way that his sphere of influence would override that fact… You don’t think so??? Well, think about this. President Obama, the leader of the free world, and President of this republic has been disrespected more than any other president we’ve ever had. The fact that he is 50% black overrides the fact that he is the leader of this country. So, if President Obama who is just as much white as he is black (people seem to forget that) gets treated like that, why wouldn’t Bill Cosby deal with the same type of treatment?

  10. As a youth my father said the world is designed for the black man to fell!He was not lying

  11. As a youth my father said the world is designed for the black man to fell!He wasn’t lying

  12. Sad…

    I worked with him. He drugged my drink. I got lucky enough to remember that he knew my father and I reminded him of this. I guess it turned him off. Had to film the next day. Worst hangover ever. He has invited me to his dressing room to discuss my character. Sadly. The man I admired was a creepy old sociopath. Anyone who believes different is as brainwashed as they come. Good luck with that.

    1. I call bullshit on wat anonymous jus said, where tf did you come from? its very unlikely someone he drugged, which I dont think any of these allegations are true anyway, would find this site and comment on it, get a life…

    2. Who the hell did you think was going to believe this bullshit lol???

      1. It’s really amazing how stupid we can be as a race…A man rapes 16 women…and people claim to know he was doing it but nobody went to the police…And now thirty years later you want me to feel sorry.

  13. Thank you. This was a powerful message and say a lot in a few words. I too believe that this whole “Cosby” thing is a conspiracy. I also believe as you that he was also cheater. How do we call it rape when the women kept going back even after they said they felt something was not right. Our men must remember that no matter how big you get, how much money you make, you are and also ways will be black
    And, when the chips fall down, all those wonderful friends will desert you

  14. It was the 60’s and 70’s all they did was drugs stop tripping had he raped 17 white women he would had been leathily injected and dead a long time ago come on people this is just a way of lynching him publicly and killing his legacy

      1. and some of them claim they were under 18 meaning he would be a pedophile as well as a rapist.

      2. Patton Oswalt has come out and said that he and other comedians knew it was going on. I don’t believe him for a minute. If what he’s saying is true he’s just as guilty as Cosby. There’s absolutely no way I would knowingly cover up a rape.

  15. that’s garbage. A very powerful, highly connected, well respected black man can most certainly get away with rape …….and he has.

    1. Well Roberta, that explains why these “great invaders”, I’m mean great patriot Americans got away with almost everything under the sun!!! Good point (The truth will set you free!!)

  16. Every time a black man gets money he run too the white people and look what they doing too him

  17. “The hunters have come out of the darkest into the light,if you open your eyes,this is an continues attack on blacks high and low. We are of Moor descent,having the gift of live,and we are hated for this only by the nun color human. Too many brothers and sisters are willing to sell their souls; I’m talking about a race that has at least thirty million people in this country alone and most of the 30million is convince that what he says is true,pay attention now,he has convinced them that no person are institution is worthy unless he stamps and sanctions it, and once he takes it away,well,here we are talking about another great black fallen from grace the so-called conservative negroes. My opinion, Mr. Cosby has done nothing no other man has done or doing; he cheated on his wife,Cosby spend most of his free time at the playboy mansion,now get this here now comes a lady stating she was 15yrs. Of age when she met him there, are your eyes still open,there’s your can of worms,now who owns Playboy?”

  18. Screw Bill Cosby, he’s been bashing African American family values for years and now you want to show a video from the 80’s to rally support for a rich idiot. He has had ample time to become part of the solution and has only managed to destroy the lives of countless individuals with his selfish and self centered values. Now you want the same people you neglected to rally for your support, GO DATE RAPE YOURSELF YOU COWARD!!!

    1. You must be under 35. You seem to be the fact to misconstrue tough love with bashing. If donating millions to various colleges to offer assistance to the youth, what else can you do? Oh, deliver straight talk whenever possible. Just a community of brats that can’t tolerate the rhetoric of hard-nosed motivators. Apt to attack anyone that criticizes. If he’s not qualified to admonish African Americans, who is? Hell, Jay Z took a jab at Harry Belafonte! The “shoot instead of braving a fist fight” generation.

    2. Colt what you have to understand this is exactly what they want you to believe. We are now in a present age where they have not only tortured us physically but also mentally. Also remember the media is controlled the the highest anarchy…so therefore, they can put whatever they please. I ask of you to always use your third eye with situations like these. As he said in the video, is they “destroyed black families, yep! History repeating itself! So when you say he’s bashing our youth, remember, the media!!! just think of him as “successful uncle” that want his youthful family members to strive for better out of tough love:)

    1. I am a woman. I don’t advocate rape, and despise rapist. All of these women seem to have the same story. They were just getting started in the business, trying to “get put on” as they say today. It’s no different then what’s being done today. Just look at the reality shows with video chicks, and how youtube and the Internet is being used, in particular the sex tape scandals.They are looking for the quickest way to climb the ladder at any price now, and were doing it then. The majority of the women in Bill’s Scandal said the same thing, “He promised me he was going to do this or that”. I remembered Janice Dickerson bragging about the many men she “did” on Tara Banks show…really. Bill drugged and raped you, but you were so scared you started taking pictures while he was sitting in a chair on the telephone. Why not yell, so the person on the phone can hear? I’m sure she took a few selfies. If you listen to their stories, before passing judgment on race, you can identify whose lying. I believe they Voluntarily went to his home, and Voluntarily participated in sexual acts with Bill thinking he was going to make them famous, or his side – piece. After using them he probably said I will call you, and never called some of them back. The ones who continued to go back probably thought they were his girlfriend, until they realized they were getting booty calls instead of casting calls. The woman who said she could have been famous, obviously had no other talent then lying on her back. I’m not saying that Bill didn’t lured them in with promises, or they could have sought him out because he was famous, we will never know. What we do know is everyone has the same pattern, the ones who had real encounters with Bill, and those who are just story chasers, they just want to get paid.

      1. I’m not sure how old many of you are, but this is not the first time I have heard this. I’ve have read about this in the late 80’s early 90’s, and it went away as quickly as it came out. Especially, the first woman, she has been telling the same exact story for many years. I’m not taking sides, but this definitely not the first time I have heard this…try googling it. I’m positive this is not the first time. What people don’t realize, he is human and with humans anything is possible.

    2. Read about the number of educational programs for Black youth Cosby has funded; check out the number of scholarships he has given publicly and quietly. Check out the funding for young mothers’ programs w/o fanfare. Listen to how he has tried to enlighten our youth…not condemn them or talk down to them but tried to enlighten them so they don’t end up like Travon Martin or Tamir Rice or Eric Garner. Look how he has stressed the need for education as it is the one thing white folks can’t take from you. Moreover, he has tried to instill in our youth a stealth mentality…learn all that you can from white folks so that you can…if not beat them at their game…at least match them step for step. He was trying to get our youth to understand that history has a way of repeating itself and unless we make use of those tools to stop white folks from putting us back in slavery…not necessarily chains…we will continue to be their “boy” or thug” or (to use Charles Barkley’s phrase) scumbags.

      1. The people who are speaking out on this issue are the uneducated…that’s why they don’t understand.

  19. why would white america or the powers that be want to assassinate the character of the one black leader who agrees with them? Why destroy the only black man who tells the black youth to stop living up to the stereo type they put on themselves….to stop glamorizing murdering each other and give a fuck when they do not just when a white person or cop does it, rape, robbing and selling drugs….to stop making it rain money on their women who strip for them and throw some toward their women who raise their black youth alone and struggling ? it makes no sense. what does make sense is women who keep their mouths shut about rape. We have been doing that since the beginning of time. Why you may ask? because nobody believes us….especially if it was someone of high reguard….or rich….loved by all….one woman against an army….thats why we keep our mouths shut. its our fault right? We were asking for it right? kinda like black men asking to get shot by the police for dressing like a sterotypical thug or acting like one by robbing a store right? As far as these racial attacks in these comments…..I personally have never commandeered a ship full of pillaging raping slave drivers…….just as I am sure there is not a black person alive that has ever picked cotton under a slave master. All black people are not gun toting thug opportunist looking to rob somebody even if their dressed the part…..all mexicans are not going to texas for the weekend just to pick up a load of weed and cocaine…all muslims are not terrorist……all native american indians are not alcoholics nor are the irish….and all women are not asking to get raped …..even if their dressed the part……and all white people are not racist……in the words of Chris Rock…who’s next? Phillip Michael Thomas?

  20. Glad to know you live in Cosby life to call him a cheater. Who are you the only way I xame cross this bullshit is on facebook.

  21. Go into any gathering of men, White, Asian, African etc. Ask one question, which one of you has never engaged in sexual activity that he would prefer to keep secret? You would not get many raised hands. It goes back to the Ol’ Jesus thing, ” let he who hath no sin cast the first stone” So please you guys,
    “Jus’ hush up!”
    Y’all are sounding sickeningly sanctimonius.It’s Americaaaaa and It’s all about Moneeeeeeeey!
    Don’t allow Mr Cosby’s past mistakes/history cloud the fact that your Black backside could be grass every time a Cop or armed White Boy challenges you.

  22. the media spread lies and the public just take what is said and believe it. We expect integrity from these sources, but it is just not there. They did the same with Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods. Whoever they target, no matter how outrageous the lies. If people would think when has any Black Man ever got 15 rapes against him to white women for over a period of 15 years and not arrested. Lies , Lies, Lies. The Media is there to destroy black the black man character. I do not believe anything they broadcast, period! If it sound outrageous it usually is.

  23. WHO are you referring to as doing these things? Cause I am fairly certain that none of the mangy mongrels that you mentioned are alive today. Yup, pretty sure not a one. So, I’m guessing you are lumping ALL white men or people into this category. Stereotyping us. That’s like stereotyping blacks as popping out babies and living off welfare. It’s a stereotype. And you’re a racist. Not all black people ate uneducated thugs who sell drugs and live on welfare and not every white person agrees with the horrors imposed on native Americans and Africans in the past. But I’ll be damned if we’re gonna take the blame for something someone else did hundreds of years before any of us were even born. For fuck sake. Stop blaming other colors for your demise and be proactive with your life.

    1. If you are not guilty of anything, this should not offend you…. just like we will not be offended by your statements….peace is the key my friend:)

    2. I know you are defending against stereotyping, however let us be clear. Contrary to belief there are MORE white people on welfare and more white – on – white murderers in this country by actual numbers versus percentage. I tell people all the time, numbers or stats can be manipulated and this has been the case to paint a dismal picture. I wish people did their own research rather than trust and run with mass media, who are proven liars who twist everything for monetary gain.

  24. Allegedly these women did report the allegations and weren’t believed! I do not believe that a black pedophile could rape 15 white girls and there accusations go unheard until decades later when an unknown black comedian talks about it! It’s not even a rational idea!

  25. I’ve been saying that same exact thing over and over. There is absolutely no way a black man, especially sense the 60’s been getting away with raping white women..No way possible, why even an alleged accusation in certain time periods would have, ruined and most likely harmed Mr Cosby. Anyone even considering is a foolish. The women who are claiming do you see the circles they come from, are you crazy?? To think no one would believe or help them, whatever

  26. It is easy these days to judge a person without any proof to your claim. All these women came out and said he raped me and he gave me some little pill and the next thing I remember is waking up and my cloths are off. I see these women and I say to myself is that star or no star they should go to the police. And Janice Dickerson fame monger she just want attention. Now that he has counter claimed on the women who brought on a law suite lets just wait and see what the courts have to say before we judge someone in the media without all the facts.

  27. What if they were given a pill and someone else supposedly raped or assaulted them? What if Bill always left the room and never saw a thing? What if you never got raped? Are you all crazy? You should Never!, but Never!?, let this go to trial. You are digging your own grave. Besides who actually gives a DAMN! Look at all of you. You’re broke. Go get a real job. Stop trying to get something handed to you! Better yet, drop……..! You’re pathetic!! Stop!

  28. Only one
    I will never waste my time in anger over the truth let me explain. Everything thats happening as from the race of people stand point,is being what it is suppose to be self ending of its own life.the proublem is that of white people a creation of black people to destroy black people.we as black people we destroy each other becouse of our anger of God.devided always love never come together more thing the one you call jesus die on the cross but before say to the mother why do you asked for this becouse some could not go with in the begining of gods plain the hate will always be there white people should stop giving themself the cridit for there evil hate distrust you ate just doing and being was black people created you to do.again i say to all of you why do you weep!

  29. Wow, I’m blown away by the people of color who still preach gawd and christianity. You as a people should be the first to know it’s a lie and a scam and was and still is used against you daily. Bill was & is awesome! These liars will be proven wrong. Maybe he is a cheater to his wife but that’s about all I believe. No way a white women waited 30 years to scream rape from a black man. What we need is to cleanse the human race of all these filthy religions and these liar media groups like faux news.

    1. What does religion have to do with Bill Cosby???

  30. Why is everyone so hard on Mr. Cosby based off allegations of rape. I truly do feel bad if anyone was raped by him, however I feel whatever their reason was for not going public then should be your same reason for not doing it now. Modern day technology is the only thing that helps a rape victim now versus back then. Technology can’t determine if the women were raped or not. Men and women are still the same in the since that it is hard to convince people that don’t want to beliveve a woman when she cries rape. The only thing I plan Mr. Cosby for is putting himself in a situation were a woman could clam rape.

  31. Bill Cosby was a lot more educated than a lot of us thought, due to all of his years with ” the cisby kids cartoons” being a respected father and husband on all sitcoms he played, as well as being funny and entertainment, which is what they loved to see…decades after decades,,generations after generations…Mr Cosby was getting ready to make another move to better plus teach ALL PEOPLE,,obviously someone’s didn’t agree.

  32. I don’t consider Bill as a Black man! He is a Black man with demeaning and naughty things to say about Blacks. I never thought it was a big deal about wearing your pants but how important is that. Do you think it would have kept Michael from being killed! So Bill was motivated by the same things Barkley is motivated by. The favor of the dominant group! If throwing your group under the bus is beneficial to do! So this goes out to all the Whitish Blacks in America! Your day is coming! GOD will judge you not as a super star but as the passenger on a boat ride that came from Africa!

    1. You are truly and utterly an idiot and among the many, many things wrong with our community today…..the reason our kids are dying at the hands of each other, they can’t read, thry don’t know their fathers-all thst, and you are spouting some bullshit nonsense about the truth Dr. Cosby has been trying to teach for decades…makes me sad that fools like you exist and have any influence in the black community…

    2. Call me what you want BUT I DISAGREE. What Bill said is what needed to be said then and now. SOME, and a good amount, of our youth are lost. Yes, there does exist racism and thus discrimination and brutality by the police as well as our justice system. HOWEVER, smh, we too need address the criminal aspect of some of these black victims. I’m sick of family members – white or black – screaming “they were an angel or good kid” when they were not. Smh Bill spoke the truth about the thug mentality being sold as swag and style. There is nothing stylish about degrading oneself or black women. Encouraging respect and education did not make him out of touch; it made him a caring parent, something too many lack.

  33. I think one statement in this article is true. No black man could ever have raped one nor l5(1) white women and got away with it for many years.

  34. If he didn’t do it, all he has to do is take his, Oprah rivaling fortune, and sue them for defamation, one at a time.

    The only reason you don’t do that is because you don’t want testimony, in open court, which will seriously undermine your self-esteem, self-image and disabuse people of your carefully crafted deception.

    Cosby Is a predator. He picked them very carefully. He made them trust him (grooming). He got them where he wanted them, of their own volition, and then, for whatever reason, wanted them unconscious. And Cosby is “no black man” he’s Dr. William H. Cosby, savior of the black race, to some.

    I don’t think you understand how it feels to be a victim rape. Women don’t find it easy to tell. Some of the women admit having affairs with him and say he drugged them anyway, at some point. That’s a very odd and embarrassing assertion, which I don’t think anyone would WANT to make. And we know that in at least one case, Costand, he agreed that he would NEVER deny what she said happened.

    Sorry. I find the Cosby /apologists/denialists unconvincing.

    1. It won’t effect our lives either way…only problem I have is why is it so easy for you to believe he’s a rapist? You don’t have any more evidence than I do. Could it be that the truth hurts? What Bill Cosby says about the black community is true and you don’t like it. Thirty years ago they would’ve hung Bill Cosby on a tree if a white woman would’ve said he drugged them and raped them…REALLY! A BLACK MAN…WAKE UP MY BROTHER!

    2. Sometimes court, especially of this case magnitude and his old age, doesn’t exonerate you but rather drag you through the mud to an early grave.

      1. They have no evidence to take him to court for the possibility of putting him in jail. They know that already…they want money. That’s why they are suing him.

  35. Well back at the ranch…. Wassup with these killer cops walking away from murder like they not on camera???!!!

  36. this sounds similar to reasons Pac claimed the federales wanted him dead. They didn’t want him to become our new leader. Regarding BC I don’t know what to believe since it’s customary for successful black men to engage in situationships with white women. He is a product of his circumstances. Only they (him/accusers/GOD) knows the truth. We’re all taking sides based on our circumstances; aren’t we?

  37. On a side note about truth, courts generally are predisposed to women as truth tellers and men as liars. However a Uof Oklahoma study about a decade ago used 120,000 paternity cases settled IN court WITH DNA evidence and found that 38% of the time the man was NOT the father. In California it was 67% . Gloria Alred sued the college because of this. All data was public domain and fact. Utter nonsense. Yes Cosby has cheated on every woman he was with, and there are millions upon millions of women who would do anything to sleep with him. Its a money maker to screw a celeb no matter how the situation turns out. 100 million goes a long way so why not jump in? Alred will make 1/3 of that. Her motivation is clear enough. He surely date raped some women, many men have, but that’s still a very grey area depending on circumstances.

  38. Shut your dumb ass and read between the lines, obviously Mr. Cosby had some sort of contact with his accusers but I do not believe it was against their will ..or else he would have done been held and dealt with.. It’s a scam.. It’s not the first time it has been done.

  39. Bill turned himself into a lighting rod when he failed to realize… you don’t have to be disagreeable to disagree. He was a good will ambassador for Jello. He should have used those skills to reach out to the community. He should have been an advocate instead of a critic. So the truth value of the allegations is moot.

  40. Cosby does not fit the character of the monster projected to the world presently, my uncle an Cosby knew each other well, they were roommates for four years with the Harlem Globetrotters.

    What the world doesn’t understand, or shall I say those of you in the world, can’t imagine the shake downs, exhortation, exploitation and threats celebrities are exposed to on a daily.

    Cosby is no different, he as a long standing pillar of the industry has more that predators can take, predators are sometimes placed close to celebrities for setups.

    You think Innis Cosbys murder was a coincidental robbery, no, it was a shake down, like this is a shake down.

  41. I am so late to the conversation, but I would like to add…it’s interesting how our minds work. I was in a philosophy class this past Saturday, and Mr Cosby came up. It would seem that to most people he’s already guilty. (Forget innocent until proven…)He’s either guilty because of the amount of woman who have come forward, or he’s guilty because of his silence. Or still, he’s guilty because he’s settling the suits out of court. There’s a story in the bible when Jesus was being accused by a mob, and he sat quiet. He was innocent, but they got what they wanted–his death. Ofcourse Bill Cosby isn’t a saint, but let’s not forget that things like this have been going on for centuries. Lastly, it’s become a new thought for me, but why did I use to think that if a issue was settled outside of court that it was an indictment on the Cosby’s in the situation rather than the raped or abused? No one deserves horrible things to happen to them; however, if you can go on television to proclaim such horrendous acts done to you by someone, how can you then put away your bullhorn for money when something more precious was taken. Unless, it was taken? These situations are weird and hard discern. All I say is “innocent until proven guilty”…please!!!

    1. P.S. If you ever read “The Audacity of Hope” by President Obama, you would know that most older black men like Cosby see that our youth are in trouble. Peace and love!

    2. Eloquently said and should be pondered on by all.

      And I would like to reiterate – If you have TRULY been raped no amount of money would be an acceptable replacement for justice. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

    3. the jury is 12 people. 12 people from a society full of flaws. I do not propose a better system, but I must caution against those who believe the court is the truth.

  42. I wish I could view full video. I can find it no other place than this website. That’s a shame.

  43. Point is. If the black child had been brought up in a white environment it is likely that he would have sketched similar or something in keeping with the thinking of the white boy. Why rich black men in America won’t use there millions to educate their race instead of talk talk talk

    1. You speak with so much ignorance it’s a shame…not calling you stupid…just ill informed. Mr. Bill Cosby is and has been for a very long time one of the biggest donors for college education. Every year he donates money for kids to go to school. Do your homework before you speak. As for these women having nothing to gain…they are suing him as we speak. Gloria Allred is a money hawk. This is about money and tearing down an American Icon..

  44. Yes, Bill Cosby is an icon, yes Bill Cosby has been an important figure in the Black community but I am not so blind, so willful and so biased to think that the claims of over 20 women are unfounded. Many of whom have nothing to gain by doing so. I’m a child of the 80’s and I grew up on the Cosby show but I do not know Bill Cosby, I’m pretty sure the writer of the piece don’t know Cosby either. This may be very painful to come to grips with, but I don’t know why Lou Ferigno’s wife would lie. I don’t know why Janice Dickenson would lie. This is now overwhelming. The argument of “why they waited” is moot because these women have been making claims since the 70’s, it just so happens that now people are willing to listen to their claims and take them seriously. I know that this is difficult to digest for someone who put him on a pedestal but Bill Cosby is not Dr. Huxtable. I had to learn that lesson too.

    1. Do you even pay attention to what your saying? These women have nothing to gain…THEY ARE SUING HIM FOR 100,000,000 RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK. You don’t think a person would lie on someone for a share of 100 million dollars…Com on now…get a grip. Put your emotions on the side for a moment and look at reality for a minute.

      1. Most aren’t suing so your the one with incorrect facts.

      2. Dee…you keep assuming that I’m saying he’s innocent…I’m not saying that. What I am saying is I don’t know…I was not there. If these women come up with evidence to show their claim Bill Cosby needs to be put behind bars for the rest of his life as far as I’m concerned…What I mean by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes is…what if someone said that you raped them with no evidence and everybody believed that person based on just his word. How would you feel?

  45. I grew up watching Bill Cosby, between his stand-up routines, Fat Albert and The Cosby Show. I always respected him as a person and an entertainer. However, that being said, women going years without reporting a rape or sexual assault is not a new thing, or exclusive to Bill Cosby. The stigma and shame attached to the victims of these crimes often keep them from reporting them at all. This is 10 times worse when it involves a high-profile celebrity like Cosby. You have to consider the money and legal team he has at his disposal, the fact that most people won’t want to believe that he could do something like that, and that you–like him–are going to be prosecuted in the court of public opinion. Often, in high profile cases such as this, many victims will wait until someone else comes forward before they have the courage to speak up. I don’t know for sure whether Cosby is guilty, but consider these items:

    1) There are a LOT of women coming forward. I’m not saying all of their accusations are legit, but I doubt that all of them are just for attention.
    2) He has paid off 2 of the accusers already, and has not denied anything as yet.
    3) Since the statute of limitations has run out for all of the accusers, they can’t prosecute Cosby in criminal court. The best scenario they could hope for would be to do like what happened to OJ Simpson and sue him in civil court.

    I believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and with these facts in mind, I believe that there’s something to the accusations. Everyone associated with Cosby is distancing themselves from him, and he hasn’t exactly put up a fight to keep them. That’s another point against him.

    1. Chile, this world is evil and without loyalty, especially hollyweird. They only follow the power. So basically they will abandon or turn on you at the drop of a dime. Nothing new.

  46. he has settled out of court with a couple of women many years ago. bill has or had power here in Hollywood and that’s what counts the power. No woman would come up against him back than. that being said do i believe them all? don’t know ..can we have polygraphs please…and just for that person up top. i have researched my family history back to the 1700 and none, not one person every owned any body. If you research yours you would probably find that your not just one of any group like me i am made up of many people from many different lands and if we all removed our skins, we would see that we are all the same race the Human Race. We live in the 21 st Century and should start acting like we have evolved. But no so many people.. go you did this you did that. get real… I never did any of it. and if you were to research history you would find that the tribes of Africa would war with other tribes and than sell their captives…check history…and further more my family is made up of people of many colors… get over being racist…

  47. Hidden Colors by Tariq Nasheed also reverberates Dr. Cosby’s Divine Awareness and Understanding of the”Demonic Media Machine” that now sabatoges his legacy.

  48. Reblogged this on niki1k and commented:
    One To Grow On- I have to admit I didn’t want to believe it yet the growing numbers made it hard not to believe- they key fact in this is NO BLACK MAN CAN RAPE 15 WHITE WOMEN and GET AWAY WITH IT- I truly failed to consider this- simply because I have meet so many women who were raped and didn’t tell

    1. I don’t believe these women are telling the truth. 30yrs is a very long time. Just today a man was released from jail after spending 40yrs falsely accused…I’m very sorry for the women who are afraid to tell on their attackers…it’s a shame to have to live with this on their heart but could you imagine being falsely accused and spending half of your life in jail knowing your innocent?…….Being the only one who knows…except your accuser. I’m very sorry but without physical evidence I would never incarcerate anyone just on here say. Especially after thirty years have past. There women who are afraid to tell on their attackers need to stop being afraid. I don’t know weather Mr. Cosby is guilty or not but to make him guilty on here say after 30yrs is very wrong.

  49. I have so much respect for Mr.Bill Cosby, why all this woman are trying to ruin this men legacy, this men is WELL educated, had did so much for our community, helped some kid go to college why???. White people have to change, these are the modern way to continue been racism.

  50. Just shows we are so ignorant we believe media as truth. Such dummies.

  51. Mr Cosby has always expressed his opinions which are in contrary to many concerning religion, moral values, racism and politics etc etc… He is very intelligent, wealthy and I hate to pull the race card but a black man too. I believe he also tried to buy out NBC and he was refused in his offer a few times. Someone is mad at him big time. I believe all of these accusation towards him are a conspiracy to stop him, shut him up and destroy his reputation before he succeeds in his plan. I feel it is an attempt to degrade and humiliate him and what ever it might be he has to reveal before he leaves this earth. Mmmm. Those females were probably very well compensated. If they were so concerned about protecting other poor souls against rape of this kind, they should have stepped up to the plate and reported it then. 30 years have gone by and really! in the 60’s and 70’s a Black man didn’t need a trial back then if they had allegations of raping one white woman. How many could they have helped and missed their caring mark if it were true and turned him in. Sounds a little uncaring to me. They should be ashamed of themselves. At this point it seems nothing but exploiting themselves and less then Respectful. I wonder if their mothers are ashamed and heart broken to know that their daughter did not have enough trust and love in them to confide and share something as criminally private, personal, intimate and life changing as a Rape, come on now! Even most who are not close to their mom I think would still cling to their bosom in a case like this. It’s natural instinct. Forgive me if I am wrong, but those gals were up to something then and they are up to something now. It didn’t work then and I don’t think it’s going to work now. If there was ever a then.
    God sees and knows all.

    1. Th add on to what you are saying…Patton Oswalt says that many comedians knew about it and said nothing. I don’t believe that for a minute…Raping white women and another white man is going to help cover it up. Bullshit!

  52. Bill Cosby has had extra marital affairs, fathered a child outside of his marriage. Inappropriate behavior, taken advantage of younger women mainly white women and a few black women. Serving date rape drinks to have sex with them. All these women are not lying. Furthermore, this man had already settled out of court quietly with 13 women back in 2006. Enough said right there. Bill Is a hypocrite that has been duping people for years. He brings his wealthy, snooty ass to communities, does not uplift or inspire but rather condescending, belittling , scolding people at lower economic level. Claim that they haven’t been holding up to their part of the deal etc, This phony Negro and serial rapist is no fine example to be schooling people on how to live their lives and raise their kids. His known history has been going on for years since the 60s. Bill bought something’s on his own , not so much the white man. The media expose this man for what he is and all about.

    1. Did you read the article? How many white men that knew of a black man date raping white women and chose not to tell. You are letting your emotions rule the day…I would not doubt for one minute that all of these women had sex with Mr. Cosby at one time or another…But why would he have to date rape them when he’s the big time celebrity that their looking for a break from. Date rape them for what? They’ll give it away for free. Patton Oswalt said that he and other comedians knew what was going on for years. He’s either a date rapist himself or a liar. No good human being is going to protect a rapist…PERIOD!

      1. Nope, I am not a racist but a realist and sadly, white women throw themselves at successful black men. In Hollywood, many – black but more white – will sell their daughters for a shot at fame. Smg

  53. I do know if Mike tyson ask me to a hotel room I can count on two things I’m gonna get but butt beat and get a payday.. At what juncture in your life do you believe your going to a mans hotel oom or home have cocktails and sex is not an expected addition to the menu. The casting couch was well used and still is. The reputation of certian men around the movie industry is well known and if you except their offers you are aware of the acts to come. I am not suggesting that Bill Cosby is guilty of anything except attempting to broker a deal to purchase NBC…. Let the scandal and discrediting begin

  54. I think that he’s being targeted because of his outspoken views on African American men

    1. wow you hit the nail on the head. I have been saying the same thing

  55. Smh people want to believe the America is this perfect cookie cut of a nation and its not. I’ve study children behavior similar to this one and its sad to say it has relevance. We are talking about kids here that only draw what they know without any psychological self reference . Example ask an adult to draw something pertaining themselves; they will actually pay more mind to the actual quality of the finished product. Any picture some kids make in their minds are masterpieces regardless of the looks. You tell a child living in the”ghetto ” regardless of race will most likely draw what he sees on a day to day basis same relevance.

  56. So,now Beverly Johnson is lying?? This is no conspiracy,why the hell would a 77yr old man endeaver to squire an entire network… Grow up.

  57. If 20 people accuse me of stealing, chances are I have stolen something, no??………..Or are they ALL lying???

    1. If 20 people accuse you of stealing there’s a good chance you did. But if 20 people said you stole something 30yrs ago nobody would believe it…or care. Put yourself in both positions before you give your opinion. Anybody can lie…even 20 women for a share of 100 million dollars.

      1. Many of these women are not suing or having, their names released to the media (rape victims have that right) so now what?

        Celebrity worship is sad, this is not Cliff Huxtable, it’s Bill Cosby and these accusations are nothing new.

      2. I know you really want to believe that…but where’s the evidence? You can’t just say he raped me and they throw him in jail. You have to have a police report , a dress with his sperm on it , something. Otherwise, anybody can just say whatever they wanted about a person and get what they wanted. I’m not trying to say weather he’s guilty or not…but to give a valid opinion you first have to look at it from both sides. Anybody can lie!

  58. I believe all this is happening because of the President.. These people are letting us know that they will Always be in control. And to try to make Obama look Bad… We as black people need to sign a petitions all across the USA.and present that to the Supreme Court. Maybe then they will listen. I feel it’s sad we don’t have Nobody to represent Us. After DR.King got killed every body moved to the Back in fear of their own life. This World will Parish BEING RACIST… THESE PEOPLE HAVE WORRIED OBAMA BAD..HE GOT BAGS UNDER HIS EYES… HEAD FULL OF GRAY…. I PRAY FOR HIM!!!!!!

    1. Hi Cynthia Sanders 👼
      God is in control and all Glory belongs to Him. We must still remain faithful even in our words. What God allows is spiritual and we don’t have that same understanding in all that is done. He sees and knows all. Trusting in Him is the safest thing we can do no matter what goes on. You are right about the world dying in sin if there is no change. Our President does have a very hard job but I know God is with him especially with so many praying for him. Remember where there are two or more gathered together in his name God is in the midst. Believe, Trust, Faith, one God one Spirit; this is how we defeat and overcome. I and many others are praying with you in Jesus name … Amen🙏
      God says I give you a new command and that is to love one another as I have loved you.

  59. The author suggests Cosby is a “key individual” being targeted by the power structure. He cites Naomi Wolfe’s book, The End of America. Well, I’ve read that book. And the key individuals she mentions who have clearly been targeted include Kevin Barrett, Ward Churchill, and people of that ilk. Political people whose work seriously challenges the powers that be. Cosby does not fit into that category at all. Quite the contrary. In fact, I remember him sanctimoniously lecturing working class black folks on how they needed to pull themselves up by their proverbial bootstraps, words to that effect. Lame words that were very serviceable to the power structure, and seemingly ignorant of the pervasiveness of structural racism in the US.

    So I’m sorry, I don’t find it credible that Cosby is some “key individual” on a govt. target list. Now, perhaps he’s done some political stuff I’m unaware of, and I’m open to changing my mind in that case. But simply citing Wolfe and “key individuals” does not even constitute much of an argument, let alone a credible one.

  60. This article is bs advocate for black people every time I turn he talking shit about the black race and our ways I believe he did and not because of the media because he is a self righteous narcissistic ass hole

  61. U negros are delusional, lol. Stop worshipping celebrities and start looking at things objectively. Cosby turned his back on black folks, now yall wanna defend him by saying, “he was keeping it real”. GTFOH. I guess we should start holding Charles Barkely down also because he’s keeping it real as well….

    1. Sounds more like you have a problem understanding right from wrong…and the difference between criticism and constructive criticism. Wake up!

      1. There’s an art to giving critical constructive criticism that will encourage someone to improve, rather than hurting his or her self-esteem.

        Constructive criticism should be positive and focus on a clear, achievable objective. The goal of constructive criticism is to improve the behavior or the behavioral results of a person, while consciously avoiding personal attacks and blaming. When addressing a large group of negative, aggressive and immoral behaviors which have become negative and trendy examples to many others you must take a bold and broad stand when trying to make a change or defeat; lots of times leaving the critic open to Critical judgement him or her self. That being said, prepare for battle.

        Your reasons for critiquing someone’s work or behavior is going to affect the way you deliver. Even If your positive ulterior motive is simply just wanting to help people improve, it could still come across as negative. The point is to actually help the person get better, so chickening out and glossing over the truth isn’t an option when you chose to make a stand.

        The act of trying is often so undervalued in this society. Many will add their judgments if the expected result is or isn’t produced.
        Many don’t believe they should even try, but I commend those who make an effort to change for the better.
        But I would like to offer my rebuttal that no one was ever great without receiving judgments and criticism and if we choose to, we can see those words a compliment or can be used to create conflict between both side.
        In my opinion, If people are talking about you, odds are you’re doing something right.
        I definitely chastised my children guided by the loving hand of God and Jesus which led them to greatness and success.

  62. There’s an art to giving critical constructive criticism that will encourage someone to improve, rather than hurting his or her self-esteem.

    Constructive criticism should be positive and focus on a clear, achievable objective. The goal of constructive criticism is to improve the behavior or the behavioral results of a person, while consciously avoiding personal attacks and blaming. When addressing a large group of negative, aggressive and immoral behaviors which have become negative and trendy examples to many others you must take a bold and broad stand when trying to make a change or defeat; lots of times leaving the critic open to Critical judgement him or her self. That being said, prepare for battle.

    Your reasons for critiquing someone’s work or behavior is going to affect the way you deliver. Even If your positive ulterior motive is simply just wanting to help people improve, it could still come across as negative. The point is to actually help the person get better, so chickening out and glossing over the truth isn’t an option when you chose to make a stand.

    The act of trying is often so undervalued in this society. Many will add their judgments if the expected result is or isn’t produced.
    Many don’t believe they should even try, but I commend those who make an effort to change for the better.
    But I would like to offer my rebuttal that no one was ever great without receiving judgments and criticism and if we choose to, we can see those words a compliment or can be used to create conflict between both side.
    In my opinion, If people are talking about you, odds are you’re doing something right.
    I definitely chastised my children guided by the loving hand of God and Jesus which led them to greatness and success.

  63. I respect the opinion of others but how can you reach this conclusion when many many women of all races and backgrounds claim to have been drugged by this man? You’re taking a serious issue and turning it into a race issue.
    I’ve been drugged twice. One time I felt really funny and couldn’t understand how I was so drunk from 2 drinks and asked my friend to take me to her house that was close by. I remember nothing after getting into the cab. The second time I only remember bits and pieces of the night but woke up in this guys apartment naked and sore. He was a friend of mine and was also at the bar the first time I felt “funny” Of course I finally realized what happened but couldn’t report it. There is no way to prove this and people automatically assume you drank too much or just made it up. It happens to women every single day and rarely do women report it.

    I volunteer with victims of sexual assault at the emergency room and in the rare cases where the woman with this situation comes in, she NEVER EVER EVER presses charges and that is a fact.

    Men who have no clue about how much this destroys a woman always say the most horrible things, it’s really a shame because there are probably many women in their lives who have experienced this and will never say a word. I never told anyone in my life about what happened to me.

  64. Can you site the video source, please? i would like to view the entirity.

  65. do you remember a few years ago there was a young black male accused of rape by a young white female and sentenced to jail. Years later this female was recorded while speaking to the young man saying that she lied and wanted to get money.

    1. I remember a football player for USC that had a promising pro career when a woman said that he raped her and they put him in jail for five years or so before she later said that she lied. People please understand I’m not trying to say that Bill Cosby is innocent…There’s absolutely no way for me to know. All I’m trying to get people to understand is…you can’t destroy a man’s life on hearsay…he said she said stuff. It becomes a very slippery slope when all you have to do is say he/she did it. It could very easily become you on the other side of the coin. Think about it.

  66. I continue to think of Mr. Cosby as innocent until proven….

  67. It is factual that Bill Cosby was a strong candidate for purchasing a major network; his knowledge and influence with a major network would have started to reverse some of the negative propoganda that is still being perpetuated against blacks through negative imagery. Any educated person understands that Hollywood is simply a bunch of perverted, racist homosexuals, and deviate money hungry jews. So let’s not pretend that there is not a war, and Blacks are very much in clear and present danger.

  68. If anyone truly believes a black man could rape 30 white women and get away with it for 30 years and they all just suddenly decided to come forward when he tries to buy the network and starts speaking out against obama all over social media, then I have some swamp land in the desert to sell ya 😉 Wake up sheeple! Stop being controlled by the lying Zionist owned mainstream media who are following their protocols of Zion to the letter and have nearly completed their takeover of America through the education system, media and corporations!

  69. Did you notice the woman allowed to tell on tv word for word. Then.all the rest follow with same or similar similarities that were spoke on tv.

    I don’t know now. Any evidence witness or victim would be ta intainted by exposing to word by word story of the woman on tv.

    If kept separate and never met. There was no live feed. Nor either woman having been exposed to anything related to any other woman or the accused. Given the way the situation was done it just doesn’t sound right.


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