Black Man PROVES Adam and Eve Biblical Story is a LIE : His DNA Dates Back 338 THOUSAND YEARS!

in today’s good news…

Editor’s note: This man is NOT the SC man described in the story. We use it as a visual to show you an example of the original man. #Who’sYourDaddy?

As a child, the story of Adam and Eve always perplexed me.. even to my childlike sensibilities I knew it did not make any logical sense AT ALL.  Countless debates and sometimes fights were had around the dinner table, as I sought to bring logic to my family who had an illogical belief in what seemed to be a completely absurd story (along with santa claus, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy and everything else fantastical) that they based their lives (and the oppression of women) around.

So imagine my vindication when I found this article about a Black man in South Carolina whose DNA is traced back 338 thousand years…

so now creationists have quite a conundrum to ponder:

a. the entire basis of Judaism (and therefore Christianity) is myth or

b. irrefutable proof that Adam and Eve were Black and created in God’s true image (a true horror to white Christian fundamentalists)

These findings of course, have not been reported in mainstream… I wonder why… (that was sarcasm).

Discovery News reports:

An African-American man in South Carolina has lineage tracing back 338,000 years, according to a new study. The unidentified man’s Y chromosomes — a hereditary factor determining male gender — has a history so old that it predates the age of the oldest known h**o sapiens fossils, according to the report published in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

The man’s chromosome carries a rare mutation, which researchers matched to a similar chromosome in the Mbo, a population living in a tiny area of western Cameroon in sub-Saharan Africa. “Our analysis indicates this lineage diverged from previously known Y chromosomes about 338,000 ago, a time when anatomically modern humans had not yet evolved,” Michael Hammer, associate professor at the Univ. of Arizona’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a research scientist at the UA’s Arizona Research Labs, said via a press release. “This pushes back the time the last common Y chromosome ancestor lived by almost 70 percent.”

The DNA study began after the South Carolina man submitted a small tissue sample to theNational Geographic Genographic Project. Researchers were shocked after they noticed none of the genetic markers used to assign lineages to known Y chromosome groupings were found. The man’s DNA sample was sent to Family Tree DNA for sequencing. Fernando Mendez, a postdoctoral researcher in Hammer’s lab, led the effort to analyze the DNA sequence. It included more than 240,000 base pairs of the Y chromosome. Searches through a huge database led to the Mbo connection.

The scientists were then able to estimate the emergence of the chromosome mutation based on rates of change, creating a sort of “family tree” for the chromosome. The discovery doesn’t necessarily mean that all humans descended from an ancestor living in western Cameroon. “It is a misconception that the genealogy of a single genetic region reflects population divergence,” Hammer explained. “Instead, our results suggest that there are pockets of genetically isolated communities that together preserve a great deal of human diversity.”

Hammer added that still “It is likely that other divergent lineages will be found, whether in Africa or among African-Americans in the U.S. and that some of these may further increase the age of the Y chromosome tree. There has been a lot of hype with people trying to trace their Y chromosome to different tribes, but this individual from South Carolina can say he did it.” The study has even further implications. It strengthens the belief that there is no “mitochondrial Eve” or “Y chromosome Adam.” All of humankind, as a result, did not descend from exactly one pair of humans that lived at a certain point in human evolution.

The original source of this groundbreaking study is found in The American Journal of Human Genetics.

Special shouts out to the Facebook group Blacks History And Africa Education.

Editor’s Note : please keep your dissertations, short novels, and epic fictions you call comments to yourself. You have an enormous wealth of forums you can Bible thump in… This is not it. If you don’t believe in reality, that is your right, as it is mine NOT to believe in white Jesus, Yahweh or whatever you choose to name the superstition that prevents you from understanding the human genome.

This article is for the people who are awake. I AM that I AM … And that is the person who won’t waste our readers time with your diatribes.

If you truly believed in this god you cry about, you would be out doing charitable works, not trolling scientific articles. Now go in Peace sleepwalker.

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      1. Newsweek had a article in their magazine in 1988 that according to Dna Eve was a black woman.

      2. As far as this article Adam and Eve are not a myth-in fact we know where they are buried in Hebron, Israel -when they resurrect at the time of the Great Resurrection they wil set us all straight> As far as some measurement being 338,000 years old if it is based upon carbon 14 dating calculation then the whole ‘analysis,’ is a conjecture or theory couched in human intellgence which asserts its’ authenticity within the realm of human self-justiifcation-by the way we have a sage by the name of Rav Yaakov of Acco who calculated the universe to actually be over 15,000,000,000 years old so we of Israel don’t see contradictions between science and Torah/Bible Written and Oral Traditions -for if there is no empowerment from Creator=no one can get involved in science-and without science, mathematics one really can’t fulfill Scriptural and Oral Traditions that predate Israel, that predate Noah that even predate original man and woman-PS to assume the time continuum as we understand time today is also only human conjecture-what we know of time is only due to humans being able to measure it according to where we are-so there is never the same time say in Africa as say in California-how much more so before humans were created by Creator-who is to say what constituted a 24 hour day, week of month-even Moses addressed this in Psalms 90:4 where he prophetically taught us, ‘For a thousand years are in Your eyes like yesterday, which passed, and a watch in the night.’

        One descendent of King’s David and Solomon, he is called Rashi, elucidated upon this: “For a thousand years are in Your eyes: A thousand years of man are like one day of the Holy One, blessed be He, and part of the night with it; for one day of the Holy One, blessed He, and a little of the night of the Holy One, blessed be He, are a thousand years, for the text does not say that the day of the Holy One, blessed be He, is like a thousand years, but that when a little of the night elapses with it, then His day is complete, and it is a thousand years. Therefore, Adam died within a thousand [years] for had he lived a thousand [years] it would be more than the day of the Holy One, blessed be He. Perhaps the amount of that watch equals the time from the death of Adam until a thousand years, but we do not know how much that watch was, except from conjecture. I found [this]:

        For a thousand years are in Your eyes, etc.: And when repentance came into Your thoughts from the beginning, You judged well and created it. Now those years were appropriate for it because people’s days were many, so that a thousand years were in Your eyes like one passing day, which passed and was gone, with a little of the night with it, for You said to Adam (Gen. 2:17): “for on the day you eat of it, you will surely die,” and he lived nine hundred and thirty years. We find that a thousand years equal one whole day and a little of the night with it.”

        So I say “Who the cap fit let them wear it.” I wear the cap that does not find a contradiction between the words of the prophets and the interpolative scientific methods of man-with extrapolation forms of scientific analysis which seems to configure more efficiently within the realm of quantum physics it bears within it a certain positive potency-but to extropolate out certain mysteries by not understanding the context of Biblical Structure within its’ original languee is tantamount to using musical notes to formulate chemical reactions with the same expectations of putting together 2 elements of Hydrogen with one element of Oxygen and expecting an outcome of water when no water is manifested to then attack the idea of 2 parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen does not make water not only denies that reality it stifles the further analytical study of what further benefits can be rendered from studying each element alone then as they are compounded and then see how this compound can bind with other elements and compounds to produce good outcomes for all of Jah Children- Concluding with best wishes for you and your loved ones and my own personal mantra a human who knows his/her roots can in due season bring forth good fruits!!!!

        Chat Conversation End

      3. Adam was white- he knew who his father was

      4. Lmao..If Adam was first man… he had no mother , he was made from dirt, that means he had to be a Dirtbag hehehe… Don’t why I replied ? But your comment was just too funny to pass up..LoL Keep walking backwards ,you look a little smarter that way…HaHa

      5. So, I a Black man, should toss out the entire Holy Bible on your most-likely inaccurate DNA test? I don’t think so. I will always believe in Christ and when He returns you can tell that bull you believe to Him. Adam and Eve were not white anyway. Anyone with any common sense knows that if they have a logical mind.
        PRAY! Ask God for wisdom and then put that wisdom into your blog.

      6. Straight HELL!
        This guy is really preaching hate and trying to destroy the Holy Bible at the same time. That is what this is all about and the Devil is standing back laughing at this idiot and at you for going along with this MIS-information.
        This guy with the 338,000 year old DNA does not realize that God’s creation is real and God, Jesus Christ, made it all. He and you need to read John 1, the entire chapter. That is the first chapter of the Gospel of John.
        Also, Acts 17:24-26 is where Paul the Apostle told the Greeks that God made ALL MEN of one blood no matter where they come from or what color they are. Do not preach hate a division.
        Just because we believe the Bible does not mean we are stupid. IF that report blows your mind you don’t have much gray matter, do you?
        Think! Don’t just let any idiot that comes along to cause more division between the “races” than we already do have lead you down the wrong road. Much of what Black people here in the US believe is not logic, but a reactionary view influenced by America’s White racism. That still has no effect on the validity of the Holy Bible. They are mostly hypocrites and that is a fact.
        They also need to repent of their evil, follow and worship the God they CLAIM to worship and be for real.
        I hate the internet because this allows any idiot to say anything and cause problems instead of leading men to the TRUTH, Jesus Christ.
        Goodbye and I will not respond to any more of this ignorance.

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      15. It clearly states that we are not all African American….

        “The discovery doesn’t necessarily mean that all humans descended from an ancestor living in western Cameroon. “It is a misconception that the genealogy of a single genetic region reflects population divergence,” Hammer explained. “Instead, our results suggest that there are pockets of genetically isolated communities that together preserve a great deal of human diversity.”

        Just saying. Although, what bull Connor said was not very nice.

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    1. Read the holy tablets by Dr.Malachi z. York on the anuunaqi and creation of homosapiens and the evolution of life germ and the many beginning gs call re-plenishings genesis1:26 Adamites and hawwahites call watusi tribe and pygmy parents of zakar(Adam) and nekaybaw(eve) and the reptilian humanoids influence on humans call the snake check out

      1. Dude, before you try backing up your “whatever BS theory” learn to spell, its Annunaki and they’re mentioned in very old Babylonian texts. There isn’t any real science backing up the reptilian ancient alien theory, but I suppose you believe in the Illuminati and chem-trails too. There are, however, tons of archaeological evidence that human life originated in Africa. There is even some fringe science that suggests civilization could be much, much older than originally theorized. The fact that we just pushed the human genome back to such an early date makes that all the more plausible. Our ancestors weren’t half as stupid as we like to think they were, and they were perfectly capable of building amazing things without the help of little green men.

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      2. Well considering the fact that DNA can last up to 6.8 million years given the proper conditions, this is completely plausible.

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    4. From the Title “His DNA Dates Back 338 THOUSAND YEARS!”

      Q: HOW exactly does one “trace DNA back 338 thousand years” ? 😉

      Also WHY would it present a conundrum to Creationists if Adam were Black?

      I am afraid the “science” is a bit WEAK in this piece and I am going to need a WHOLE LOT MORE EVIDENCE than “WYMS and one Fernando Mendez, a postdoctoral researcher says so” to convince me. 😉

      1. Did you READ the article… Clearly states the scientific evidence.

      2. Adam- the author references the original journal entry with the methods for their research with a link to the The American Journal of Human Genetics. He briefly mentions the particulars when he brings up Dr. Mendez and his findings, but if you need more convincing, then the article is just a click away.

        Obviously, we do not know each other. That being said- I have a hard time believing that, no matter whatever your profession is or wherever your competence shines, anything you have to say would be more legitimate, reliable, or valid as anything that is reported in this peer reviewed and highly respected publication.

    5. To someone who truly understands the bible this makes perfect sense, Genesis relates TWO creation accounts NOT just the one of Adam. Yaweh Elohim first created the races of the earth which he called “beasts” and THEN he created “et-yadam” which is where we derived the name Adam from.

      “The next word we come to is the Hebrew word “et-yadam”, which is indiscriminately translated “man”, and is where we get our English word “Adam”. The root of the Hebrew word is “adam” and means “of a ruddy complexion, to show blood in the face, to blush;” a word obviously not applicable to the dark races, which we also know from scientific facts to be much older than the “blushing” white race.”

      1. LoL.. more King James B.S. transfigurations of the orgin of words…. It’s a lie and I wouldn’t care how much you try to translate it because it’s a transfiguration to begin with.. African’s came in and still come in all colors ! You can’t get any Lighter then an African and you get any Darker then a African . Tell us how much you think you know ? What is the name of the Orginal Book or bible as you call it ?.. And it has absolutey nothing in common with the transfigurations of words and meaning like the KJV version ( english lies ) !

      2. Since you’re so wellI formed, answer this : Set was part of and also before the first creation , What color was Set ?

      3. I am black and I blush… It is harder to see but if you pay close attention than you will see a little red appear on my cheeks. So blushing is not only for the “white” people

      4. The Watcher:is a joke…..Africans from the south African Bushman to the Sudanesee have the skin tone to Blush…Just let Watcher walk thru life in his own stupidty !

    6. I all ready knew that,that the first people was on the Earth was a black man, black woman it’s in the Bible.

      1. i can’t believe that some people actually believe this crap just because it fits into their racist agenda. adam and eve was made in the image and likeness of god who has no color because he is a spirit however he does have a spiritual image and it is not black and it does not look like an ape. please people , let common sense prevail. ancient books that many people don’t know about because it is hidden by white racists reveal the different tribes and clans thousands of years ago that existed. these books are the vedas, mahabarata, ramayan. these books belong to the east indian civilizations which was studied by the british when they occupied india for three hundred years, raping, stealing, and robbing indian wealth to the point where india went from the richest nation on earth to the poorest. these books and its information was either hidden or rewritten to suit the white man’s agenda, particularly the british. when the scriptures reveal the sophistication of these ancient people they conquered and called unciviliisate , they could not deal with the truth. however going back to whether or not adam or eve was black , this is complete bullshit, the same ancient text spoken above indicates that there were experiments done with the dna of humans and animals, there were a tribe called the vanares . something like the hindu god hanuman. half man half monkey. i believe the black race is one of these subhuman races wasn’t intentionally the way god wanted his creation to look but man did their own thing hence the reason for the flood and hence the reason as the bible tells us he regretted making man on earth. since god created all life we are all covered by his love and grace through jesus christ for those of us who chose this. my final take is for those blacks out there who continues to twist history to prove that all races come from you think again, there are many of us out there who know the truth and will not accept this crap, you can fool the american white shit heads but not those of us from the east and middle east, we know what our ancient scriptures tells us

    7. it is truly amazing how people will so quickly denounce the Bible but turn around and embrace such ignorant rhetoric…you can refuse to bow now but know and believe you will bow later because eventually everyone will bow down and worship Christ!!!!

      1. Worship God, Thank Jesus. Jesus did not ask to be worshiped, why do you think he gave us the Our Father.

      2. I know a certified Oral Historian who will you there never was a Jesus ,son God ? And he pay you a Million Dollars to prove that was ever such a Person / personification of God ! So far No One has proved him ! There was a Certified Human Being or rather a person who took the title of Jesus Christ , but he was never the son of God , he just a person with an unearned title !

    8. “Trailer park hillbillies whose uncle’s and aunts are their moma’s and daddies, and their little sisters are knocked up by cousin Jeb, are genetically too fucked up to know what a fact is! shit, they cant even read! Oh lets not forget they farm animals strutting around the barnyard, that are being serviced by ole farmer Brown that his wife doesn’t know about!”

      1. This may be a Dumb Question , Why in all the portraits of Adam and Eve they have Navels ? If God make them from the dust of the earth ?

    9. If the Bible is false, then White and others really DID evolve from blacks. If so, I wonder what blacks evolved from.


      Apologetics Press, Inc.

    11. I to have all ways being black in America with strong African features . Felt out of place and have a natural great love of my people !! I would like my D.N.A. tested I to fill it will go back very far!! My nick names growing up was nappy hair king and fuzzy wuzzy .Even though my family has been here since the 1620’s African that just arrive here except me as one of them until the here me speak !!

      1. Keep loving you people, there’s a lot to love. Louis Armstrong, Billy Holiday, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh etc etc all the Soul brothers and everyone that has had to put up with the crap some white people have dished out. But hey what goes round comes around. Black and proud. Keep the faith long live Mother Africa may God bless her,

    12. This means he’s was born in the image of God, A Black Omnipotent God at least of this Universe!

    1. this is why I’m a little iffy on this. Homo sapien is not a bad word so I’m not sure why a reputable publication would censor it.

      1. I have to reply to this one…

        Dude. 1. You can’t LOSE your DNA. 2. The ark replica is a REPLICA. There have been any great floods over earths history, but that Noah story was a fable.

        Please, please … Take a science class. The PEOPLE who wrote the Bible also believed the earth was flat.

      2. You sound dangerously, like an atheist, if so, that would explain your analysis! People have faith in what they believe in, and whom ever they worship, whether it’s fact based, or blind faith, you may be absolutely correct in your analysis, and your research, one thing is for certain, we all will leave this place called earth one day, I’m confident, the whole truth will be revealed to all of us, until then, as for me, and my house, we’ll continue to worship the God of my father’s, the God of Abraham,
        The God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob! Shalom aleikum

      3. man you have to realize that every race on this earth today came from the belly of a black woman in that secon creation .

      4. I highly doubt that the people who wrote the Bible also believed the earth was flat. The knowledge that the planet is round has been around for countless millenia. The idea that people back then had the idea of a flat earth was constructed as Protestant propaganda against Catholic teaching. “The myth that people in the Middle Ages thought the earth is flat appears to date from the 17th century as part of the campaign by Protestants against Catholic teaching. But it gained currency in the 19th century, thanks to inaccurate histories such as John William Draper’s History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science (1874) and Andrew Dickson White’s A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom (1896).” -James Hannam.
        I don’t see you citing your sources. Take a history class.

      5. No they didnt….(Isaiah 40:22) There is One who dwells above the circle of the earth,
        Its those that didnt read the bible thought the earth is flat!

  1. What if Genesis is an Allegory for creation and not a literal history? The Genesis Pattern as well as Adam and Eve are similar to many other religious and spiritual creation myths, all of which are allegories about spirit and the void.

      1. Thanks Daniel… I started not to comment and allow these “monkeys” (pun intended) to continue to chase their tails. They don’t understand the circular nature of the argument proffered by these “scientists” concerning carbon dating and the like.

        They swear on science that it takes millions of years for fossils, oil and coal to form. However, there are petrified trees standing upright through coal deposits that were supposed to have taken millions of years to form… and other scientists have proven that under the right conditions oil can be produced in a matter of months rather than millions of years. Then there’s this question… it involves simple mathematics… if mankind has been here so long… using a simple equation with just a 2% growth rate… 1.) there should be far more than 7 billion people here now… and 2.) what of the billions and billions that have already died? We should be living on stacks of human bones by now!!

        Now back to your tails!

    1. Eeeeeeeeehehe, no. First off, Jordan (the person who does those videos) has no basis for his claims at all. Everything he says is more facile than most religions now a days. Do some actual research.

    2. The creation story is an allegory. Adam means human kind. And Adam had a wife before Eve and her name was Lillith. The bible as we know it is cobbled together of various writings that some deemed inclusive. The apocrypha of Enoch is not included and wonderfully written. Enoch is Noah’s great-grandfather and father of Methuselah. Another nugget to consider is our concept of time and the measurement of it and that counting time is a man made thing based on figuring out movement of moon, stars, earth and sun. considering we can change it willy nilly how do we really know how old earth really is or how far back this guy’s DNA goes back. Forgive typos typing on phone

    3. Lol spirit science. What a bunch of garbage. There’s nothing scientific in that whatsoever.

    1. We have living trees that date back to 9,000 years. Not only does that predate the biblical estimate of the age of the earth of 6,000 years, it shows that the flood never happened. How can a tree survive UNDER WATER for a year? Not to mention that major civilizations, like the Egyptions, were in existence BEFORE the supposed flood and yet amazing enough were NOT AFFECTED by it and there is no record of any kind of world wide flood in their historical records.

      It is likely that the formation of the Black Sea gave rise to the legend. A sea wall broke and the area that used to be a valley with a lake was flooded.

      Anyone who claims that they have found the ark is just trying to sell you something. There has been no excavations at all, only rumors that a rock formation looks like an ark. How many pieces of the “true cross” are floating around?

      1. To be clear… I agree with this article and not the standard bible thumping Adam & Eve mumbo jumbo that lacks any proof but…. Just so you know there are trees that have been under water in great condition for decades. In certain parts of the US there are people who harvest these trees for profit & the longer the tree has been under water the better the money. When the minerals and mud absorb into these trees they are worth even more. There are bumpkin loggers who make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year harvesting trees from rivers, lakes and streams.

      2. The bible never stated that the Earth was 6000 yrs ago, Please don’t fault the bible for the misinterpretation of faulty teachers. You will not find anywhere in the scriptures where it is said the Earth is 6000 yrs old.

      3. Those trees that you’re referring to, Jennie Howell, happen to be *dead* when they’re harvested. The 9000 year old trees are still alive and growing.

      4. The World Was Made Full Of Animals And Trees And Life…In 6000 Yrs (Not Implying It’s Age) Meaning It Took That Time To Get Things In Order…That Could Have Been A Million Yrs Ago, People Have A Misconception Of That….As The Bible Says “In The Beginning God Created The Heavens And The Earth” (Planet Was There…No Sun…No Life Yet) “& God Said Let There Be Light” (Implying The Earth Is Even Older Than The Sun Obviously)

        Sometimes When You Read Between The Lines Of The Bible You Can Understand Some Shit Lol For Those Who Don’t….Just Try…

      5. Stewie, that is only ur wild INTERPRETATION why are u stating any of it like its fact?

      6. Just curious as to where you received the info that the flood (Noah) lasted a year.
        I could be wrong, but i believe that there are only so many literal digits used in the bible. Ive never seen 365 in the bible as a number of completion. I believe that 40 days and nights is how the Bible puts it, Meaning that trees would only need to survive for little over a month, which is very possible as opposed to an entire year.

      7. Glad I saw this ! For those who think there was only 7 days in the bible , remember this , days were not counted in weeks as 7 days makes week ! There were no calendars like we have now ! So ,days were continuous in that time ! yes there were 7days ,but you kept counting days as 8-9-10-11- and on and on i.e. 1000days -10,000 days ! I hope you get the point now , Or at least , I hope so ! Now , we are using the term , ” End Of Day’s ” – Not weeks , months or years !

      8. Roget’s International Thesaurus Sixth Edition: issue, flow into, join with, mingle waters, greatness, increase, abundance, multitude, world, no end of, deep, full, heavy, grave, vast, infinite, spacious, godlike, perfect, plentiful, throng, multitude, horde, crowd, press, crush, flood, legion, deluge, mass, host, army, pack, colony, collection agent, bill collector, pyramid, tax man, movement, group, grouping, congregation, congress, caucus, mass meeting. Now what flood are you talking about? There are hundreds more meanings we take for granted that flood means water covered the earth, when it could mean a flood of other beings (white:) flooded the earth:)

    2. have you been to see it. It has not been located.

    3. There is NO scientific evidence in support of a noahs ark being found. Absolutely none. You should fact check first, there are theories and conspiracies published only by religious organizations that want to shore up their ideologies that are based on insane folklore… but theres not a single peer reviewed (or other) scientific article/data on it… not a shred.

      Also it is which… a witch is those special group of ladies that christians love to set on fire at the stake

  2. How can someone have aids and yet be healed… Through Gods intervention and healing. Thus with your example of the flood, could not of God done all these things? Could God have sown a seed that was encapsulated in a stone, that after a duration of time crumbled to reveal the seed of hope, the seed of dry land and the cleansing that was needed!

    One reason we can find it difficult making a decision is because we’re frightened of failure, scared we’ll get it wrong and make a fool out of ourselves. We need to remember that just because we may fail sometimes; it doesn’t make us a failure. Thomas Edison is believed to have had tried 50,000 experiments before he successfully invented the storage battery: that’s 49,999 failed experiments! How did he keep on going without seeing any results? When he was asked about it, Edison said, ‘Results? Why, I know 50,000 things that won’t work.’

    When the choices we make don’t produce hoped for results, we can learn from them to make better decisions in the future. This doesn’t mean we don’t need to put any thought or effort into decisions we make. Choices always come with consequences, so they matter! It’s important we recognise that we won’t make good decisions simply by flipping a coin.

    The Bible contains the very thoughts of the One who created us and knows everything about us, everything about life. In order to make consistently right choices we need to know what it says and apply it out in our life. Most of all we need to chat on a regular basis to the author because, ‘The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.

    Think about buying a Bible commentary to use alongside your Bible study. 100 Shalom’ Have a blessed week my friends…

      1. Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV and he did in fact reach the AIDS phase of the virus. It has been years. He is still living to tell his story. There is a cure.

      2. Yea a cure for aids exists. It’s not something the pharmaceutical industry wants to announce or acknowledge.

    1. Ever hear of Tesla? I’m assuming the answer to that is no or you wouldn’t be quoting Edison like he walked on water as well. It’s so much easier to keep failing and then succeed by leaching someone else’s works.

      1. Bam! That can apply to many many things…#loveit

      2. Edison didn’t succeed by stealing Tesla’s work. Edison improved the foundation for DC current, just as Tesla did the same for AC current.

    2. I agree that God is the ultimate healer. However, i believe that your statement is too generalized. Those who dont believe in God hear this as storytelling. There is a cure for HIV, not AIDS (which is a stage of HIV, not a virus itself) because HIV was manufactured by humans and using all of these facts along with the knowledge of God is how to teach those who dont believe. Because if you say God has healed people from aids, atheists will say those who were healed can afford the cure. And i do believe that there is a virus as well as an an antivirus, both created by man for “govt” purposes.

  3. I enjoyed your article until you went on to basically insult Christians. Now I’m confused however if you were insulting the same “Christians” whom I dislike, the ones who believe in basically white supremacy and take everything in the Bible as a literal sense and are also very hypocritical and judgmental and basically just crazy; or if you’re insulting ALL Christians, even the ones like myself who approach things with an open mind and intelligent understanding.

    Now I am quite positive that Adam and Eve were not white. There’s been much evidence to suggest they were black. Jesus was not white. Additionally, the earth is older than the Bible suggests. But everything in the Bible might not be supposed to be interpreted literally. Additionally it’s possible that things were misinterpreted in translation from several many languages.

    I believe in God, but I also would never be an ass to somebody for believing differently than I do. That’s childish and ignorant, and not a good look for anyone.

    1. My insults… If you want to call it that, are directly to the people who use dogma as a tool to continue to bash an entire race of people while enforcing white supremacy.

      Believe what you like, and I’ll PROVE what I like. Your feelings about who has been insulted are inconsequential in the big scheme of things.

      You obviously have no understanding of the subjugation religion imposes on what should be rational human beings.

      Again. This is not remedial Black history facts 101 … This is a master class. If you are insulted by my bluntness …. Channel it into making a difference in your community as your Jesus would do.


      1. it’s funny that your profile name is “why you mad son?” you seem to have a lot of anger-pent up inside if you. Why are you not content with simply allowing others to exist?

      2. My “name” is not funny in the least. Let’s begin with the fact that it is not a name, but a question. A question everyone should ask themselves daily. The quest for knowledge of self, the ability to ask and answer the tough questions for yourself is not a joke in this day and age.

        To answer your question it is OTHERS who do not allow me to simply exist. Your question alone challenges my existence, seeking to diminish the importance of what has been laid out.

        You aren’t seeking knowledge here, you are seeking to antagonize. Nothing you have written is in response to the article nor does it add to the discussion.

        And understand, I am telling you this completely devoid of emotion. I am simply answering your question and showing you how elementary your assessment is at the same time.

        If you want to speak on names, speak on yours and yours only.

      3. I myself am a Christian who believes in letting people do them. I don’t force feed the Bible down people’s throats. I don’t condemn them to hell for have beliefs that differ from mine. Nor do I judge them for the decisions they make in their lives we all have to be held accountable for our own selves. My walk with God should be message enough, I don’t have to scream at a Christian to the world. We all die at the end of the day what God you worship is your business. But don’t bash all Christians because we aren’t all hypocrites.

      4. Her views may be inconsequential to you. Your words are inconsequential, disrespectful, and downright belligerent to every Christian who believes. No one is bashing you for what you believe, but if they are, you have proven yourself to be just as guilty. Why should we be disrespected based on our beliefs? There truly IS a right way to voice your opinions, especially since we are all entitled to have one.

      5. Now you do know that you can skewe facts to support anything you like, correct? If you believe in something strongly you will be able to justify it with anything because you then cease being objective.

      1. Those are not insults, just disclaimers to weed out those that feel a need to visit sites that have nothing to do with religion and spout off at the mouth about the bible and a magical Jewish zombie! Trust me it’s a LOT more common than you think!

    2. Here lies one of the big problems with religious people – the devout vs the moderates. In other words, you’re either a person who reads the bible and follows what it says (devout) or you’re someone who ignores most of it but cherry picks the seemingly nice bits, imagines the rest and calls them self a Christian (moderate).

      Why should anyone worry about offending people who are only half-arsed about their religion to begin with? What right do they have to whine about being offended, when the original supposedly offensive comments were clearly aimed at true believers who believe in their bible? Why do half-arsed christians who don’t really believe in most of it always step in to take the bullet on behalf of the devout?

      If you just simply “believe in a god” then that’s a personal comfort blanket for you which has nothing to do with any religions. So when Madmen talked about Christians and bible thumpers, he clearly wasn’t talking about you.

      1. That was an excellent response and i’m not religious in the least but ur devoutness and understanding of your position are respectable

      2. What right do you have to place everyone who calls themselves Christians in the same categorical box? Humans are humans before anything else. No one is perfect, including TRUE Christians. I disagree with you. Of course there are people impersonating Christians, impostors are everywhere. However, an open mind will allow you to see beyond those “christians” who are not true. But to generalize all Christians as hypocrites, basically, is like saying all Catholic priests are gay men who sexually abuse children. Obviously, both of these faulty ideas are discriminatory and narrow minded.

      3. jesus christ was never photographed nor is there any known portraits of him. the only consistent report about him is that he was a man. like nobody ever claims jesus christ was a woman. now, why is this? through all of human time its men who have done most of the war mongering and raping of the women. if this is so then jesus christ himself supposing to be the son of god has caused allot more war mongering. it seems to me that there is something really fishy about mother mary being so involved with her own sons experiences from immaculate conception and during his crucifixion and resurrection. there is virtually nothing otherwise mentioned about her participating in his life. most other famous male personages don’t have any stories about their mothers. like who knows what budda’s mothers name was etc. etc. etc.? yet mother mary is worshipped to this very day just as her son is, minus any kind of woman wisdom she may have spoken of. this is the standard ass male exclusion of woman from historical records. like man history is important but woman history is not even worth mentioning.

    3. This is truth and something the writer should consider more seriously if he intends to expand his blog and attract more readers. You get it.

    4. The idea tha Afrikaans was the cradle of civilized humanity and evidence of bones dating back 4million years is evidence enough however our stories are hidden in our myths the facts were destined to be discovered humanity are descendent of AfafRayaKau (Afrikaans) the bible calls ethiopians cushites the Egyptians story been supposedly edited to suit the authors views noah story is similar to Sumerian story of great deluge name nuAkh or utnafishtim the story of old testament has Hindu stories Abraham was brahma spell backward the God tammuz can be found who was the appointed yahweh over mortals the Jesus story was the drama of Ausir or osiris who died and resurrected his son of God is heru all these facts found by a renown scholar master teacher Atum-re

      1. For all u know, it could have never happened at all lol For all u KNOW, the bible could be an ancient work of fiction

      2. Oh So There Is Someone With A Clue

      3. Who knows how long a “God day” is?

    5. Agreed. Everyone’s beliefs are equally valid & therefor, should be equally respected.

      I believe the Magical Great Pumpkin who lives in the “Heavenly Cosmic Inter-dimensional Pumpkin Patch” created us & the entire universe. People make fun of me for believing something so stupid. I say “Wait til you die & go to the Cosmic Inter-dimensional Heavenly Pumpkin Patch!” Then we’ll see who’s stupid!!

      Then there’s the ridiculous arguments like… “If the Magical Great Pumpkin is real, then how I can’t see him?” Honestly, I hate having to repeat & explain the obvious… If something was actually Magical you probably wouldn’t be able to see it! DUH! The fact that no one has ever seen the Magical Great Pumpkin just proves my point even more!

      1. All beliefs are not correct,, I know there are people who think ( Hmm blieve ) the bible is written for white’s ( Dumbass King James the pedophile ). The Orginal Book and i am not about give out the name because it is Most Sacred , was written by and for Black People to be taught to all , but of course that never happened . Fortunetly or Unfortuetly , there are set asides for all beliefs and many will go to these places and find that’s not where they want to be, especially those who are haters, greedy, materialistic , sex offenders , murderers and the list goes on and on based solely on ones belief system. They will remain in these realms until it’s decided to remove the illusion and force to experience a completly new belief. Time is not involved here or rather there ! I could say more beyond this , but I won’t !

  4. I do not know you (the owner of, I’ve never been here before, and haven’t had time to look around much beyond this article….. BUT. Your 3-paragraph “Editor’s Note” is wonderful! Thank you for stating it so clearly.

      1. Very interesting post . The Infinite World of Science vs A Book Of Wisdom . . . Peace to all of us on this “journey” to hope and understanding . . I see the method to your madness, and I find it funny how the “facts” you the editor brought to this post , backed your “opinion” and instead of this argument enlightening people , they just seem to question your motives to the research you’ve chosen to share , thank you for this “piece” of history that I am able to place into my timeline . . . . and further . . . search . . .

        also , people like me believe in truth .

        no one knows what the future beholds .

  5. It’s strange people spend alot of time and energy trying to disprove something that they say is not real. If God, The Bible, Adam, Eve, or any of it not real how come you keep talking about it. I don’t talk about anything that I don’t believe in.

    1. Samantha. I am not talking about something I “don’t believe” in. I am defending myself and other free thinking people AGAINST it.

      There is a difference child. In the future, never speak about something you don’t understand or can’t grasp contextually as you have done here.

      Be quiet, listen and learn.


      1. So what exactly DO you believe? Explain yourself, rather than be condescending and rude to people who give you time of day to even come read this. I don’t mean to be “all up in your tea”, but you seem like an angry person. I am AWAKE, please enlighten me.

      2. I believe I do not have to explain myself to anyone at any time. If you read the article, you have my stance. If you don’t like it, move on. I am not here to entertain you.

        You are not important enough in the big scheme of anything for anyone to have to answer to you about anything for any reason.


      3. I dont beleive in the bible at all a book passed down for generations by humans and has never once been altered? Bull it has been altered to push prople even more its another test. The only thing god wants is for you to treat other people with respect and not talk down to them with the condescending tone you do like you are a god among men

      4. You are so condescending it is hard to listen to things you have to say! You want to teach? You can not teach someone you belittle because they will not be able to get passed you ugliness! If someone doesn’t agree with you, they are beyond reproach? I tend to agree with the previous poster questioning your anger. What has any person on this post done to you to deserve your ire? You might get more discussion and less combativeness if you didn’t act as if you are the most intelligent and only correct person in the room and are bothered by anyone offering a different idea. Trying to convince us otherwise by saying you are not mad and ending your reply with peace is not working. I like the give and take of the discussion, so why ruin it with personal attacks or rudeness?

    2. The problem is that people like you keep talking about it. And then you don’t stop talking about it. And then people who actually use their brains for more than happy pretend time on Sundays, have to listen to a constant crazy babble and are forced to treat you as rational thinking adults with an opinion that is potentially valid. You can’t prove your book. Sorry. And we’d prefer not to hear about it. So please keep it in your pants.

      1. He is not “talking” about it. He has posted an article and is responding to messages people are typing to him. You came here of your own free will, read the article, read the comments and decided to type a reply of your own……..and yet you claim you “don’t want to hear about it”?!

        You’re not making the slightest bit of sense.

      2. If you never explain yourself how do we know where you coming from son??? its clear you are an angry little man with something to prove. What amazes me is the hidden agenda making us fight one another that gets ignored everyday. Everyone, this is how the NWO works. Most people think like WYMS and I feel sorry for them and the world in general…having to share this place with them takes extreme patience. They all need wake up. Yes; the USA and most parts of the world are under a form of evolved Nazi psychological warfare. They’re known by many names, Freemasons, Bilderbergers, NWO, Club of Rome, Illuminati, Neonatzism, eugenics, trans-humanists…..If you don’t know this by now then meet your new zombie friend…cuz its YOU! Want to talk about real issues instead of who was here first? How about exerting some of that energy for the common good of enlightening people about the ongoing religious, political, and gender (pitting sexes against each other; and destroying the family unit…*NOT feminism*) wars going on now under our noses. Oh, that’s right everyone is beneath you and NOT worthy. You say no one deserves an answer from you on your belief, however I believe you dont have an answer and you are afraid to admit it. To anyone who gives a shit whether Adam and Eve existed or Jesus was black/white, by concerning yourself with this matter, you are revealing yourself as a hypocrite or “closet racist”. This is what the NWO promotes: SEPERATION. Everyone is entitled to there own beliefs and thats what makes us different. Embrace it. What a horrible and boring world this would be if we were all the same.

        Maybe you should watch the Twilight Zone “The Mind and The Matter” because you and Mr. Beechcroft would get along very well.

    3. OH GOODNESS… I can’t fathom the ignorance of that comment?????? Because that is the nature of science and progress. It attempts to understand the world correctly and truthfully through testing and EVIDENCE. Science doesn’t make things up, it is constantly aiming to refute and understand. Religion rules a lot of peoples lives and it is just an ideology of belief that belongs with other folklore. But by many it is put forward as the only way to understand the world… science tests it as a theory and checks the evidence to see what is supported and valid and what is not.

      1. Shannon, one thing you are forgetting about science is that if a theory or portion thereof cannot be proven, the author then gives his opinion in hopes of support. If we choose to disagree with all or part of a theory, our opinion is just as relevant. How many theories have been proven wrong over time? That does not mean that person was ignorant, only that they were trying to verify a belief with some bit of supporting evidence available at the time. Theories are relative to what is available at the time of supposition.

  6. Some people with power in the church said the earth was flat, God and the Bible state no such thing. Also, Adam and Eve could have been black, or purple, or green, or what ever. Doesn’t matter. There will always be people who twist the Bible. And there are things that God teaches that are his way and not the worlds, which will mean that a non-believer will not grasp. And even find ways to be repulsed. There are no fables in the Bible. There is only truth. Our lack of ability to grasp the divine is not that much different that scienctist not being able to know everything about space. Our minds can only grasp so much. Doesn’t make us right, no matter how smart we think we are.

    1. David take the Gospel according to Mathew as truth and the words of Jesus Christ, Question everything else apart from the commandments that strangely have been edited.

  7. I really want to understand exactly how the age of the DNA was determined. It must have been an amazing scientific effort!

  8. I appreciate your bluntness and I think you are right that religion subjugates what ought to be rational human beings in appalling ways akin to the self-destructiveness illustrated in ‘The Happening’ starring Zoey Deschanel and Mark Wahlberg, a frightening movie if there ever was one, and which is a brilliant allegory of the type of disease fundamentalist religion is when it wafts over and possesses the human mind. I understand why some may think you were insulting but in the light of the urgency of preserving rationality among a critical mass of the population I’d say it’s allowed; believers’ rudeness is definitely unacceptable and runs amok in too many places on the internet. Much love to you, madman. One of my country’s iconic singers, David Rudder, has a song called ‘Madman’s rant’ which denounces our nation’s sick romance with denial…Hope you look it up, and nice to meet you.

    1. Not really, only when its distorted to serve humans selfish pleasure.
      Read the Gospels that quote Jesus only and love God. Your soul will live on. We all need forgiveness and that was the purpose of Jesus.

  9. Thanks for sharing the discovery. And more so, your knowledge and ability to answer the questions posted by some commentators is greatly appreciated. It’s a pity some people still want us to accept the contradictry biblical stories, just because they are christians. We are saying that the biblical stories promotes dogmatism and slavery, yet some people still want us to buy the ideas that has brought pains and sufferings in the life of man. If Adam and Eve ever existed, sure they were blacks. My ancestors were the first to thread the planet earth, nobody should argue that, since we have the living evidence all over the planet. Blacks is the only race you can naturally find in every corner of the globe. Where you dont find this evidence today are places where the blacks had been racially and wickedly extincted. The stories in the bible are all man made, fake, misleading, slavery and oppression oriented. I studied bible as a subject from the age of six to twenty. So i know the book very well.

    1. I have a question. If we are all from Africa and blacks are found everywhere, how is it that slavery exisited? It seems to me that you would be greater in numbers so how is it that slavery was possible. Also, if we are all from black descent, can you please explain how why we all look the way we do? I just find this far fetched.


      1. This site is getting crazier..LoL….News Flash , the majority of earth population is 92% Non- White <— so -called . So who's the real minorty ? Everyone has been a slave to some one else . Read up on world history regarding slave history . White's were slaves to black 's 1st. . I 've always thought slavery was a good Idea . A lot of people were in fact enslaved by their own kind . Did you know that slavery still exist today ? That includes White, Black, Red , Yellow and all other mixtures if you prefer. We all Human Being and we need to start looking at each that way , Period !

    2. God is real, He is Alpha and Omega. We are to blame not him. What you studied may not be all true. And some who represent him are not true either. “I do not know who you are” God is not the Hypocrite Man is.

  10. I actually don’t find the article surprising at all. Adam and Eve is often interpreted as a metaphor describing humanities change from Hunter Gatherer to Agrarian. Besides, the bible never explains the dinosaurs, unless you factor in the “replenish the earth” line in Genesis 1:28 which makes it sound like something was here before and Adam and Eve were a “do over”.

    1. BINGO! “Re-plenish” was also used after the great flood. Meaning “some peopl were here, I killed them all, now start over and put them back.” Since Eve can’t produce dinosaurs, there must’ve been people. Or else, where did the folks come from who Cain was afraid of when God kicked him out of the Garden of Eden? Or how did Cain find a wife in the land of Nod AFTER he was kicked out of the garden? By the bible’s own reading, Adam and Eve were not first……

  11. White folks have been calling black people, monkeys, gorillas and apes for centuries. Now a scientist says a black man has primate DNA and black people are happy? I guess there is some honor in being first, even if the claim to fame is first animal to walk upright.

    1. Nicole: while your observation is humorous, it is completely incorrect. The study at no point refers to “primates” as you suggested. It dates it back along with the oldest known HUMAN fossils. When they said “tree” they didn’t mean a tree found in a forest from which primates swing.

      Please employ your reading comprehension skills to fully understand the content..

      To wit : “We report the discovery of an African American Y chromosome that carries the ancestral state of all SNPs that defined the basal portion of the Y chromosome phylogenetic tree. We sequenced ∼240 kb of this chromosome to identify private, derived mutations on this lineage, which we named A00. We then estimated the time to the most recent common ancestor (TMRCA) for the Y tree as 338 thousand years ago (kya) (95% confidence interval = 237–581 kya). Remarkably, this exceeds current estimates of the mtDNA TMRCA, as well as those of the age of the oldest anatomically modern human fossils. The extremely ancient age combined with the rarity of the A00 lineage, which we also find at very low frequency in central Africa, point to the importance of considering more complex models for the origin of Y chromosome diversity. These models include ancient population structure and the possibility of archaic introgression of Y chromosomes into anatomically modern humans. The A00 lineage was discovered in a large database of consumer samples of African Americans and has not been identified in traditional hunter-gatherer populations from sub-Saharan Africa. This underscores how the stochastic nature of the genealogical process can affect inference from a single locus and warrants caution during the interpretation of the geographic location of divergent branches of the Y chromosome phylogenetic tree for the elucidation of human origins.”

      1. “Our analysis indicates this lineage diverged from previously known Y chromosomes about 338,000 ago, a time when anatomically modern humans had not yet evolved,”. This black man has a biological link to a time before anatomically modern humans evolved. That would mean he has primate DNA.

      2. Again. I get what you are saying, but understand comparing something new to something that previously existed is not calling them one and the same. To simplify it further: man and primate have lived side by side longer than what was previously discovered. This is the interpretation of the scientific language presented in the article. At no point does it infer this man evolved from apes or primates… Sorry. This is pure science and you can’t call racism or “white folk brainwashing” on this one.

        Sometimes, science WILL trump bigotry and prejudice. …

        Walk good. Peace.

      3. Oh. Side note .. The oldest linage is the Mbo of Camaroon… That was the lineage he was referring to… Not primates. Research and get past what you want to see. He also said that it is possible you will find additional sequencing of African AND non-African descent. That sounds pretty inclusive … Don’t you think? Everything is not an agenda by “the man “. Take a breath… Breathe… And reflect. You will find that if you do, when you speak, it will be from a place devoid of agenda and based in logic.


      4. Well from my understanding, which might be incorrect, it simply said “anatomically modern humans” which I interpret as not being what we are today. In no where in this article does it say his DNA show his ancestors were descended from apes. With that being said however, I personally believe in evolution, and do think HUMANS were evolved from something. In this case it’s primates, and if you look at the characteristics of what makes a primate a primate we fit the bill. Get the chip off your shoulder, don’t knock scientific evidence because the racist white people said it.

        But, I do think this was a great article. Unfortunately, some people will not accept it, and continue believing their strict fundamentalist views. Or they will read out of context and not grasp the full information.

      5. Lol blogs like this amaze me. I’m thinking to myself why I’m even responding to such a poorly written argument such as this. It seems to me that you are the kind of person who values empirical data. You relate to and abide by the”is it testable and is it falsifiable” rule. Are you even a scientist? To me you sound like some undergraduate sociologist who read a few Durkheim articles and tries to use your free thinking skills to argue with notions of the bible. I doubt you are a scientist because a scientist would not write such a poorly written and biased article. With that being said, your opinions are indeed misguided. I’m glad you have data suggesting your argument. However, you cannot compare empirical data and the standard normalities of science with pseudoscience. It is not possible. In order for you to compare the DNA from the man with DNA from adam or Eve, you need the DNA from Adam or Eve! This information will never be obtainable. You can make educated guesses or theories, however that is it. As a scientist you are very limited. I am a biochemist. The longer I have studied science, the more belief I have in a God. There are so many intricacies of our bodies and how are cells and organic matter intertwine in just the right fashion. It is hard to not believe in a God. If you would like for me to further elaborate any of my dilute supporting sentences then I would be glad to. The reason why I am responding to this is because your misguided knowledge is affecting people who have no background knowledge of science. These people are sharing your argument on Facebook.

      6. Thank you Markusxxxxyyyzz !!!!

  12. Adam & Eve _was_ a do-over — Adam’s first partner was created in exactly the same way he was, as an original being, according to the part of the Jewish writings that were cut from the Christian bible; but, as she had autonomy and her own will, well, that just didn’t work out for the so-called ancestor of humanity, so Lilith was banished and Eve was extracted from Adam. And she was such a prize, she got him in trouble and his binky taken away, and it was aaaaall her fault…

    I still laugh my butt off over that, in a razorblade kinda way. It says so much about the underlying hatred of the Other in the Levantine religions — that is, anything Other than dominant-race, ruling-class male. They so desperately need someone to loathe and to blame.

  13. First of all great piece. I’m wondering though what the longer term ramifications are of this discovery. I know previously there was some talk that being able to find more of the y chromosome divergences across the planet would help us better understand the evolutionary chain that created modern humans. Seem like we could unlock more of the missing bits of human existence by finding out more from this man’s DNA.

    1. Go speak to some of our ancestors in Africa, they already know the truth and they live in villages. They have a tree that represents it. Yo bro I’m your white distant. Cuz Its about time other white folks start to realise this. Peace

      1. Right ON Brother ! the christian religion was stolen was Stolen from African Spiritually ! Example , Jesus is a Figmentation, ( transfiguration) of Heru / horus !. Mary his mother is Figmentation ( transfiguration ) of Isis / Asp ! Joseph is a ( transfiguration ) o Osiris /Asar ! And last but least :God ” is a Figmentation ( transfiguration ) Amon Ra /Atum ! This is why I follow the Oral Histories ( The Speakers were trained to teach/preach the oral histories Verbatim so that there would be No Misunderstanding o rmisinterpretations ) The so-called christian bible is Gross subjected to Misinterpretations like the christian preachers still do up until today. versions which are grossly ! Do any of you the True Origin of the word ” Christ ? I’ve that only a Very Very few Know ? It’s Not What you’ve Misled to believe ( <— I refrain from using that word believe and belief 's as much as possible !

  14. SInce we are composed of atoms, perhaps this was the beginning. And as this, we are all the same. Adam and Eve are just a mediaeval fairy tale. That point where man ate the apple from the tree of life – from which it came- and decided that a mind as a picture of knowledge and information was more than the very fabric and substance of physical reality is the reflection of the point of separation from equality and oneness to ourselves as life.

  15. I can’t locate the article on the American Journal of Human Genetics website. Can someone kindly help me out, please?

  16. Humans have very little capability of being rational. The author of this article does a good job in positioning themselves in the side of reason, but the post was very emotionally charged. The author is just as biased as the Christians he or she bashes.

    Science is not objective. Math, physics, chemistry, and grammar are objective. Since science involves math, physics, and chemistry people automatically assume it’s objective. But when we start calculating things we can’t observe, a lot of assumptions go into play. Science is subjective due to the assumptions and premises used to make the mathematical calculations such as date of trees, fossils, rocks, etc. How do you think the age of the oldest tree you mentioned was derived? Well, most likely through Carbon-14 testing. They didn’t count the rings in the tree. And even then it has been established that trees can grow multiple rings in a span of one year. So let’s say I manually counted the number of rings in a tree and it came up to 110,000 rings. Even then I can’t conclude that this tree is 110,000 years old unless I assume that this tree never grew more than one ring in a year.

    My point is that underlying science and all these mathematical calculations are a lot of assumptions. Many of the assumptions used have even been proven false over time. But that doesn’t stop people from believing their conclusions and that’s where faith comes in with science.

    At the end of the day it is difficult to change someone’s mind from what they want to believe. The author wants to believe that he/she is rational because they don’t believe the Adam and Eve story. A scientific discovery (that will probably be debunked in a few years due to newer discoveries and assumptions) is used to support their claim of being rational. This is a classic case of I’m right and you’re wrong. I’m smart and you’re not. My friends, this is not rationality but emotionality at its finest. No worries, that is where 99.9% of humans fall.

    1. As a trained scientist, you CAN twist science to say exactly the conclusion you are seeking. It has been done thousands of times. Science is not objective. Many atheists love to hail science as the end all be all but their rational thinking requires faith in the person doing the research and the methods they use. Since most atheists form belief based on scientific papers, it becomes their Bible. In science, there are many ideas that are challenged and proven incorrect. If someone gets a result in the lab, many will attempt the same experiment following the same methods. They will get the same result. Soon that is considered ‘ Truth ‘ until someone questions the sample size, original premise or conditions of the experiment. The result is a change in science which makes it just as subjective as the Christians they attempt to have the rational authority over. When you have real scientific knowledge you know that you are only working with the latest information available and that is subject to change.

      1. That was the truest and most “rational” statement I’ve read on this entire thread!

      2. Fact : We’re all One ! I don’t care what science or even what the bible says . There’s been a lot of transfiguration where the Bible is concerned ! I do my best to transliterate that which has been transfigurated in the bible by the likes of that pediphiole , incestrial ,rapist and a few other names , King James . And then , there’s William Tyndale who hated rich people so much , he icluded his own spin / slant in bible versus like ; A rich man has about as much chance of getting into heaven then a Camel going through theeye of a needle , lillies of the field and other stuff/ versions he put in the bible . Aww , there’s also William Shakspeare and others who also poluted the bible with their inputs/inclusions/versus ! Now, as for scientist , espciallty the ones of european descendancy ,they do and will try to fit a round peg into a much smaller square hole. Them boyz can lie their asses off to prove a point and discredit others ! Hotep ! Hahoo ! Amen !

      3. jperez, that is what I was saying in my previous response to Shannon even if your reply was more eloquent.

    2. Point well taken @glove138. I may not be as eloquent in writing…but this is exactly what was rattling around in my head. Who can irrefutably state that what they purport is factual in these matters. I tend to wonder who established this fact? What method did they use? It’s a fact or truth because you read or “researched” someone else’s data. I’m in no position to make a determination of what’s right and what’s wrong. I think the universe of knowledge is so expanse and fluid, I would not dare. I do enjoy the musings of alert minds sharing information and ideas. Refreshing. 🙂

    3. And every thing is equal to 0. Well if thats what science thinks thats all its going to get,

  17. The Bible clear states REPLENISH the earth which means it must have been plenish (filled) before…as someone say earlier everything in the bible isn’t meant to be fully understood by us and a lot was probably lost in translation…hence the earth probably is older then what people interpret the bible to say.

    GEN 1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

    1. Its clear if you read it, Just doesn’t go into great detail. The bible never said the earth wasn’t old. How old do you think God is “Alpha and Omega”” I am That I am”. Hebrews explain it better. I just wish they would start to recognise Jesus. He will forgive.
      ” Forgive them lord for they know not what they go” Mighty words from someone who’s just been crucified.

  18. 63:6.8 Onagar was born 983,323 years ago (from A.D. 1934), and he lived to be sixty-nine years of age. The record of the achievements of this master mind and spiritual leader of the pre-Planetary Prince days is a thrilling recital of the organization of these primitive peoples into a real society. He instituted an efficient tribal government, the like of which was not attained by succeeding generations in many millenniums. Never again, until the arrival of the Planetary Prince, was there such a high spiritual civilization on earth. These simple people had a real though primitive religion, but it was subsequently lost to their deteriorating descendants.

  19. Interesting article. I know you said you don’t believe in white Jesus, neither do I. But Jesus of Nazareth is in the same historical documentation you’ve found much of your other info. He wasn’t a meek symbol of peace but rather a revolutionary; like MLK and Malcolm. Well documented history proves that, not the fairy tales in the bible. They hung him on a cross when he opposed the Roman rule. He hung beside two other rebels of the law, they turned him into a symbol of peace to keep the people from revolting and that’s why we have white Jesus today.

    1. Yeh. I don’t think revolting’s the right word more like threatening. Jesus was a Jew so he would of had an Arabic skin tone. Certainly not white, colour or race would not have mattered to Jesus, only what was in your heart.

  20. I believe in the science of this Article however the oldest misconception is that the is Bible an account of Adam and Eve’s historical record as the Very FIRST! Man and Woman…

    That is NOT so Gen 1:26 – 30 clear shows that God created several humans on Earth that multiplied and was fruitful. Adam is ONE Man that was created to tend to his Garden (Eden). The Bible even speaks of other people on earth at the time of Adam and Eve (Look up Land of Nod Gen 4:16) That is where Cain went to settle after been banished from his family. Now logic tells us that IF Adam and Eve were the first two and only people on Earth the following couldn’t be possible. 1) Cain fearful that if he left his fathers land someone would kill him (who?) 2) When he settled in Nod he found a wife to marry… (where did she come from?)

    I say all that to say this the science doesn’t disprove the Bible’s account of Adam and Eve because it is reasonable to assume through the scriptures there were people already living on earth. For how long the Bible doesn’t say… but why should it? The Bible isn’t the history of Mankind… it is the story of God’s Chosen people. Their beginning, their ups and downs, their fall from grace, and their redemption through Christ. The scriptures says a wise man adds to his wisdom I for one would like to be a wise man, being biased to knowledge is never the way to go. You just need to be able to discern what you are taking in as truth or fiction. I appreciate this article. Thank you.

    1. Now you have added the most intelligent comment to this blog thus is a story that he wanted us to know surely it was not chronicling every dot or tittle in mans existence but yet it was divinely inspired ,..all these scientifically correct,agnostics,atheists or whatever have so much to say about God whether he existed,whether he didnt,but did you ever once seek his presence? He sais stand at the door an d knock I will answer ….you wouldnt have to sit and debate his existance…I sought the Lord for myself years ago,,and found him to be a true living miracle I cant stan d for ppl to say Christians are lying, theyre crazy etc..yet they believe in paranormal..ive only experience with ghost was the Holy Ghost an d im glad about it..hope this helps somebody….good morning

    2. He didn’t say there was other Man either. A pretty obvious mistake, also people lived to 900 years old so clearly it was a bit different. Egyptians had incestuous relations, so no reason this did not occur. Also sex with fallen angels. Anyone trying to do the math is wasting their time, found any giants yet. I think Genesis and the old testament is somewhat condensed and a distant past. Look at all the information in the last 3000 years of history, physically impossible.Truth or Fiction? Most definitely, trust the spirit,not the letter.

  21. well the holy quran confirms the story of the first two people and sodid hitler he knew how in that secon creation how God almighty had did it and so he wanted to do it to in order to rid the black race of his gens.he wantedto purify hisrace by going back to practice of sleeping with his children his mother brother sisters and family that’s how God almighty permited in that secon creation

  22. The truth is out there, but so many people don’t see it or try to understand it. Science and religion are not at odds with each other. Jesus said “you cannot drive out a demon with another demon” in other words you can’t split an atom of air to find a atom of a tree”. If science was anti-god then all of it would be a sin, which makes no sense. Everything from clothes to a toothbrush would be evil. But of course it’s not.
    It’s this was aethiest really, really believe that if they can just fund the right scientific theroum then they could finally prove that God doesn’t exist, like Santa Clause!
    But..that’s impossible. You can’t prove that God doesn’t exist. But Christians can prove that he does! It’s a age old test. In the Bible God exist through miracles, and nature. The catalyst of which can never be disproven.
    But atheist want so badly to show that your belief is fake! Prove it they say..jump from a building as ask God to make you fly! But that test has been debunked many times and…’s in the bible.
    Here is the truth.. Read the bible to see God. Don’t read a except on the web about Noah and the Flood . Don’t delve into Jonah and the fish. Read the tales and see if you find meaning in your life. See if you find strength in its words. You’ll find the truth there.
    This story doesn’t change anything. Who’s timeline is this referring to ? What verse in the bible does it say “338,891” years ago god created blacks ? It doesn’t . There is no timeline in Genessis. It does not say. “Go back 6,000 years and it all started”
    It says “in the beginning there was darkeness” that could mean the beginning of time and commencing to the Big Bang. A time period that could take 1 day or 100 billion years. the beginning of time those 100 billion years could be seen as 1 day if so because it was the start of time .
    Discovering a gene from 400,000 years ago and referencing it as evidence that Adam and Eve did not exist is primitive. For example.. If 19 million years ago there was a first man and woman then those first two would be the genetic predecessors of all mankind. But such an occurrence had to occur in order for our species to occur.
    In essence the bible is factual and scientifically sound. You can argue the merits of he resurrection and if God exist. But you can’t argue that Jesus was born, died and rise again. Because these are facts. There is recorded evidence that he existed, that the Romans killed and crucified him, and that hundreds of people witnessed him walking around in multiple locations three days after he was killed. Check out LEE STROBEL to see the scientific evidence for these occurrences and many others.
    In essence , mostly when you ask aethiest about their true awareness of God, they aren’t much more educated then “Sunday Christians” in that they let others do the heavy lifting intellectually and do very little true investigating on their own accord. Or use half understood principles to explain complicated scenarios that actually defy their own logic.
    Finding genes from 400,000 years to a Pygmy tribe in sub Saharan Africa does not a case for the non- existence of God or Adam or Eve.

    And lastly.. Who cares if they are black? Truthfully Jesus was a Jew. So was David and most or all the Old Testament. It doesn’t matter what their race was. In the new testament Jesus himself says that where you come from matters not. That the Jews are not special to The Lord and that he dies for all sins. This whole case for a black Jesus is as important as finding a black pair of socks as opposed to dark grey. It’s something old black people say to give their existence meaning in a time when being black meant you had no pride or glory. But we as black people have both. Jesus does not have to black to have being black have meaning.

    Read the truth yourself and spend time making your own decisions , if you do you may be surprised how much of the truth has actually been out there for centuries.

  23. Yo, this is amazing. Now let us all remember that… Just as the Gorilla does not share the same DNA as a Spider Monkey. So Ur is for humans. Yet, Man and his kind are in denial to the facts that they are an advanced form of talking, upright walking and thinking Ape. Yeah… U heard me. The highest form of Primate. But because of racial stigma many So-called Black people get angry at the suggestion instead of embracing the Idea with Pride. Niggaz iz Apes and Crackers iz Lizard People or Serpent People. Now Letz Get Our Monkey On with this Battle Cry… P.O.T.A. = PLANET OF THA APES. LMFOA but I’m serious tho.

  24. Very interesting. I am curious if the man knew he had this “mutation” or was it found by chance? Is there something visibly different about him?

  25. really….338,000 years..??……ha…what a laugh…were you here 338,000 years ago….?…you are such an idiot….the earth is no older than 12,000 or 13,000 years at most based upon god who said that a day to him is but a 1000 years to us…

    2Pe 3:8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day…

    when god said he said he made the earth in 6 days….he is referring to either 6 1000 year days……or 6 literal days…….the general consensus is that he made the earth in 6 literal days…based upon the verses that says…..

    “and the evening and the morning were the first day”..genesis 1:5

    including the…2nd day….3rd day etc…..which means the earth is no older than 6000 years…..being that the jewish calendar is now at 5774….and very interestingly….all history goes back just a little less than 6000 years…..there is no history or record of man before that time….plain and simple…..all this millions and millions of years back… made up and pure conjecture… is just as stupid as it is idiotic……….oh and by the way….

    adam and eve was not black….but were a reflection of god’s own glory…inside the heart and outwardly of the body…..god’s glory is of brilliance and light…not darkness…..I dont think the color black is a direct reflection of a superior being who is of bright light…to which his children are a reflection of darkness….and outward righteousness……it is a contradiction of expression…especially during a period when there was no sin….the darkness of skin tone came after sin was injected into the world and into the hearts of humanity….thus the reflection of man’s true nature became evident in the various colors of skin tones as it was expressed after adam and eve… their offspring……..

    1. …that sounds eerily racist. “the darkness of skin tone came after sin was injected into the world and into the hearts of humanity”. For all your other points, please read this. Genesis was not meant to be taken literally, it’s merely an allegory. Your seven ‘days’ are in fact seven ages which were mistranslated into AMERICAN ENGLISH.

    2. Gene Corpus, you repeatedly claim that the author could not possibly know what happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, yet your proof that he doesn’t know what he is talking about is to quote a compendium of writings that were written starting with Moses who died just about 3,300 years ago. I really don’t understand how you can infer that Moses, the main force behind the Pentateuch, had any more proof or grasp of the beginnings of earth and humanity than you or I do–we’re still talking about several thousand years if you go with the fundamentalist Christian creationist understanding.

      If Moses had some special evidence at hand, a way to peer back as an eyewitness, and furthermore correct the errors and political agendas inherent to oral history, I can go with that–but he had no more evidence than we do–at least he and his followers don’t refer to where their special knowledge comes from in compiling the Pentateuch. Unfortunately, we are relying on the absolute righteousness and apolitical attitude of one man living in ancient Egypt for all of our understanding of how the world began according to Genesis. You know very well that Moses was not even close to righteous…he fled Egypt as a murderer. We are relying this single guy being divinely inspired by God, and we are trusting that he and his scribes were divinely inspired just because you say he was.

      How many pastors, preachers, and priests have you heard of who are supposedly acting/speaking on behalf of God, ordained as holy men, who turn out to be manipulators, thieves, or molesters? I realize than not all ordained ministers fall into this devilish category, however, a percentage do and therefore that calls into question just how genuine the supposed transformational power of Jesus is, how much authority and purity that the Bible is actually written with. You can’t trust a man just because he claims to be passing on the word of God–it’s actually those people that you really need to steer clear of. These people live and thrive on stroking your ego and security buttons, while also demanding that you live in fear, shame and victim-hood. WAKE UP.

    3. Your either an Impolite Jew(singular) or Christian who doesn’t recall what Jesus said about calling people fools, especially without good reason. Time is of no consequence to God. Identifying sin by skin colour makes me puke, if your white ass or mine is free of sin I’m prepared to eat shit and that I ain’t. Oh gene corpus sounds like shit to me.


    Old Testament theology talks in the language of man, but it is possible to maintain faith in the validity of the Bible and also to accept that a creature almost identical to humans, did exist prior to Adam and eve. Both scientific and religious traditions are systems of thought that seek the truth. Science seeks the truth by evaluating interactions observed in our physical world. Religion bases its search for truth within knowledge believed to have been attained by revelation. And both can be demanding. Maimonides who lived during 1135 – 1204 c.e., also known as the Rambam said, “If you find a conflict between science and Torah, the problem is that you don’t understand the science or you don’t understand the Torah, but there can’t be a conflict between the two”.

    Homorectus, the species to which Peking man belonged, made its appearance 1.5 to 2 million years ago. And these creatures except for the shortened forehead had features so similar to modern humans that they could pass unnoticed in a crowded street.

    However, mankind and his predecessors, although physically related, are not connected by a spiritual line of evolution, homosapiens roamed the Earth for some 300,000 years, prior to the appearance of mankind. The Neanderthals appear to have started burying their dead 100,000 years ago and their fossil remains as well as those of the more recent Cro-Magnon became increasingly similar in shape to human beings as time progressed. And based on the position of the larynx of these creatures, it is evident that articulate speech had been possible, since the size of the cranial cavity, from which brain size is estimated, has not changed much in Homosapiens for the past 100,000 years. But neither the Neanderthal nor the Cro-Magnon evolved into human beings.

    But does mankind’s history really stretch back a million years, or even several tens of thousands of years? A strictly literal view of the Bible would say No! To the literalist, there was no prehistoric man. Adam was the first man and he was formed some 5774 years ago from the dust of the Earth. (Gen. 2: 7).

    Maimonides in his Guide for the Perplexed makes a remarkable comment. In the time of Adam, he writes, there coexisted animals that appeared as humans in shape and also in intelligence but lacked the “IMAGE” that makes man uniquely different from other animals, beings as in the “IMAGE” of G-d.

    Nahmanides, another great sage who lived during 1194- 1270 c.e., known as the Ramban also makes some remarkable comments on Gen. 2: 7, also with reference to Gen. 1:20 and 1:24, where he describes, “the sequential first appearances of aquatic life and the terrestial animal life”. He also adds that prior to attaining the unique attribute of mankind, the animal that was to become man had both the physical structure and the power of perception of a human. Only when this was accomplished was the spirit of G-d, the NESHAMAH, breathed into him. This Neshamah, placed in mankind by G-d, was the last act in the making and creating of mankind.

    So, as can be seen, the existence of pre-Adam animals with shapes and intellect similar to humans was discussed hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago by biblical sages, just as it has been discussed by archaeologists during the past hundred years.

    All animals received a life-giving spirit, a NEFESH in Hebrew. The animal that was about to become Adam was no exception. However, into the physical form that contained the nefesh of Adam, the Creator placed an ADDITIONAL spirit, or Soul, the NESHAMAH. It is this that set mankind apart from the other animals, “And the Lord formed man (Adam) from the dust of the ground (adamah) and blew in his nostrils a Soul of life (Neshamah), and the man became a living being (Nefesh). (Gen. 2:7).

    As regards the sixth day of Creation, the Bible states that G-d will MAKE man in G-d’s image and likeness (Gen. 1:26). In the following verse it is written, “G-d CREATED mankind in his image, in the image of G-d He created him, male and female He created them.”

    The verbs MAKE and CREATE are both used, and so, from these two verses, it appears that both making and creating were involved in the appearance of the first mankind. Therefore, as regards to Gen. 1:26, MAKING requires time, and at first, man had the Soul of an animal (Nefesh), until G-d CREATED (Gen1:27) mankind. Now Creation is instantaneous, and this is what changed Adam 5755 years ago from an animal that appeared human in every aspect, but lacked the “Image”, into the first human being with the spirit of G-d, the NESHAMAH having been breathed into him. (Gen. 2:7).

    In Gen 1:26 the Bible states: “G-d will MAKE man” (Making requires time) at first man had the Soul of an animal (Nefesh) In Gen 1:27, the Bible states:
    “So G-d CREATED man in His
    own image, in the image of G-d He
    created him; male and female He
    created them.
    Exodus 20:11 states: “For six days the L–d made the heavens & the Earth, the sea & all that is in them”

  27. “Debating Creationism and Darwinism is like comparing Adams and Origins”
    – Robert Gonzales

  28. I for one stray away from beleifs . I know alot of humans problems would be solved if we had no beleifs . I do however manitain an open mind and I do seek the truth ( S ). I also know that we are all one ,like or not ! I always tell people that if an alien from another planet , another world were to land on earth right now , we would here on earth are related to that alien . Most people can’t phantom that reality . But an absolute truth ! It would be true that we are all one even the event there were 100 trillion billion Universe.s which is probably a very miniscule number.And can you bet someone somewhere did create all of what we can as well as can’t be seen . Love & Faith ! By the way you don’t need to be religious to have faith . You don’t need to be religious to pray to the higher beings like God /Jesus or whatever name you want to label these Entities . I don’t think we’ll be able to comprend the totality of it all, But this I do know , We’re One regardless of appearences !

    Scientist found a foot print of someone wearing sandles that dates back at least 300 million years . So much for the bible stories regarding their 6000 year human nonsense ! I think the bible is a compilation of other people stories . For instance ,the Moses and Abraham stories seem to be a compilation of Sargon the Great or King Sargon. who some 900 years before abraham the so called father of Israel . Sargon’s birth story precedes the birth story of moses . Look up Sargon the Great !

  29. The BIBLE said Adam and Eve where the FIRST man and women but NOT THE ONLY. One of Adams sons went off to another land and came back with a wife.

    1. To back that thought up
      Genesis 4:14-15
      Cain was afraid someone might find him and kill him….

  30. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad talk this in the early 1930s, he said Adam and Eve was the making of the white race and not the Black Man and this is why white scientists say man and mankind and they also say pre-Adam and Adam. Adam & Eve supposed to be 6000 years ago and you can’t find a white bone that older then 6000 years and the older bone DNA says they are Black bone. The Bible also says that Adam is it people man and woman is in the book of Genesis. The story of Adam & Eve is the making of the white race and this is why Freemason talk about crossing the hot send of Arabia.

  31. Reblogged this on Operation Reach Out Ministries International and commented:
    This is another bold attempt to prove the Bible wrong and make our Faith a farce. Even if the timeline is a little different and even some of the details mentioned, it still doesn’t disprove the story of Adam and Eve. The language of the article is very ‘looking down the nose’ at Christians which already sets the stage for a major bias attitude. I personally believe that the continent of Africa is the center of origin for humanity….I may be wrong, but in theory, this is what I believe. I will not pick sides concerning how old the earth is or how old humanity is, but all in all nothing really disproves the story of there being a first man and woman or Adam and Eve. If anything our definition of their appearance may be somewhat distorted, but I think that’s about all.

  32. Why are the blanking out the word HOMO in the article!? It is not a bad, dirty or curse word.

  33. Hmmm… This IS interesting. I’m not so sure this “debunks” the whole Adam and Eve “thing”. From what I can tell, it actually gives credibility to what is written in the Book of Enoch, and The Book of Genesis, about the mixing of angelic and human DNA. This hybridization of these two different species is mentioned many other times throughout certain Apocryphal books as well is many of the ancient legends from many different civilizations. I.e.: Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Incan, and Mayan ( to name a few). Now, whether or not you believe the earth is 6k, 10k, or 200 million yrs old, biblical account doesn’t give a specific date of the creation of all or any specific type of angelic being by The Creator. Also, there is much debate on whether or not God commanded Adam and Eve to “populate” or “repopulate the earth. I’m glad these things come up. Hopefully it starts up intelligent dialogue between emotionally mature individuals who are interested in finding the truth.

  34. “‘The study has even further implications. It strengthens the belief that there is no “mitochondrial Eve” or “Y chromosome Adam.’ All of humankind, as a result, did not descend from exactly one pair of humans that lived at a certain point in human evolution.”

    The writer of the Discovery News article badly misunderstands the implications of the Mitochondrial Eve and Y Chromosome Adam theories. Those theories do NOT claim that every human is descended from “exactly” one particular pair of humans. First, Mitochondrial Eve and Y Chromosome Adam need not have lived at the same time/place, assuming they existed. Secondly, they are NOT claimed to have been the only female, or only male, of their own time with currently living descendants. What IS claimed is that M. Eve is the most recent woman from whom all living humans today descend, *on their mother’s side, and through the mothers of those mothers, and so on*, back until all lines converge on one person. There could be MANY other female descendants further back, or living at the same time, but the direct female-only lines for those women have been lost. Likewise for Y Chromosome Adam – all living males would be descended from him *in direct male line,* but that does not mean that living humans are not descended from other, even earlier males, or from other males living at the same time as Chromosome Adam.
    A similar misconception exists among some racing fans about the founding of the Thoroughbred breed of horse. It’s well known that the breed was “founded” by three Eastern
    (Barb/Turk/Arabian) stallions. What often isn’t understood is that there were quite a few Eastern stallions involved in establishing the Thoroughbred. The 3 famous “foundation” sires merely happen to be the only stallions whose lines still exist *in direct male* form. Current Thoroughbreds descend from the other Eastern stallions in some combination of male/female lines. A similar situation holds true for Y Chromosome Adam (and Mitochondrial Eve.)
    And Chromosome Y Adam (and also Mitochondrial Eve) could have had, like the 3 foundational sires of the Thoroughbred breed, more than 1 mate with currently living descendants. But because the line(s) from those mate(s) would not be direct-male or direct female, there is no easy way to trace the lineage, as there is with the Y chromosome (passed on solely father-to-son) or with mitochondrial DNA (passed on by mothers).
    Bottom line: the claim that all humans are descended from a particular individual is entirely different than saying they are descended exclusively from that individual (and one mate).

  35. The Bible was written by man who proclaimed to be inspired by God. My history with man has taught me that man lie. When you know better you do better. The Bible and religion is all propaganda. It was devise to construct power and control. Organize religion is the biggest hoax known to man. However the Bible, on the precept of compassion, can be used as a teaching tool for those who haven’t found purpose. I hate that the Bible and all religion created from it has been used to persecute, devalue and destroy human beings. I don’t prescribe to any ideologies that advocate such behavior. God gave us all the ability to think. I wish we did it more often than relying on other people to think on our behalf.

  36. Everyone including the writer: Religion is the problem. That is EXACTLY why Jesus came and that is one of the MAIN things he came against. Opression from the church and its religious leaders to people and groups of people. Relationship is where the freedom to all that anger is locked up. Faith and the belief in a scientific algorithim for time and date estimates both take the same amount of belief but in the end only one is right. Love, Freedom, safety, and peace has no color and to someone in true bondage and dispair could care less what there savior looks like or where they came from. Labels of being christian dont make you a christian your charecter and the fruit yiu bear does. Stop comparing garbadge with Christ. None of it matches his charecter. Everyone makes mistakes but there are some things like oppression and racism and judgment that are more than a mistake thats a broken heart and thought process. Real love would never present that to anyone. Thats the heart of God. If you ever gave HIM a chance and experienced it it will change everything you know. The same way a mothers pure love will change a child. He is real. You can carbon date and DNA test all you want. Math and science is a gift but it will not measure the truth of His nature.

  37. Its amazing at what scientist can do and why they pick science over religion…whatever can be proven or debunk science will do it…that’s why when you ask on what they believe i can assure you they will say let science prove it…if science was to touch a matter of religion i can see the Vatican or the Pope doing whatever they can to stop it from publishing or saying science is wrong…Science can debunk the Bible but choose not to hurt it…The struggle is real science is here to stay…

  38. Yea….Lets just take mans word at face value. Humans never make mistakes so this must be true. Laughable

  39. I wish i paid more attention in science class so i could understand this article better but i get the basic gist of it..
    What kind of coincidence is it that this man submitted his DNA and we just coincidentally found this breakthrough? what where the circumstances that led him to submitting his DNA to this research facility? i feel like the article needs to thread the needle in that aspect so we can figure out what led him to submit his DNA to the research facility otherwise it comes across as an incredible amount of coincidence unless the research facility where publicly asking for people to submit their DNA.

  40. It’s sad to see the level of hate you have for Christians, 99.999% of whom are not white supremacist. Just because you had the misfortune of knowing some who were should not cloud your entire view of 2 billion humans who believe nothing of the sort.

    As mentioned by a few posts already, the Bible is not meant to be a history or science text book, and does not claim that the earth is 6000 years old. I’m a Christian, but I also believe in science. I can believe that the universe was created over millions of years, and it doesn’t conflict with my belief in the Bible in the slightest sense. The “6 days of creation” are only interpreted literally by the most close-minded Christians (primarily American evangelicals and young-earth proponents). This is not the standard teaching of most non-American Christian churches.

    Hope you are able to shatter the hatred and anger in your heart and allow yourself to see the world with new eyes – and not as an ideological battleground between Christians and atheists, or white and black, but as a broken world in need of love and understanding. Finally, I hope that you can learn to see through the closed-mindedness, hypocrisy, and wrong-doings of many who proclaim to be Christians and instead look at the one whom Christians aim (but fail) to imitate, Jesus.

  41. Why all the fuss over the beginning, your access into this knowledge is limited? The garden captures the same view, rather above the firmaments or beneath. While we’re scrambling over who was first, the world is on fire and our gardens are being destroyed, humankind and plant alike. I’m curious as to what difference will be made by whites or blacks if so? Why is the external more important than the internal?  Time is being wasted on a temporal and decaying matter. “How foolish of man.” If you’re concerned about who entered first, where is your concern about who died first. He created humankind as his garden, then He created a garden for humankind; all are dependents of this great gardner. I’m glad I don’t hear the creation tolling for it’s place in line, SILLY HUMANS

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  42. Lol. Great sarcastic response. But there are no words for liberal media who attempts to disprove the Word of God. So since the liberal media can send messages to the world that attempt to disprove that Adam and Eve existed….. the only words that can describe a world that has lost it’s way, relies upon “truth of liberal media to fuel their views…. lol “dumb”. Thanks. Also what person labels a post Black Man Proves…… and will not back it up with a real photo of the “Black MAN—–he didn’t prove anything but to the people who paid him his two cents for posting such ignorance.

  43. I believe in God and still found this interesting…. You can have faith and a functioning brain. Adam & Eve never made sense to me either, I just took it as a shorthand explanation of how quickly humans made things bad for themselves trying to know Everything.

  44. The editor’s note is not only insulting, but it’s hurtful too. I don’t think it’s kind to speak to people who believe in a different religion or “reality”, as he put it, that way. I am a Christian through and through and I would never call his findings science thumping, or whatever other people do to try and default findings in this world….. The editor’s note shows his class. That’s all I have to say about that……

  45. When I was 10, my priest told me Adam and Eve was bullshit. Adam and Eve has nothing to do with faith. It’s just a story that attempted to explain things but is clearly a fable just like the Tortoise and the Hare.

  46. This is a very thought out article well written and well cited. Hard to argue with because of the very fine detail.

    On the other hand faith is the substance of things hoped for evidence of things not seen.
    Thanks for the “facts”
    Oh the homo sapiens part is funny

  47. Every human did not come from Adam and Eve. God created mankind and then created Adam and Eve. The reason why their story was exclusive in the bible is because their lineage is where Christ, in his human form, came from.

  48. You do come across as a bit hostile. There is def. truth in what you’re saying but why so condescending? I take it you’re highly informed. That’s great. I’m assuming you want to share your knowledge or you wouldn’t write about it. Take it easy… emotions can cloud the thought process; your approach illicit emotions such as anger and shame. There are many that want to “know” but if your message is surrounded by an inferno of aggression and “I’m enlightened and you lack intelligence” type of attitude. The people that need to hear what you’re saying the most are going to get choked out by the smoke.

    1. Your ignorant attitude suggests to me that you’re probably an uneducated crack head meaning you cant afford a chain, much less 300 acres of land. Wake up buddy. Its 2014, not 1814. Nobody alive today did anything to you or your lazy ass ancestors. The world sure aint changed much in the last 200 years

  49. —————————————-The white race, is a genetic mutation of the original race, the black race. Google “White Baby Born to Black Couple in London, July, 2010. Whites, are black albinos. So, the next time you are hating on blacks, you are articulating self hatred.

  50. Oh my goodness! Awesome article dude! Thank you so much, However I am going through
    problems with your RSS. I don’t understand why I cannot subscribe
    to it. Is there anybody else getting the same RSS issues?
    Anyone that knows the solution will you kindly respond?

    1. Best to subscribe directly to us and you can receive our stories via email.

  51. This reminds me of a joke I heard about scienctists who told God they didn’t need HIM any more because they create life and GOD says ok but get your own dirt 🙂

  52. I think it is important to note that when properly reading the Book Of Genesis it says that Adam and Eve were created as Gods companions. As the first tillers of the land. From there we can ascertain that there were hunters and people who lived outside the Garden who were created and lived a more natural, wild sort of life. This is further supported by Canes statement that he would be killed if people saw him so Gad placed a mark on his head to protect him. AS Cane and Able were Eves only children at that time there would be no one to kill him if he went out into the world.

    1. I think you’re on target . I ‘ve read genesis ( verbatim without interpreting ) . What I get and I’ve also researched as well as listening to a few Phd’s in theology say that if you read genesis as mentioned above , what you get is six human creations before Adam & Eve. Now here’s the Kicker. God rested on the seventh day ( there’s no Adam mentioned anytime prior to the seventh day ). After God rested the next day is the 8th, Day , the day that Adam and Eve were created . You’re better off reading the bible literally and not Interpretatively ! You can learn alot by listening to radio, because people will inform you and say things that they would not say in other forums , Including T.V. . Nuff Said !

  53. i want to know how u date back that far when they just found a skull in brazil that is 10 000 yrs old and it was a black aberiginal person but thats the oldest skull that is non mongaloid the rest of non mongalod skulls re 4000 or less yrs old

  54. still would like to know how u calculate your dna to 328 thousand years before earth was here this whole site is a load of crap yall just want to believe things that r not proven just to think u r better than someone else

    1. Don’t mean to laugh ..LoL..The Earth itself is over 3 billions years Old . This Universe is over 13 1/2 Billions years Old . And Lord knows how many more there are ?

    2. That skull is probably a loy older then the scientist are willing to admit to .At least now you know what I’ve known for sometime but you’ll have a hard time convincing most people the real truth and the real thruth is this . Black People have always inhabited both Nort & South America . The thruth is both North and South America was once part of the African Continent ( Alkebulan , Afroasiatic , Pangia ) before The Great Inundation and separation and breaking up of the one large continent . I’ve been telling people for years that the America’s was always inhabited by Black Aboriginal People . That’s why even Graham Hancock has stated that you can’t really trust European Scientist , Archaeologist because they have the tendency facilitate a ” Lie ” for the real thruth ! Nuff Said

  55. certainly like your web-site however you need to est the spelling on several of our posts.
    Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding itt very troublesome to tell
    thhe reality nevertheless I’ll definitely
    come again again.

    1. sorry for the typo…it should read : the skull is probably a lot older then mentioned.. Oh , By the Way , there is a 6 million year old fossilize foot print of a little girl . I think I’ve said this before , There’s also a fossilized foot print of someone wearing sandal’s that dates somewhere bettween 300 to 600 millions years old.. There’s also a Giant 5 to 7 ft. fossilized human foot print which is located in south Afrca… It just keeps getting better doesn’t it !

  56. Fascinating! Bloody fantastic! My dad was working on something like this, up until he passed away. I wish he could have seen this.

  57. So let get this correct, you believe that biological life came from none life? As if that wasn’t absurd enough that that life evolved from species to species (which has it’s own problems. In order for this to be true species would have to evolve in pairs so that they would be able to procreate and thus preserve the new species.) And all this on the hypothesis that this process (evolution) which has no imperialic evidence (meaning you have to have Blind Faith to accept it as true.)

    Side bar: Evolution is a paradigm that at its very core is racist against blacks and people of color. The subtitle to Charles Darwin Origin of Life was The Perseveration of Favored Races in The Struggle For Life.

    “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as Professor Schaaffhausen has remarked, will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilised state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.[8]” Charles Darwin The Descent of Man

  58. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a ffew of the images
    aren’t loading correctly. I’m not surde why but I think iits a linking issue.

    I’ve tried it inn two different web browsers and both shkw the same results.

  59. Let me throw a stick in this mud . Genesis One is a creation story of Man & Woman with all birds , beast of the fields , fowl , tree’s and everything else completed . Genesis Two is a separate creation story of Man & Woman and a new creation of birds , beast of the fields ,Fowl and all other things created only in the garden of Eden . The problem here is , Minsters , Preachers and even some with PHD’s in theology will say that Genesis two is a recap of Genesis One ( which it is not ). If you read Genesis One without Interpretation, then you will come to the realization that you have two separate Creation Stories . There were a multitude of peole around long before Adam & Eve ( Hmm , Lillith ). Now, My Question is , Who really created Adam & Eve ? Why is there two creation stories ? The anwer is all right there for you to read . I know I am going to get feed back . LoL

    1. God made MAN in his image..therefore God must be white…he did not make dogs,cats,cows,negroids or apes in his image. We futher note that God must be white as the bible states “God worked for 6 days then rested”. The Bible doesn’t say ” God mooched off the white man for seven days” if it did then God would have been a negroid.

      1. LoL….. You’re too funny ! If white people have only been around for the last 6000 yrs . according to the bible , Then it would be numerically impossible for God to be any other color then Black ! Do your Own math. No where in genesis does God say when referring to Adam that he made Adam in his image ( Genesis 2 ). In Genesis 1 However, God does say that Man was made in His Image.. Adam was created on the , after God rested ,and not during the first 6 days was Adam created , Adam’s is never mentioned in the first 6 days of creation ! READ it verbatim and do not try to Interpretate !!!! READ ! READ ! READ ! ……. LoL 😉

      2. I see , you don’t know shyt about math.. you’re just a first Cannibal Scythian maggot created by a Black Man( God ) from Decayed maggot Shyt ( white ) , That’s why you have a calcified non- active pineal gland ( No Soul ) !!!! 😉 Note * Your Inbreed lies won’t work in this forum, when go up against the Truth !

  60. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everyne else encountering issues with your website.
    It seems like some of the wrtten text onn your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if thks is happening to them ass well?
    This may be a issue with myy browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Many thanks

  61. The fact that they edited homo out of homosapien really makes me doubt all credibility

  62. Mad man say there is no GOD and have you ever see ware heaven end, or the pillar that Carrie firmament it in the book of GENESIS 6vr 3 And the LORD said my spirit shall not always strive with man, for that is he also is flesh. NUMBERS 23vr19 GOD is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man,that he should repent : hath he said and shall he not do it. see mr pls read this ECCLESIASTES 11vr 10 therefore remove sorrow from thy heart, and put away evil from thy flesh, for childhood and youth are vanity, so u said sixth day work of GOD is a lie, man is 4m dust then no garden Eden then and seventh day generation of the heaven and of the earth when they were created. After which no order creation. read your BIBLE MAN.

    1. I can only smile at you because that is not what i said , That’s way the bible is saying to you .. A big Smile At you & Carry On ! We are all One !

  63. Thanks, You don’t need the Bible or Religion , To pray to God ( YaHaVah )/Yeshua Ben Yoseph ( Jesus ) . Your prayer’s are all you need ,Plus Faith. Religions have created more problems in this world then is has resolved ! The Bible is about 10 % truth ! I would explain how the Bible’s we read today have been so convoluted , You need to know or have the code, and there is a code which tell’s you whether the next word or paragraph is true or false . This is all I am to going to say . It matters not , because we are all One , from the One and with the One , And eventually , we will return to the One . The Law of “One “. Peace !

  64. It would be great if everyone can take facts for what thy are , proof . WE NEED UNITY AMONG OUR OWN KIND forget religion and politics now we need unity now more than ever and if we keep arguing over religion witch only exist in our own imagination we will soon loose total control of our lives

    1. You won’t get an arguement from me on that one ! It’s a shame that there are too many Cowties still around . They make it bad for all !

  65. I have reading the comment from the top to bottom and the person and others seem to be really angry why is that because a lot of people are not agreeing with you, you guys go on about christians being hyperctites and all this other stuff but I don’t see them attacking you but you turn around and go on attack mode why is that. Its because you have no peace and you are trying to disprove something and its not working and guess what I beleive in yehawashi I don’t beleive he was white but that’s the way the mainstream portrays him out to be that’s why he said don’t have graiven images but I don’t go around try to prove he wasn’t white because that’s besides the point you talk about what he said and did and still doing. If you choose not to believe I’m not going to beat you over the head im going to move on, I did my job. One last thing nobody seems to want to even talk about the fact that everything he said was going to happen especially in these has happened and is happening right now, so how could the people that wrote the holy word have known and if you have a open mind and understanding you should know in the word he talks in parrabelles and he won’t tell you word for word and gives exact names of people and things that will happen because he want you to love and decide to love him because he love us not because he had to get in your face a prove facts like that. Just this article you are proving why he said lead not toyour own understanding and Is so many other things about the most high you do not understand but I pray you get it before its to late. I love you and You guys have blessed day.

    1. I hear you , let me just say this about Yeshua ( Jesus ). 1st. , There are 4 known fresco’s (the art of painting on wet plaster ) of him and yes, he was Absolutey Black . I would tell you where you can find these fresco’s , But I won’t because there people who would slander these images / fresco’s of Christ with negative slants ! 2nd. Christ gave only one law , Love Each other ! In the bible ,which I really don’t like to discuss anymore because people will always come back with their version / interpretation when in fact , If you just read it verbatim ,then you’ll get to the truth ! Alot of the predictions in the bible are or where given by prophets of old ( if you think about it , they were what we call today, psychic’s ), who Jesus recited and made referrence to their predictions . You have people today who will challenge this information !

      That’s why, I stay away from conversations regarding the bible, most of the time The bible versions has too many fly’s in the oinment ( there are 2,500 versions of the bible )! Like I’ve said before , you don’t need the bible or eligions if you follow what was said by Jesus . Love One Another . You can also pray to same without quoting the Bible or, any other religous text or versus ! You are the Church within yourself ! Amen , Hotep , and etc. .
      I have a question , does anyone know the orginal name of God ( Other then the hebrew ) ?

    1. Why don’t you take the leap..Better yet, find out what your Government and the 1 % know and do ? I don’t think you will have a high enough securiity clearence to be privy to that information . One thing I can predict with a 97 % certainly, The whole World will know sooner , rather then later . Keep you eyes peeled ! Good Luck !

  66. I would just like to say that “white Jesus” isnt a thing. Jesus probably looked like your average middle eastern man seeing as he was from the middle east. He was probably not white, and he was probably not black. I would also like to say that this article lost me at the part where the author sensored homosapiens because of the word homo, and also at the end when it completely bashes Christians. The second you put your biased opinions in a factual article it loses all credibility. Not that it had much of that either, seeing as there were no citations throughout and the author also acknowledged the fact that they were being sarcastic at one point. Just by reading this article, I lost all interest in the point that The American Journal of Human Genetics might have been trying to make because this article shit all over it before I even got that far. Way to go at being racist and a terrible writer.

    1. Katie , Dayum , I just provided information that Indeed, he was black, there are 4 known freco’s of Jesus , which were done while he was alive ? He was not middle anything , He was a real Ethiopean Black Israelite. there’ one of him as a baby , one as a young chill ( 3 to 4 yrs. old ) ,One as a Young Man in his 20’s and one of him late 30’s. I almost forgot there 2 others plus another portrait just discovered in Egypt . painted on a boulder , same face as all the others. FYI ,
      The Black Ethiopean are the real / orginal hebrews/ israelites . By the way , Black people come in many colors in case you didn’t know ( Even White looking ) . Nuff Said !

    2. So you’re upset because of facts. Womp… Either Jesus was black or he doesn’t exist. Ooop :/!

  67. Man is so smart we have all the answers don’t we. 20 yrs ago cell phones were unknown, 10 yrs ago touch screen devices were in fictional movies, 20 years from now god know what technologies will be invented, man is truly smart yet we are getting cocky now, we think we know it all yet space is unknown, u can turn wood to ash but can’t turn ash to wood, we are straying away from god because now we started biting the hand that fed us. It’s like having children, god took mankind from the start and guided them through thick and thin through happiness and sorrow, anger and pain etc , love and care , just like we bring up our children. At first child thinks dad and mom are everything, they are heroes and are there always, as they grow up they start to know more, knowledge of surrounding and more demands but the parents will decide what’s best for them and give them their needs, feed them , entertain them, punish them as a part of teaching them survival of the world , one day they grow up move out,separate , learn more and one day they out smart and outthink the parents YET the parents will always love their baby, no matter what happens in life how rich how successful how old they grow , for their parents they will always be babies, their unconditional love will never be less or die . That’s how God feel and love us , no matter how smart and cocky we get, god will always adore us foolishly with his unconditional love because we are his children, we are his babies. God is proud of us no matter what. Jesus loves you.

    1. I agree with your analogy almost competely . In the beginning we had pretty much the same powers as God (Nimrod & company ) . God changed that . The rest of what you said I do agree with . We seem to always be there for our Offsprings, no matter how much trouble they get themselves into . Where does all this technology today come from ? We think it’s Man , But it’s not ! So , where does it come from ?

    2. at least somebody on here makes some
      sense. God bless you.

  68. This is bull crap. The scientist don’t no the age of the earth so they can’t tell you that.

    1. You’ll be shocked at what they really know , but keep from the public at large <— Old word ).

      1. If this is true, why did pope Nicholas the Fourth in 1452c.e. send a papal bull called Dum Diversas by the Spaniards and the Dutch to enslave all of Africa, the America’s, and any where else Christ was not worshipped and that they stay perpetual slaves! Now is this what white Christians call love? Is this what white Jesus calls salvation? Replacing salvation for extermination? Is this why white Christians taught their slaves to love their enemies do good to them that hate you, beat you, and plunder you and don’t ask for your shit back? Because God is kind to the unthankful and wicked? Whitee Jesus was and always will be a racist! No Thanks, I’m cool on that one. Black people this Bible has been used for our destruction and their salvation! We must listen when our own people our trying to set us free from Abominable Lies! Let us help each other by sharing truthful knowledge and passing it on. The white superiority movement has been crippled by Melanin! Yes the black light is killing them! This is their Judgement for Destroying Themselves! Our Solar System and the Galatics are Destroying the Tares(white mutants/lack of melanin) The Earth Never belonged to Whitee! Go back into History and Do your research and see if you find a Nation WHO has destroyed nations in seconds? Those Nations the Whiteman called Savages and Barbaric? Since the Black/Nagas Been under their rule, now we have become Savages, Lacking true knowledge of self while we allow our children to receive their Free Education! And Read about their Glorified Sadistic Wars! And making Nagas go to college to learn about True Science, While the uneducated keep on believing your UnTruths! My People Are Endlessly being Destroyed Because Of Lack Of Knowledge, But these are the Days Of the Ancients! Yes and Look How Their Knowledge is Catching Hold? By Fire! Sent from the Primordial via Electrical/Magnetic Waters! To Awaken Their Offspring!
        Love to all my people, keep up the good work WeMust For our offspring! OneLove! Thanks for your Site!

      2. Don’t mean to be harsh here ,But there Lies that have been incorporated into the bible by the likes of that Pedophile , Bi-sexual , Psychopathy ” King James ” who modified bible verses like Black / Dark is a Bad thing when In Fact the Most , Sacred Color . He modified it ,to white being sacred . There others change the orginal teachings of the Bible . William Tyndale, sometimes called the Father of the English Bible. 90% of the King James Version of the Bible and 75% of the Revised Standard Version are from the translation of the Bible into English made by William Tyndale, yet Tyndale himself was burned at the stake for his work on this day, October 6, 1536. The English knew he perverse the bible . Yet , they let what he had changed remain in the king james bible .

        Ambiguity arose between the so – called English scholars because there were some cases in the so-called original text ( Bible ) where the translators admitted that they simply did not know what was meant by the original. So, they made transfigurations to fit there White Anglo English version .
        The Orginal version held Black as the Most Sacred Color . The English versions have transfigurated everything white as sacred ! It is a Big Mess to deal with ! I could go on and on , but , I am stopping here to let our white Brothers and Sisters do their counter attacks because I know it’s coming ! Hotep ! Peace !

      3. sirchazzy, After Hearing You, Deliberate Came:

        to respond! I Luv you! I’m a Wombman and I would love to be on ya’s team of Council! Especially with MadCrazy, cause I too, Have Drunk From THE Wine of Insanity and passed it to my children, Hold on, Before I Learned their Wisdom, I was not known! I Come From Royal Life and I Refuse to Teach my grandchildren To Love Their Bible like I Did!
        How? The Fuck do we charge Them? GUILTY!!GUILTY! I speak from the Ancients, To These DAYS of the Modern World, I find your World Full of Lies! Keep Digging, The Gods of Me?Helped me! Kept me from Stepping in Those continual Ditches that you laid for Us! And NowFind Your WhiteChildren In!! Woe Unto Them Who Set Traps For The Innocent! Suck up your Last Breath Whiteman, For I Come From or was conceived in those days of Struggle! I Hate You! Destroyer of My Naga World! Yes I am a Naga! Children of the Truth! Science and Archaeology will give us proof! IAm a living Soul/Solar and the powers of the First/Zep Tepi And TheseOf TheAncientsOfDays WeHaveSurvied! Woe Unto You Where A Record Exist Of Your Crimes On Land, Sea, And in The Sky!!! From The Akashis Has It Been Revealed! You. can NoLonger Live Amongst Us False SaviorsOfMelanin/Nagas!! Leave Us Be Serve YourChrist! NoMoreMissionaires, NoMoreExpeditions, Carrying YOUR False Hopes In One Hand, (Bible) And YourGunPowderOfForce, In The Other Producing Multiple Slaves! Willie Lynch I Am Of The Awakened 2012 HasPassed, YouCouldNeverEnslaveThisTimeByeBye As I IaughYouAway! Ketch Me Dancing On Them Plagirists!! What A Beautiful Earth, Now That The Wicked Sperm HasCeasedToSurvive!

      4. Amen to that ! I know the real name of God is “Naga ” . But there’s a multitute of “people who slur God’s name with terms like , Nigger /Nigga . What do not realize , they are committing ,” Blasphemy ” . Woe unto them ,when the books are open and their Blasphemies are revealed ! I know that out white brothers and sisters have done more harm then good on Earth , But blame others for their crimes against God, The Earth , the so-called non-white ( because they are also non- white ) people of the Earth ! They are the worst Projectionist . They are great at pointing ( blaming ) fingers at other people because think they can do No- Wrong , But the Rest of us can do No- Right ! All of this most and has to ,come to a Stop ! Hotep ! Peace to All !

    2. Are you fucking serious? What are you? Christian? the fucking earth is 4.5 billion years old, we’ve BEEN through this. Pay attention in fucking science class. OR GOOGLE IT. Research your blurted ass comments.

      1. Your a moron. You, nor anybody that you know or have ever heard of was around 4.5 billion years ago to prove it. Science is no different than religion. Somebody comes up with an idea and a handful of people believe it and spread the word so it eventually becomes truth. Scientists have no more proof of the age of the earth than i do saying the sky is blue because a radioactive pile of dog shit bounced of a comet and exploded. Ridiculous? Exactly.

  69. I always thought Adam and eve were black it just makes more since. I don’t get why u say It would be a horror to white ppl. I don’t give two fucks about the color of someone’s skin. As long as they respect me I will respect them.

  70. Just wondering why the asterisks are used in “homo sapiens” (“h**o”)???

  71. Why would you censor the latin “homo” in homo sapiens? Seriously… thats where I stopped reading.

  72. Did you really just censor Homo sapiens?

  73. Perhaps they were it would explain a lot of things going on with prejudice but who made white people or was it done to make problems by God or someone else.

  74. This seems a lot more of a racist anti-Christian kinda thing than a scientific statement or what ever. White Jesus? White Christians? Creationists should ponder the fact that Adam and Eve were black? Thats funny. What it seems like to me is another butthurt black man from the south that wants to stick it to white people because of somethin that happened to his ancestor 150 years ago all for a little bit of attention. Im from the south and people down here, white AND black, believe in the constitution. The right to free speech, the right to free religion (or lack of if thats your choice) and the right to believe what they want. Your inability to respect the beliefs and decisions of literally millions of people by talkin trash about christians and white people doesnt say much about your personal character. As a Christian, i pray to “white Jesus” for foolish ignorant people like you. ‘Merica

  75. So what makes u right? Oh yea i forgot u where there to witness all of this. Since u dont belive in GOD n ur right, then when we die nothing happens….but if im right n GOD does exist then i go to heaven n u burn in hell. Looks like its a win win for me pal!!!!!!!

    1. I don’t know if you’re talking to me or someone else ? I’ve never said that I didn’t believe in God, what I said is that I stay away from beliefs . God does exsist and I don’t have to have a beleif like you do , I have Faith and to a certain extent Knowledge of God . If you dig long and hard enough the truth has away of showing it’s self . Now, I have qestion for you . Just where is haven and where is hell since you seem to know where they are located ? Or ,is that just your belief surfacing again ?

  76. Does the bible say that all men and women came from Adam and Eve? Or does it just state Adam and Eve’s story?

  77. Hey there! Great article, I’m just for the life of me trying to figure out why you bleeped out homo in homo sapiens when it is not used as a sexual slur?

  78. Since we only have record of civilization dating back to about 5,000 years how can they know that? Guess people will make anything up nowadays.

    1. LoL , Who feed you that stuff, euro scientist ? It dates back further then that . But their are certain people who know history thats much , much older . Since I don’t want to give the shop away as to who they are . Their are those who teach the oral history ,which goes back long before there was ever a written history . They know things that modern day scientist have only just discover since the late 1800’s . The oral historian have proven to be a lot more accurate then the so – called written historians. Rule of thumb these day’s is never trust what the euro -historians / scientist tell you i.e . Zecharia Sitchin , just to mention one with many orders to be included . Graham Hancock is a lot more accurate then most of them are . He doesn’t put too much faith in them either . Dig Deep , Dig Long to get to the truth !

      1. Come on man really oral history give me a break we are humans you line up 50 people the guy on one end tells the person next to them something and it has changed by the time it reaches the other end and we are supposed to fall for oral history. Lmao dont be so gullible friend

      2. You’re the gullible one because unlike today The speakers were trained to teach the oral history verbatim always using the same pitch ,same oration time after time ! You are of today where the meanings of words are constantly changing and subject to interpretation . The Oral Speakers / teachers were trained for 40 yrs before they were allowed to recite the oral histories . You Todd Cain you are of the new school ,which means you don’t have a clue about Old School ways.With that being said makes you more gullible today ! Sorry ! 😉

  79. The truth about Adam and eve are very true. Just because he thinks a test is telling him the truth and it’s not he think he can discredit the words of THE MOST HIGH. TMH say that the world only been here 14 to 15 thousand years. TMH say also in 2 Timothy to avoid vain babbling and philosophies of sience. So who is telling the truth man or TMH? Mind you it took TMH 6 days to create and on the 7th day he rested. Now TMH say 1 day is 1000 years to us. So I want to know what man born in flesh on this earth has done this and controlling everything? There are things that have never been shown or taught to us in the churches never blasphemy the name or the word of TMH. He shows who he wants this truth and people get mad because they have no truth and want to start talking down on the Lord. I rebuke this man and his mind

  80. This proves nothing. 300,000 years ago based on what.

  81. Hello. I ama Christian that believes the bible as the living word of the living God so take this with whatever grain of salt you like.

    I applaud you sir for having a mind to find truth. I however disagree that just because a man exists with a provable genealogy that would allow us to view the world of that time ina more diverse perspective I fail to see how it discredits the bible so much as it gives light to the lies who’s have used to force Christianity down the throats of others.

    My rational mind that good gave me tells me that if life began where the vibbible and scientists predict then the skin tone of these people would naturally look more like me.

    And to the credit of other believers what jews and Israelis do you know that look white that have generic tired to such a time and place?
    My faith treks me it happened and was real my mind tells me the stories have been fudged.

    My faith isn’t shaken(nor should anyone’s be) because someone told me he’s not white. My issue will never be over the color of my saviors skin because even the Quran acknowledges the existence of jesus the jews admit his existence and those with the hereditary traits to be from that area are my proof that Jesus born a jew didn’t look like those images we’ve been propagated our whole lives so therefor I invite you to the thought process that is in me. Keep your thirst for knowledge but seek truth beyond truth and paint it like the ceilings of the sisstine chapel bring a very big fan of all things scifi and having faith that is built into my imagination and nurtured by a logical mindset I feel this is more proud of the truth than it is a discreditation of sorts.

    Again bravo sir for your efforts to expose truth
    Drop me a line sometime and we can discuss rational logical views on this and many other topics because you sir understand logical and reason stay in touch

    1. Good commentary ! You mentioned the Sistine Chapel . Do you know that if you remove the painting of the white god in the ceiling , that you will find the original painting of a Black God ?

  82. You need better information and I do understand your confusion. Feel free to call and talk 6368871273 mike

  83. Mike , what’s your source ( s ) and or referrence ( s ) ? There is a lot of Bogus information and rewrites with lots completely difference Interpretations ! Who was most accurate : Oral historians or the ones wrote ?

  84. This is some news… I would love to cross reference this, if you don’t mind. I am a Jehovah’s Witness.

    1. Hi Mladenka , the correct pronunciation is Yahavah , There’s no J in the Yewish language . Peace !

  85. IKR!!!isnt it great???!!!! Its also great that your your strand doesnt date beyond 10,000 yrs!!!lmao!!which means THAT MAN, IS YOUR GOD N FATHER!!!!lofl

  86. Very very good article! I knew in my heart that this white Adam and Eve never existed. Thank you for sharing this Brother, hopefully we can wake up more of our people!

  87. Wow, this is very cool information. Although he has one thing wrong, many people have the misconception that every one came from adam and eve which is false because the bible talks about many other people appearing right after the creation of adam and eve whi were not family, so of course not all DNA originated from 2 people, it came from many people and along the way probably mutated. No God is not white, he was probably brown from where he was located. Also not all christians celebrate christmas or easter because thy are pagan holidays and arent found in the bible, of course santa and the easter bunny are mythical but God isnt. God can be experienced in a very real way. It appears at some point he was affected by either other christians or God in what he feels to be a negitave way. Its sad to know he is trying so hard to disprove christian beliefs. Overall great article, sometimes i wish i were smart enough to study genetics, they have always facinated me.

    1. Amen Anon you hit it right on the nail 4x over This so called find doesn’t prove shit so try again ass wipe GOD is real!!!!!

    2. Anon, wrong.In Genisis1 ,There were 6 human creations long before Adam and Eve were even a thought ! Gensis 2 is when adam is created . he was the first man to be made/ created from the dirt of the earth. Hmmm, I ve never seen white dirt ,now that I think about it. God rested on the 7 th day , but there was no adam created in Genisis 1 . Read the bible, it’s not just me saying it ! The bible says that the day after God had rested ( I hope someone knows how to count days on here , which would be the or the day after God rested , I know i am repeating myself, but it seems that no one has figured that out yet ? The bible scholars also say Adam created on the 8th. day ) , God looked around and he saw there was no man to till the earth . So he created a man from the dust of the earth ( Adam ). Amen !

  88. This is funny! you can’t call something a lie by defining it another lie aka theory. People when we come into this world we are dependent we need support to survive. We don’t not come walking or speaking we taught it. If God is not real why is the humans race set up to be dependent? Your talking about God doesn’t heal neither does man. The bible say that from dirt God created man. So that means you would find a man’s DNA dated years ago because we came from the earth. Hold up let me stop because we believe in theories like the Big Bang and the monkey to man evolution as the design of you lives. Your quick to say God is not real or try prove His word is a lie by puting science as a god and taking theories as facts of truth. Again our train of thought is funny.

  89. All I can say is…. how are the black pastors going to explain this

  90. Adam and Eve being black would be impossible how exactly?

  91. Okay sooo a few things my response is Faith based and mostly rationally coherent

    Here we go

    1st thought…”All of humankind, as a result, did not descend from exactly one pair of humans that lived at a certain point in human evolution.”

    Despite what these Bible Scholars and Theologians are declaring they lack spiritual wisdom.
    Anyone that has learned to pay attention to detail would know that thought is indeed true.
    This is inevitable why because the bible never specified anywhere stating that mankind was the offspring of Adam and Eve alone preceding with their two sons Cain(murderer), Able(victim) and later Seth(bloodline replacement for Able).

    If they were the only ones….(Adam,Eve,Cain, and Seth)

    #1-That would mean they would have had to procreate with their own mother out female sibling…smh
    “silly scientist trix are for kids”
    You know better than I do what happens when those who share identical chromosomes of the human species have offspring…not such a great outcome.(this definitely didn’t happen)

    #2- Scripturally they were exiled from the garden and after Cain killed Able fueled by envy, anger and jealousy he was reprimanded by Adonai(God) Cain in turn grew fearful that if *ANYONE* were to find him they’d kill him.
    (Car breaks Tires screeching) ANYONE? Anyone like who.

    You have all these theologians preaching false doctrine despite biblical the claims of all text being (authoritative and inerrant) If God created Adam out of the dust of the Earth why then isn’t it acceptable to say he continued to create outside of the Garden the way He caused the Garden to be inhabited. The animals didn’t sin so why do we have them if they were all created in the Garden. There were obviously inhabitants outside of Eden whom Cain feared.

    I know many will disagree but I don’t look to debate. I’m just sharing…the Bible doesn’t give an account to every detail of life from start to finish man in present day don’t even keep account to every detail to incorporate into history…how many scales does a T-Rex have? How hot was it 1700 years ago on the sun? Was the third person that passed you today walking towards you or from behind you and what color were there socks? How many drips are in a drop?

    Don’t worry I’ll wait…………………………..

    “Mankind looks to find an explanation for everything but knows nothing.” By J.C.A.N

    (Which is why I don’t seek man for Wisdom instead I seek God) #Facts!!!

    If I made any mistakes maybe it’s because I’m missing one of those rare and awesomely vintaged chromosomes…(God Bless you all cyber scholars and grammar police alike)

    1. HoldOn…Great , I like your approach , even if it doesn’ work . To be honest about Adam and Seth , you may or may not know that Seth was actually Adams first son, Not Cain Or Abel ! It’s easy to explain , but hard to figure out. Adam even says when Seth is born : At last ,Bone of my Bone , Blood of my Blood , meaning his first child. Now , can beat down if you like but Adam won’t agree with you ! Good Luck !

  92. Bunch of sad sad pathetic who’s better or who came first or who gives a fuck stupid ass bitches fighting like little girls. Trying to look smart like a kindergarten teacher. Your all fucking stupid narrow minded idoits. You want to go bash something go bash the stupid tribal religions. Which a lot are black people’s living with maggots eating the suit out of there passes cause they are so smart. Hey let’s pull out our women’s hair and beat them with sticks as a right of passage or hey let’s make a bungee cord that is to long so I can face plant into the ground every time. There are over 2 thousand religions for you fags to bash. Try out some different ones sometime.

    1. Hey Fyg… It’s your Asswipe folks who killed millions with the Bible in one hand and a gun in the other . And you have the nerve to come here and bad mouth people. You better make a visit to W. Vir. , the Tenn . Mountains, Kentucky back country , The Wife beating alcoholic ‘s husbands in the mid -west ( all white ). Then lets talk about the back alleys and side streets of europe , not to mention all of the human devastation going on in eastern europe your people never talk about or report in the media .. The majority of people on welfare are white as well as being the biggest welfare cheaters . And want to come on here with your gross misinformation , b.s. bullshyt..LoL..Give yourself a reach around , that’s what people like you do best !

  93. What part of the bible tells you Adam and Eve weren’t black or even tells us what color they were and if they were black or weren’t black what makes the story untrue? You make no sense, furthermore you’re an idiot, plenty of Christian pastors have preached that they think the first human was African as we’ll scientists

  94. Satan is a deceiver also it is ones choice to believe what they want the end result is totally on them. Diversity in understanding, opinion, ideas, convictions the list goes on.We educate, share and converse with whom we choose to and it is on the person to believe or not.

    1. Me , Since you mention satan ( who I abhor ) and you also say It’s ones choice to believe what they want . What day would you say is the Sabbath Day ? This will me if you really know what you’re saying , being deceive .

  95. This story is a complete crock of lies untruths and just plain fraud
    Their is no science in this and no facts
    And then of course these idiots don’t realize that adam was not the first man on earth
    Adam was created in God’s image and prior to that God created hunters and other men

    Dating is the biggest crock of poo they would have you believe

    Dating on many occasions have been ignored and completely falsifiedto fit what the liars want it to say

    The leakeys were proven to be liars and darwin was proven a lair

    Why do people wantto believe lies and run to those erroneous beliefs




    1. Would someone besides myself reply to this person , who has now brought politic’s into this discussion ! Anon prove to me beyond a shadow doubt that Adam was created in the image of God ? I know the only people who were created in the image of God , were those in Genesis One ! There is absolutely NO Mention of Adam being created anywhere in Genesis One. Yet you have the nerve to write that this so ! That makes you the Biggest Liar on this Blog . So , the democrat’s get the blame for what the 1% has been doing , all in the name of profit to line their pockets and they can get a brainwashed Idiot like you to back them up. I am not a Demo. or Repub. But I know alot about the Plutocratic party then you do, because it’s evident by what you’ve wriiten here. Please refrain from your PissAnt political Rants on this blog , O.K. ? Now Show me in Genesis One where it says that Adam was created in the Image of God ? Or be the Liar that you are. ..I am not contesting the Bible , I just read it as it’s suppose to be read , verbatim & Without Interpretation , as you’ re doing now !!!!

  96. ok this is ust what I think there is holes in the bible no matter what way u look at it…..and how dose something like this change from talking about the bible to race the color of the skin I mean really who cares the color of the skin….we all bleed the same feel all the same as one another smh this is how kids act not grown ass man and woman….I am not about to bring my self down on this level cuz for one I am not a type of person who makes it a point to judge one by there color of skin…..cuz no matter what there is good and evil in us all the chose u make and the way u carry ur self and what u do with ur life is what makes u who u are not the skin we live in

  97. So much focus on ideology, theology, and race we forget simple things. Who said science is perfect? Who said that DNA was 100% accurate? Do you believe in science? Why do you believe in science? Do I count your belief nothing if I say I can prove fault in it? At the end of the day we are all entitled to our individual preference of belief and lifestyle.

    Consider this: If I believed that when I die my existence is no more and I just rest eternally and it came to past, and you believe in Jesus and you were going to heaven and it too came to past…….Who was wrong?

    Why do we thrive so much on contention, drama, and debates? Where has it gotten us thus far as a people? Maybe Christ is the way for someone who needs hope and a reason to continue life because they’re not as strong minded as others but let’s be honest, all of us lack in some area or another in our lives.

    So let’s just give each other grace

    1. May i ask you this, Would you as a loving parent not provide a way for you child to make through this world. Wouldn’t want to do that because you love them, but most importantly because you created them?

    2. I agree with you. Everyone just needs grace. No one is wrong for what they believe. A person’s belIef only comes from their exposure to variOus things that happen in their life. I believe in believing in whatever you want to believe in as long as it doesn’t harm another human being. The only way that belief would change is if we needed to eat each other just to live. But we don’t need to.

      This article is very intriguing. I have never been the one to believe anything ever told to me until i see it for myself. That being said, I’ve always done my own research on life and variOus existent poSsibilities. At the core my my belief is in God. Not the variOus religions. I do use parts of the bible to help formulate history. I also use scieNtiFic facts like this articles to align my belief syStem and i thank you for this research because it proves more and more of God’s ex resistance. It would take more than this comment section for me to connect all the dots so far. Proving His existence and power needs to start with the discussion and creation of dinosaurs. Everyone is limiting existencE and creation to human life when the thought process should simply start with LIFE period. No matter what you believe in, you have to be a person to believe in facts. Fact is dinosaurs roamed this same world for thousands of years million of years ago. Why? How? Start thinking along those lines and every thing else will make sense more clearly.

  98. If there is evil then there is good.Now to tell me nobody may have altered or touched the bible of thousands of years I can’t believe. We have learned through history men cannot be trusted. It’s always someone who wants power & control.

    1. Men have altered the bible. One by taking God’s name out of it, Jehovah. Let me ask you does Jehovah have the power to keep his word 100% throughout time and provide a place to learn accurately about him?

    2. Blair, U have that right ! There are so many transfugurations in the Bible , that unless you have the code , you won’t know if the next paragraph is true / false or if it’s been slightly altered to miss lead ??? I have researched the original ( S ) name ( S ) of God to : Ptah or Naga ! So even the original name of God has been transfigurated numerous time ‘s through out histories ??? Good & Bad ( Evil ) does exsist in all of us !

  99. So for all the religious…. Where does God come from? Back your answers up with proof please. Did he created all of the other galaxies that we are all neighbors to? Or do you think that we’re all just inhabitants of this “special” planet, hanging on a string in a black blox sitting inside of the Lords collection chest. I am not athiest. I absolutely believe in a higher power(s), but I refuse to believe anything coming from a land built off of greed, bloodshed, and hatred. Please refer back to my question.

    1. Curious , You’re on target ! I shouldn’t say this , But Earth is considered an Ant hill ,And us occupants little more then Ants ! As Kids , we thought nothing of squishing ant hills and stepping on ants as they tried to get away ! This is how we are perceived , This is all I wiil say .

  100. I thought it had already long been thought that Africa was where the human race originated. That really shouldn’t make a difference regardless of your beliefs. All that this article says is that a single group of researchers came to this conclusion. It offers no real proof. And by the sound of the last few sentences I would say that this entire article is written to serve the writer’s agenda and nothing more. Let’s try writing agenda bout something that actually matters. This is agenda bout cut waste of time. It doesn’t matter where you came from…only where you go from here.

  101. People why are you wasting your time commenting on him than the article. This is the attention he wanted. Let’s go back to having an intelligent conversation about these findings. Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

  102. It never ceases to amaze me how people get so bent out shape with bloggers. They blog to present their point of view. I have yet to participate in any forum where an opposing views are welcomed, challenged or discussed without crass, unnecessary erosive, ethereal, erudite insults being thrown by it’s author.

    The only area I agree with said Mad Man, was his PSA rebuttal. Yes, I know you could care less , you are after all, a BLOGGER. The carnal man can NOT understand the mysteries of God. They’ve yet to revealed to us. Perhaps when man can understand the basic tenet of any religion is FAITH, I submit jaded neurotic responses void of any substance like yours, supposiively devoid of any emotion) will see it’s welcomed demise. We all know zealots idealogs read and interpret the Bible. I It’s subjective for those who do not understand the ramifications of “taking away or adding to Gods word”. Clearly others summed up your dig at “homo sapiens”. I’m not suggesting that’s you, but your response reflects as much. Now had you welcomed intelligent debate, the vitriol might have been an afterthought to those who chose to opine. The God of Abraham I serve commands me to know the Bible for yourself, to avoid this kind of mayhem.
    On a personal note, DNA and all things Genetics fuels my professional life. After reading your rants, I walked away thinking how irresponsible that you would filter and slant your findings.

    Are you quoting Evolutionists who believe all modern human beings can trace their ancestry back to a single woman who lived 200,000 years ago in Africa. Keeping in mind, if there is a theory, somebody somewhere will support. This one woman was nicknamed “Eve” (a.k.a., “mitochondrial Eve”? Or are you taking the scientific approach using new “autosomal DNA,” testing which can be used to figure out how much of your ancestry traces to each of the world’s ancestral populations, people who lived in a particular geographical region?

    1. I’ll stick with the Oral historians ,speakers/ or as they may be called today ,preachers. They have proven to be the Most Accurate Historians. Their teachings are eons older then all written histories and far more complete . Their teaching’ s are only taught to a very select few who’ve spent no less then 40 yrs .learning to recite these histories verbatim using only precise diction so much so , there’s absolutely no interpretation or misundstanding !

  103. Nowhere in the bible does it say Adam was white or black or blue for that matter…and nowhere in the bible does it say It has to be either creation or evolution. So I’m kind of lost on how this disproves an entire religion? 500 years ago scientists said the Earth was flat and the sun orbited the earth. Just because we have come a long way from that doesn’t mean “science” is infallible. No one here was alive 330 thousand years ago so whether it’s putting your faith in God or science, you are believing in something. I also think it’s funny how this article was written as a clear jab towards Christianity but you don’t want any Christians to respond to it. What’s the point of voicing your opinion if you only want people to respond who agree with you. As a Christian I still read your article cause my faith isn’t so easily shaken. Sounds like the atheist is the ignorant one…

  104. Why quote a Bible scripture “I am that, I am” the turn around and talk down about Christians? Then, you have a problem writing homosapien??? I’m gonna need to review some citations because this is suspect writing.

  105. Lol god is of NO color so your all wrong ! Ha … Or now are we thinking some scientist has gods DNA? Lol wait now I’m sure of what’s coming next… What color is our soul when we die ? Pffft we are concerned with colors races etc etc not god ! Esp considering we can’t even look at him cause he is so mighty! What does that say … Jeez who cares we are all here! We all have two eyes a nose a mouth blue blood ! Who cares about the color of your skin that stays in your coffin when u die… Here is a little schooling too… My daughter half black looks white…I know a lot of black ppl with white skin blue eyes ! That’s how it all will be come a few more yrs everywhere! Cause god is sick of this racism. !

  106. Logical sense is of the devil because man has observed gods creation for years and years cut people open turn men into women give people all kind if science people twist what science is it is observation to undersrand a problem or find out how something works man have been creating it’s own problems for thousands if years with out god and the ones who know god are blessed with peace and the religous churches are fallacys from hell if a person still sins in church there not saved then you got these scientific spirits telling people god ain’t real by letting them indulge in there slavery to sin

  107. I don’t care what color Jesus what cause when we get to heaven there will be no color only spirit I know Jesus put me in my right mind

  108. There are many hypocrites in this comment section. If you are so excited that white people are descendants of black people, why are you still hating on white people? You just want to turn the tables which makes you just as bad as Jim Crow. MLKjr would be disgusted by you.

  109. That explains human foot prints next to fossilized dinosaur tracks.

  110. If the creation story is read closely, it states that four races were created and then Adam and eve were created. It does not say how far apart this happened. Obviously if Seth, Adam and Eves 3rd son found a wife, then there were other humans roaming the earth at that time.

  111. I was actually enjoying your article until the end. You seem so full of hate and so judgmental….you want readers to trust you but you bash people who doesn’t believe in what you believe in,.. Crazy world.

  112. Adam and Eve is a fairytale, it would have to be in order to believe that everyone on this planet came from two people, it would also mean we are a products of insest. The only fact that we as humans know about our creation and where we came from is the fact that we don’t know. You can speculate all you want, trace back genetics to different tribes, but it does not prove anything. Other than this one individual who has ties to that tribe. One thing I can say, is if you ask any bible thumper how old our planet is, they will not say our planet is 338,000 years old. If it is, why did it take 336,000 for Jesus to come back? This article is very interesting and does prove a lot about the age of our human race, and that we go back a lot longer than some think. One thing I can say is, who cares what race we came from? I don’t see how Chinese people could have evolved from black people, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. How we have evolved over millions of years will never be known. So why waste time arguing about something you don’t know? This man is so lucky to be able to trace back his roots that far, I only wish I could know about my ancestors, they could be black for all I know….and thats fine.. This article really doesn’t prove anything about Adam and Eve, anyone with half a brain and some logic can make their own conclusions about that story.

  113. There is good science and bad, good religion and bad. Scientific fact is accepted as such until something or someone comes along and disproves it. I walk a fine line between religion and science. I accept that atoms exist. I have not personally seen an atom, but because I an “semi-intellegent”, I can accept that they do because science “says” they do. Science, to most of the bible zealots, is itself a religion in and of itself. My personal belief? Yes, we evolved as a species on this planet. Did we originate here? I don’t believe so. Genesis’s “Let there be light” moment was the Big Bang. The “Adam and Eve”, and biblical flood, and everything else that couldn’t possibly have happened here because the earth is “too old”, what if it did not happen here. Every culture on this planet shares similar stories, though widely separated by time, distance, and geography. I think that all humans have a “genetic memory”. How does an animal know to migrate, or build a nest, or mating rituals when there parents don’t “teach” them? Why can’t humans have a genetic memory? Just a thought. May be flawed as all get out, but it is still a thought.

    1. Mark , I am gald you wrote this : Every culture on this planet shares similar stories, though widely separated by time, distance, and geography. I think that all humans have a “genetic memory”. What you’re saying is true . And everyone of their stories point right back to Africa ! Like I ‘ve said : The Oral Historians are not only the Oldest Histories , But , They also the most accurate as taught by the ” Speakers ” , there is an esoteric name for them ( which i will not use here for obvious reasons , Because they still teach today ), they are still a very small select group ! The probelm today is , they are referred by modern day evangelist as Pagan’s , Pantheist . Vodoo worshippers and alot of other negative things . Then , you have the cultist who have corrupted their True Teachings ! Reference : Read some of Joseph Campbell ‘s books regarding the above !

  114. is everyone in America either a retard or a religious zealot?

  115. Pretty interesting things I already suspected being fake impossible to be true or at least in my mind not convinced at an early age that it was and is a means as a way to control (shaking my head)

  116. Funny thing is; is that the bible never said Adam and Eve where the only people on earth and it surely doesn’t say they were the first people on earth. It simply depicts Adam and Eve and their story… Lol… To the author of this article and the people who believe the bible said they were the first people on earth. You will not find it in the bible. Read the bible. Don’t go by what you hear!
    🙂 Love in peace in Jesus Name! Amen!

    1. Myron , Well said ! That’s exactly what I tell people , Don’t trust anything I say , and always dig for the truth ! Always cross reference sources , Written or otherwise . Stop being the Sheeple , they brainwash you to be !!!!

  117. I can’t take this article seriously because of the censoring of “Homosapiens”.

  118. I don’t know what’s worse, comments from “scientific” assholes or radical Christians pushing their belief in your face. Both pretty horrible and this article fails to reach the smarter group of people. No matter what the author tried to preach at the end of this article.

  119. This is what I’ve found to be true ! There’s a cure for everything ! There’s are those who keep this information from the general public , all because there’s no real financial gain for them ! They make their money by selling you Pharmaceuticals which keeps one on medication with many side effects ,which cause one to purchase additional meds. to cope with the side effects ! Which in turn ,make them Huge Profits !

  120. Yea lol this doesnt prove that Adam and Eve didnt exist, it proves that Adam and Eve were black. But science has already proven that blacks are a completely different species than whites and every other race already and the oldest of humans, so with that alone being said this shows that Adam and Eve easily was african

  121. So if all the races evolved from Africans, does that mean Africans never evolved? Hence they are the least educated and advance in the world today. It is a serious question.

  122. What amazes me about people is that they never seem to get that even with all this great and interesting knowledge, we still know absolutely nothing. That tree of knowledge…. Nothing is proven here, nor will it ever be.

  123. Hey Bull…do you watch Mauri? Cause a black man IS your original daddy.

    1. P.s. to all the dummies out there..I have an advanced degree in genetics….the difference between black people and white people is skin color. I just taught you 8 years of book learnin! Now go git er done!

  124. Was there any need for the hostility at the end of the article? I feel straight disrespected. When the time comes I hope that I don’t have to see the author of this article cry out to my God like he says I do for mercy. God bless him and his beautiful brain. I hope he knows that only God has allowed him to breathe in and out and let him finish this article. May God continue to bless him with more years of experience and knowledge.

  125. I find this very strange as genetics show that the human race most likely came from one woman. Scientists call her Mitochondrial Eve. Go look it up on Google.

  126. You are not truth I am. You are full of hate and you use your hate to force people to see your logic. There exists a circle of hell for manipulators like you. God exists, it is neither black nor white. It had no sons or daughters. Homosapiens are not created in the image of God. You are infinitely more ignorant than the “bible thumping” “sleep walkers” for whom you bear so much hatred for.

  127. I see no reason why any right thinking Black man should feel bad about been called a Nigger. I am black and I am a Nigger. After all, it becomes a derogatory word when I perceive it as one.

    Moreover, the word Christian was a derogatory word from the people of Antioch in Pecidia, but now those called by that name has adopted it to themselves and have ride it of all it’s negative meanings.

    The white people chose this word, “Nigger” because we are Negros I believe; what then is the hard feelings about being called a Nigger? That’s your race and that’s who you are. Not until we accept it and see those white people who calls us Niggers, which is what we, are in a bid to ridicule us; as bunch of ignoramus.

    For me, I don ‘t quite go down well with all the teachings brought to my country by the British, in order to make us look inferior to them (White). I know who I am and I know that Blacks are more genetically evolved and more advanced in the course of life’s evolution.

    The British can to my country Biafra and merged it with two other different nations and called us Nigeria because they believe that they could do that with the help guns and go scot-free.

    90% of what the blacks enjoy today was invented or it’s invention completed by a Black Man. So, I am a Nigger and Proud!!

    1. Naga is one of two orginal names for God : For anyone to use the word N–ger is to Slur the name of God and Blasphemy against God.. Words/names can be powerful , words/names can also bring forth self imprecations ( harm ) to the person who uses them ! Be carefull what you say and /or what names you bring forth !

    2. Dear Ikechukwu, We are all one race, I hope the ignorance of some white men does not cause you to loose faith. You just have to look at what they have done to each other and see that Africans and all Negro’s, are not alone. I get a lot of joy listening to the song Thul’ Ulalele by Amaswazi Emvelo, although a mystery to me in translation it will always mean something special for me. God Bless those who try to make a difference. Black and proud what else could you be, God made you that way.Just don’t let your heart be hardened by those with evil in their hearts. And pray to God that he may forgive our sins.

  128. I don’t believe Adam and Eve were the first humans made on the earth, they were just the first two humans God created in the Garden of Eden.

  129. Everyone’s going to go crazy, posing their beliefs about a n!qqa saying he is old as dinosaurs? Lol. Many articles like this is just some bs spam to get the media started. It’s a shame that everyone has to fight and argue about it.

  130. It truly saddens me to read the racist comments!! As a white mother of three beautiful bi racial children I try to teach them to love the skin they are in! The world that we are living in today is a shame it doesn’t matter if God was black white purple green orange he is our creator we all down the line have different races in our blood! Wake up people love each other stop the hate and violence!!

  131. my good man thank u for helping me be proven right. this creator is nothing more then a story and the real creator is nature. thank u again for this very interesting read

  132. I agree that it is disgusting that their are still many racist people seeing as we are now living in the 21st century. If everyone was stripped of their skin you wouldn’t know who is black, white or asian. Racism is true ignorance. Moving on, I am a white girl who actually likes to do some research and what I have found to be true is that YES THE FIRST MAN WAS BLACK. Also, I believe that religion is just brainwashing bullshit, but I do believe in God/a higher being. You don’t need religion as long as you have faith in and believe in God, religion just seperates people when we should all see each other as family as God (our father) made us all.

  133. “It strengthens the belief that there is no “mitochondrial Eve” or “Y chromosome Adam.” All of humankind, as a result, did not descend from exactly one pair of humans that lived at a certain point in human evolution.”

    The above claim supports the RACIST “Multiregional Origins of Modern Humans” theory; furthermore, the following claims…

    “Our analysis indicates this lineage diverged from previously known Y chromosomes about 338,000 ago, a time when anatomically modern humans had not yet evolved…”

    and “Hammer added that still “It is likely that other divergent lineages will be found, whether in Africa or among African-Americans in the U.S. and that some of these may further increase the age of the Y chromosome tree.”

    …support the racist claims that black people are primitive archaic humans (not at all modern human beings), whereas the “Out of Africa” theory (accepted by real SCIENTISTS) points to the exact opposite, i.e. 100% Modern Humans (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) can be found ONLY in Sub Saharan Africa, while all others are burdened with from 2% to 4% NEANDERTHAL DNA! Anybody buying this crap is either uninformed, or quite simply lacks critical thinking skills.

    Critical thinking is a tool, use it…don’t use it, and it’s YOU that will be used!

    p.s. not that it should matter…I am black and atheist.

  134. Very interesting indeed.
    Fascinating is an understatement.
    It is also very sad that Europeans have to be so ignorant and sinical, they truly need to understand that everything began in Darkness and came into to the Light later.
    All of life came out of the Dark man, dominant genes, and recessed into what they are later.

    Not bragging or boasting or rubbing anything in, just stating the facts, that’s all.

    Live with that and recognize the Truth.

  135. Ok let me start out by saying there is no black or white is this world but yes there are niggers the word nigger isn’t meant for only one race cause anyone can be one even me. And as for this whole article who really cares what color god or jesus or adam and eve where. I mean really people need to get used to the damn fact that when we die color won’t mean shit we all will answer for our wrongs weather it be to a black God or a white god. That’s all I have to say have a nice day.

  136. Maybe I’m just a little to literal, but doesn’t the name Adam as mentioned in Genesis mean “to be red” or “red man”? Would this not insinuate that Adam by definition was a person of color, whether specifically of African decent or any other ethnic makeup exclusive of Caucasian? Whether the story was allegorical or literal, the Hebrew culture used names as literal descriptions and prophecies of the individual. All scientific and biblical evidence points to the fact that the first persons on earth were of color of some sort. MY OPINION: AFRICA DECENT.

    1. You have to watch were your information is coming from ? King James and his transcribers did a lot of transfigurations when they rewrote the bible into english . And there are others as well ! There’s a laundry list of bible versions, too numerous to mention here . How do you know that his original was adam anyway ? By the way , There are redskinned African’s : Bushman , somalies ,south africans , Ethiopains who are very lighted skinned to really dark skinned /Sudanese and so forth ! African’s do not come in just one color ! Wake Up and smell the coffee !!!

      1. My point was not to say that there was one color but to point out the fact that the Bible mentions a man of hue, not a pale man. English translations matter not, the original Hebrew as exposed to the world uses אדם: “to be red” by extention “red man.” Of course as with most historical religious writings, there will always be a cloud of skepticism regarding authenticity, age, and translation, but the accounts of the Hebrew text that we have use אדם for Adam.

      2. Doug , Thanks ! The hebrew is still not the Origin of the name , Adam ! I think a good read is : A Stolen Legacy by at least two authors !

    2. Also , I hope you’re NOT using Strong’s Concordance to transliterate back to adam being ” Red ” ? There are couple of fact’s about Strong’s if I were you or anyone else I would hesitate to use a reference , the same people write the Kings James so – called english translation of the bible are the same who wrote / write the Strongs Concordance ,Encyclopedia Britannica , and other tetx’s.. The problem is, you ‘re only getting the english version of so-called Exhaustive study of the original languages of the Bible. Combining the text of the King James Bible with the power of the Greek and Hebrew Lexicons . They claim the greek and hebrew is the original text , It isn’t ! There’s transfiguration in Strong’s concordance and some Encyclopedia’s that were made to fit the writings in the kind james bible verison I hope you see the point ? .. If you’re going to lie ( Good Old king james ) , make sure you cover your Ass ! The Greek , the hebrew and Hendrickson Publishers use a few more langauges that are Not From the Original Text’s . That’s why I take the King James Verison , The Strong’s concordance and other made to fit so -called Exhaustive study’s and whatever else with a Grain Of Salt ! Also, watch those updated revisions they keep coming with . Get the Oldest bible you can find and cross reference with the revised bibles and I think see the patteren of change ???

      FYI : Their also Original Blond Haired , Blue Eyed Africans !
      no typo’s im hope 😉

      1. I do not use Strong’s for the same reasons, as I do not use the King James. Again I am not referencing texts outside of the bible, and the original bible as we know it was written in various dialects of Hebrew and Aramaic. If אדם does not translate as I have afore mentioned, please translate for me. If in the passages of scripture אדם is not actually used, please supply a more accurate word. If the Hebrew dialect used is not the original language, please supply it. When making public statements, we must be ready to supply evidence for our beliefs, not blank statements. So please provide new findings, as I am always open to learn and grow. No biases here.

      2. Hey Doug , I am not trying to give you a hardtime . I am just saying the Hebrew , Aramaic were also translated , translitereated and indeed transfigurated from much older text and some oral histories which i don’t care to talk about in this forum. however, the Library of Congress does have some of the older then Hebrew and Aramaic text . When and if you do decide to research much further back you be in for a surprise . For instant , You can read about King Sargon and compare his life versus the Moses and Abraham stories in the Bible !

  137. It’s like when the clan holds a rally why do we even show up to entertain them. They love the attention that’s shows they are still relevant . Why do we even respond to guys like the ones on here spewing hate. You guys are making his day.

    1. If you sit back and say nothing / do nothing , It can be much worst then doing something ! It’s funny you say what you said, because peole like the clan are the biggest cry babies when things don’t go their way ! I see on social media , the One’s who are always crying to take back their country when it really isn’t their country. It still belongs to my People , the Aborginals , some of whom have always been in this land ! Let us take back our land back which was stolen from by So-Called Christian people who came to My Land with the bible in one and a sword/gun in the other ! I pray to Ptah -Naga – God – YaHaVah – Yeshua <—-All in One . But I don't and I will never belong to any religous groups because they're the cause of the world's problems , Not the cure ! I grew up Catholic ! If you knew what their planning to do with religions in the near future , you would run to the nearest exit !

  138. Interesting article. However the editorial note was extremely offensive. If your purpose is to spread knowledge or truth, as you call it, then it would be helpful to not provoke those you seek to “awaken”.
    I believe the God of the Christian bible. U believe that through Jesus i have salvation from hell. Being a child of the 20th century and a college student, i am able to realize that there are MANY MANY MANY things we can learn from science (especially in conjunction with the bible) I do, however, take offense to the term “bible thumper” . Don’t get me wrong, i love my bible but the tone that comes with it is very tasteless on the part of those who use it.
    I say all this to say, i appreciate this article and the attempt to spread knowledge but next time skip the distasteful editorial note.
    Written with the love of Christ that i pray you come to know by Erin Greene

  139. As a side note…i’m unsure why the genus “homo” for homo sapien is censored hahaha. It’s latin for “same”…it isn’t a slur. You wouldn’t censor milk for being a homogenized product or the words hear and here for being homonyms….

  140. Haha the site filter edited homo sapiens

  141. He call himself name Bull Connor tho 😂😂 i wonder did his Momma give him tht name 😂😂

  142. The only thing he proved is that he knows less about the Bible than the misguided Creationists he thinks he is so much smarter than. So sorry your mommy lied to you about Santa Claus. Get over it, you’re a grown ass man. It’s not a lie it’s literature. Maybe you’d be less hateful and ignorant if you’d done some research into the Bible before you were so arrogant as to think anyone really needed their eyes opened by your “revelation.” The research and “proof” on this article wouldn’t be acceptable in a middle school.

  143. Brother Bull… Please stuff a sick penis in your mouth, and stop being ignorant… The true meaning of “nigger” is simply a dull, ignorant person… If an African American was labeled a “nigger” it is one who acts in such a way to ruin the name of th rest of the culture… Be educated

  144. Interesting but bogus. Scientist have the capability to tell the difference in DNA but at this point it is impossible for them to date it. These are the same group of people that also claim the Y chromosome is breaking down and there will soon only be women and no men. Even Darwin denounced his belief in evolution before he died and he’s the one that made it up. No Bible thumping here because we all have a right to believe what we believe. It’s just funny how closed minded some people can truly be. Lashing out in the editor’s note before any rebuttle is laughable at best.

  145. Question. Can anyone explain spiritually what’s going on today in the world or should it logical to what’s going on today? I ask this because if finally can’t ignore what’s happening with our ppl. What is moral no longer is. The respect of elder from child is dying. The respect for natural reproduction is being replaced with clones. Kids are killing their parents and vs. Why is all this being ignored?? These are just a few things that certain books in the bible like revelations talk about. So I ask, should this not be explained spiritually? Is this just a pattern that life has brought us to? I’m not saying that the author isn’t right in his research because I myself have doubt in some of the scriptures I’ve read in the bible but how does that answer the question why is this happening today? Hermaphrodites wanting to choose which side they is understandable but my ppl, men are surgically choosing to become women and women are cutting their breast off to become men. Why? We are so caught up in looking into our past that we are missing the present state of our ppl killing themselves mentally. And what the mind believes the body will follow. Men are killing their own brothers over $10! Marrige has become a joke so much that divorce court for reality TV is the highlight of our mornings. There are so many more things I want to address but I have to go to work but I ask you, should we not believe in this way of life spiritually? We find a bit myth in a word and then discredit the whole thing as if it’s bull. But if it then explain why what I just read in Romans ch.1 explaining all the conflicts of today listing problem for problem identifying the way we live today??

  146. “The discovery doesn’t necessarily mean that all humans descended from an ancestor living in western Cameroon. “It is a misconception that the genealogy of a single genetic region reflects population divergence” – quote from above article

    Just because it’s the oldest found; doesn’t mean there aren’t even older ones out there. This kind of proves nothing. It proves one guy found his ancestors. People just love controversy and bashing christians, as if every other religion doesn’t have the same story and ideas.

    How about we all just agree that no one was anywhere when anything happened and we can make all the best educated guesses and read all the 2,000 year old books we want; but will never know 100% how we got here. And how many times has science been wrong? You can’t agree pn a scientific study unless you conduct that study yourself.

    We are all here; we are all human beings. Lets just all be friends and work on making a better world to live in instead of making fences for everyone to stand behind

  147. Yeah, let’s just go and believe every “scientific article” that comes out on the internet. People will make up any bullshit to make others believe what they believe. Make your own findings and don’t believe everything you read!

  148. Why is homo sapien stared out? Homo refers to the human genus, included in this are the classes of many extinct hominids. Have we really gone that PR that we can’t use scientific terms at the risk of offending someone?

  149. If you look back into the biblical history and where these Bible characters lived, you would obviously know that Jesus would have been middle-eastern, thus not being Caucasian. It’s hysterical, you blaspheme something that you have no revelation about. I pray to The God Almighty that The Holy Spirit falls on whoever reads this.

  150. Also, do you all believe everything you read on the internet that supplies you with numbers and “facts.” Simple minded people nowadays. No discernment on those whatsoever.

  151. How dobi submitt my DNA to the National Geographic Geographic Project to find out my ancestry and family tree and does it cost?

  152. Sorry, but even scientists admit that carbon dating dna is flawed. There is no absolute in carbon dating and so you can’t reliably determine the age of someone’s dna. Carbon dating is based on guesswork just like the theory of evolution. These are things evolutionary scientists do NOT want you to know. What is a theory? Something that cannot be proven by reliable data to back it up. Scientists can’t have it both ways. Either something can be created from nothing (which both creationism and evolution claim, since there was nothing til a single cell organism came to be in evolution, and they still can’t explain where that single cell came from) or it cannot be created from nothing (which blows the theory of evolution since the single cell organism had to come from somewhere). You may cite all the studies done on dna and carbon dating that you would like, but if the original results were done on faulty information then all other results based on the original experiment would be wrong.

  153. So do you believe in black jesus? Sense the white jesus is not colorful enough for you.

    1. I believe in Jesus Christ, who cares what His skin color may have been on earth. Most of humanity seems as if they’ve lost what little faith they’ve had. I’ve had my experiences with God which lead me to believe and know that He exists, and no one can tell me otherwise.

  154. wow ppl r not only ignorant to what is a more than possible proven fact but blinded out in there own mind that they r not the only race to be here of course we were all here colour counTry race mean,s nothing maybe the white man made his tale, beeved it to be true still does ,jewi man his ect ect one thing is true and cant be change by any,,thats a proven fact,,., not seeing a lot of that in bible story,s live by faith not saying bible right wrong but these hard facts that clearly prove there own worth make me think adam and eve not true where does that leave other books acts ect within the gospel the word more confused than ever about finding the so called sort after and be lived, truth but one, thing is fact , world was. nt made bit by bit ,but as one hot sunshine cold winter so if white man was on earth so must the black man have been , FACT SUN COLD SO MUST HAVE BEEN ALIKE , side by side from start

  155. hey there, I’ve read this story before but talking about the two points the author specified, but his “a” talking about putting down the Judaism and almost putting Christianity to a myth, but I mean in what ways would it put it down? It a perplexed as a fictional story in the first place. As for Adam and Eve being black, hard to believe. But then again I don’t consider a black man different from
    Myself. In the end I’m a man, and anyone is just a man or lady. Color classification is an outdated system that’s useless and will only continue to segregate us. We’re all human beings. But in personal thought thinking of how or where Adam and Eve were to come from I would never the less pick them to look like the men and ladies from Israel. As a young man, I’ve always thought of my Jesus as of what he would of looked like from the country he lived the lore in. Thanks for reading this even though it was long

  156. I’ve always wondered how Adam & Eve could populate the world by having only one son. Who did he have sex with in order to have a child – and who did that child have sex with and on and on. Makes no sense whatsoever.

  157. This Black Man’s DNA goes back 338 thousands years!! Of course he had a mother. Were there other races yet. It is proven that all other races came from the black race, from the womb of the black woman. I’m just wondering had these races came into being yet. Lubos Motl, a Czech Theoretical Physicist said “Because the white genes are the mutation of the genes of the original men of color and males are the mutation of the original females, we can finally answer the question Is God Black? The answer is “Yes she Is! Truth is Truth, but Truth is not always reflected in reality.

    1. I can’t argue with you because , All the world got for years upon years was His -Story and not the True HIstory of Mankind and the world at large ! So there’s Absolutely nothing wrong with telling the ” Plain Truth ” to the Masses ! And yes we are all from the same cloth / fabric ( Brothers & Sisters ) regardless , if we like it or not ! Amen – Hotep – Ya’at’eeh !

  158. Okay you don’t believe fine I’m not mad but I am going to say why are you making it about race?? I believe and quite frankly I don’t care if yashua was black white Orange yellow or brown?? And then why are you talking down on those who choose to believe that’s just mean whether you believe or not.. and lastly it’s one guy with one test that’s not shown on your article so I want to see the evidence if you don’t mind… and you dude that’s being racist toward people of color knock it off that’s ignorant and childish of you grow up

  159. I couldn’t take this article seriously after about the second paragraph when they essentially bleeped out the word homo in reference to the human species, Homo sapiens.

  160. Stop this shit with what race Jesus was or wasn’t! This will not matter when Jesus arrives during the end And, it shouldn’t matter now! He was not black nor white! Middle Eastern descendants looks nothing like the two, so get your facts correct!

  161. Stop this shit with what race Jesus was or wasn’t! This will not matter when Jesus arrives during the end times! And, it shouldn’t matter now! He was not black nor white! Middle Eastern descendants looks nothing like the two, so get your facts correct!

    1. Indeed , Yeshua Ben Yoseph was Black or at least Dark skinned. There are 4 known frescos of Jesus Christ . I’ve seen them and I also have copies of the frescos ( Plaster Paintings ) of him. He was a medium dark skin Ethiopian Hebrew Boy, Man ! Oh, and there’s seems to be a recent discovery portrait of him, same face and complexion . Amen- Hotep ! I only share these copies with people I know !

  162. It clearly states in the Bible that the earth was whipped clean except for Noah. When looking at the lineage u suppose to start with Ham (one of Noah’s sons) which black people came from. Even in Ethiopian history they talk about Ham. When you do research how about do it right. T

    1. Ham was never cursed . It was Noah’s grandson , the son of Japeth who was curse ! Just wanted clear up another false teaching ! Amen !

  163. Adam was a race of beings and Eve was a race of beings. The Bible used to explain that. The Bible has been re-texted and edited so many times it’s a sin.
    Some beings were genetically created also. In fact, many of these genetic experiments are illegal now.

  164. Boy, White folks hate the truth.. Yes, you were cave dweller and you haven’t created nothing but how to lied, steal and more stealing.. It’s just funny when they find out they ain’t sh*t without benefiting from someone else. The chickens are coming home to roost….Lmao

  165. The last little snippet of this article ruined this for me. If you intend to “enlighten” others to the truth, then why would you try to incite a negative response in those who don’t agree with you by insult? If you don’t know what I am talking about, let me explain. By saying “if you don’t believe in reality” as a way of validating your article, you undermine the very intention (at least what seems to be). You present this article as ground-breaking new evidence that is supposed to change how we look at creation and the origin of humans, yet you only direct it towards people who currently share the same beliefs as you, as seen in your closing paragraphs. Why even write this if you don’t want people on the other side of the argument to take you seriously? I get it. You’ve read a few books and you know some big words, but that isn’t what gives merit to your writing. Presenting insightful information with objectivity and keeping an audience engaged gives merit. This might be some really good information that needs to be spread, but you decided to leave your nasty, close-minded, sacrilegious mark on it for all of those who might have been impacted by it. Please do us all a favor and quit tainting scientific progress with your shallow interpretations, and making a war out of something that should be approached with a more peaceful attitude.

  166. This is quite incredible. I’m looking forward to seeing more about this study and others like it. I also find it quite facinating that after all the chromosome studies on different DNA that they’re just now finding one of that age and decent. Did they implement something new recently that they havent had or used in years before? Seems like we’re missing a lot of details, I want to know more!!

  167. This doesnt even surprise me. Most people who close the equator do have a much darker complexion than people further awat from it

  168. The end of the article it says if you truly believe in God than you would be out their doing charitable works. Why would someone say that. Are we still saved by works, by the good deeds we do, NO!!!!!!! we are saved by faith in Jesus Christ and that he died for our sins.

  169. Why do you all let fools take you off the path into foolishness? This is how they stay aheadwhy worry about that dude ththink about the facts and up lift the facts and not some dumb stuff one fool have to come to terms with. They kill their mommy and daddy because of their fear of us. They know our real power do we? Promote facts people and stop letting people side track you…Now how many years was that? I will say this any African person that is a Christain is out of their minds how many times do god have to keep showing you all the truth of who you are?

  170. The editor of this article should be more perfessional. It’s like the episode when you find out that Mr. Banks (yes from fresh Prince of Bel air) used to be a strong activist, but then he gave that up to fight for what he believed in, in the court room. Same basic idea.
    Yes this article is interesting and brings New Information to light…. But, to me, your editors note proves your lack of credibility. You say everyone has a right to what they believe but in a very sarcastic and condescending manner… Basically calling them stupid for what they believe.. now you definitely didn’t say stupid. But it’s obvious that’s what you think.. And just because you’re Christian doesn’t mean you’re the perfect person doing “charitable work.” I found the article interesting.. But your editors note rude and sarcastic. And whoops I forgot to keep my “short novels, and [my] epic fictions [I] call comments to [myself]”

    1. The sad thing is that many years later scientists will prove that the methods used to make these calculations are ineffective and inaccurate. As science progresses, older methods are proven wrong and become obsolete, as well as the information they “discovered.” Such was the case dating all the way back to Aristotle’s time and even through Isaac Newton’s time. The universal constant here is that there is nothing new under the sun, and that this information is nothing groundbreaking nor does it change anything. It too will fall by the wayside as new scientific advances are made. In the end, we will only find that we always knew nothing while claiming to know all things, fools who are geniuses in their own feeble minds. If there is no GOD, we are in dire straits as life forms…

  171. Did everyone forget to read the whole thing out are you all that blinded by one ignorant comment? This article clearly states that no, we did not all come from one person or one race.
    My real comment though is, holy crap could you imagine being the guy who’s dna is that old! Awesome!

    1. The Universe is but One Race with all kinds of shapes , sizes , colors and configuration plus some I may have missed ! I removed the Logs from my eyes alongtime ago !

      1. stir I don’t know what to think about you! You want to explain the truth about the bible, denigrate the believers, preach as if you know God, then attack white people? No bullshit now, what is your true purpose here? Is it to enlighten people or spread more racial hatred? You keep saying we are the same and in the next reply you prophetically threaten white people? Are you trying to help find a solution or continue adding to the problem? If someone makes a racial slur about blacks, you reply but I see no response and sometimes agreement with racial slurs against whites? Own this shit and tell me what you hope to accomplish with this posting and your responses!

      2. Sergio, just telling like it was and still is: White People *( I’am 28 welsh so that includes me ) have done more harm then any other group of people, That’s a Historical Fact ! They/we have killed more people around the world in the name of God then any other group of people period. I would provide with the numbers but that would only you piss you and other white off. You this country from my People the Native Aboriginal ( Indians as u call us ) people and I ever hear whites saying. Let’s take back our country ? A Country that has never belonged to white people ! You destroyed the environment in every country you go into ( Fact ). You stolen the natural resources from other countries and call it progress ( A Lie ). You’ve killed unarmed women and children here in my country ( America ) when you invaded us and are still invading us using B.S. citizenship’s ( Fact ). Australia , India , Pakistan, Auckland,Tasmania , South America ( Again My People ) Has and still is ( The Amazon ) being laid to waste for oil and other natural resources that really belongs to the Aboriginal People who see and /or get absolutely none of the billions that are made off our natural resources , Instead we get put on reservations with treaties that made and every one of them have and still are being broken ( Fact ) ! Don’t take my word for it ? Study true pass european histories of the world and the effect that it’s had on people , environments, natural resources , Lies, con jobs , and a list to long to cover here. All I need to say to you is come information and not allegories to prove me wrong ? I’ll be waiting for your reply Brother ! The Bible was completely Transfigurated from the Original Text and yes By europeans to benefit only white people ( Fact ) .. I bet you even know the name of the real text , If you do then I want to tell me the answer in this forum ? What God would tell certain people it’s ok to kill ‘s in heathen’s name of God when in fact the ones doing the killings are the real heathen’s. Many have referred to those type people as the Children of Satan , Not God ! wating to hear your reply ! 🙂
        Forgive all typo’s thanks.. I’am multi tasking and it doesn’t \work for me..LoL

      3. I didn’t mean to call you stir. But I am getting a little stir-crazy here!

  172. All you bible thumping aristocrats…….
    Please read the very first two pages of the King James bible. It tells you exactly who the bibles were written for……….Idiots….

  173. This article is interesting, however it shows a serious lack of knowledge of the scriptures it’s desperately trying to disprove. Do an article about the first civilization before Adam and Eve, nephulum, the FIRST flood (Noah’s was number 2) and revisit the comments of his “rare mutation” and DNA dated long ago

  174. This doesnt disprove anything…. your not awake as you claim 2 b.

  175. Infuriating that you have to censor the prefix “homo” in homo sapiens.
    Mouth-breathers ruining it for the rest of us, again.

  176. Out of many religious doctrines a lot of the stories they tell have amazing value that is still relevant in today’s society.
    When reading these bibles literally or with a closed mind, a person is unable to absorb the hidden knowledge.
    If you take the symbolism that is coded within the stories you will receive many revelations from God.
    Many of the worlds greatest religions believe in a common story of creation, “Adam & Eve” which is associated with the garden of Eden, the serpent, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge.
    Many revelations about humanity can be discovered in this story that is shared between so many people.
    People read this creation story daily and never critically analyze what the story’s meaning may coincide to their life Right Now.
    The symbolism behind the creation story was revealed to me as followed:

    God- God is the main character of this story. He created the world and then created human life. God is portrayed as pure love. God is an all knowing God. God gives Adam and Eve everything they need to live a perfect life but always gives them the choice to commit a wrong action. God is loving and puts forth the greatest effort to guide you to the path of the good. God tells Adam and Eve to eat freely from the tree of life, and never to eat of the tree of knowledge.

    Adam- God’s first human creation. Born as a hermaphrodite (half man/half woman). The symbolism of Adam represents purity and self actualization. Adam was created in the image of God with no gender, that accepted the beauty in all things. The symbol of a hermaphrodite is that a soul also has no gender and enjoys what is masculine and what is feminine. Adam was in sync with his divinity. Adam’s intellect, human intuition and spirit all worked as one. Something we all as humans can all accomplish.

    Eve- The 2nd Human creation of God. Separated from Adam the hermaphrodite to turn Adam into a man and Eve into a woman. The original creation of humanity (Adam) was separated into two parts male and female. The separation of Adam into two parts (male and female) represents God’s will for humans to understand our own divinity. Ever since the separation of Eve from Adams rib, humanity has been on a search for the person they have been separated from. By seeking true love we undergo a journey in which one realizes their own self. Through the beautiful journey of love we can understand the divine fundamentals of self sacrifice, self-actualization and many others. Eve and Adam are only separated in the human world but their souls are both of the same life force which is God. Adam and Eve truly represent an ordinary human being, we are all born of divinity.

    The Serpent- the serpent is literally perceived as the devil in this story who is tempting humanity to commit wrongful acts. Simply the serpent is a symbol for temptation. The serpent is not the Devil, the serpent is God giving humanity choice. God instills us with that which is good but ultimately tests our strength, with temptation. We are given the choice as humans to do what is bad or what is good. This is still relevant in today’s society. Deep down each human knows when they are doing something morally wrong. Often times it is much easier to give into temptation, what is hard is fighting our human urges. God tests the divine spirit through temptation, assuring the purity of God remains intact. God blessed us with divine powers but we can not run rampant with our powers, our spirits and faith must be tested before we may reach our full enlightenment.
    Once we control the serpent that is temptation we achieve divine power that manifests into the well being of the whole universe.

    The tree of life- God tells Adam and Eve to eat freely of the tree of life as it will provide them with all the necessity in life. The tree of life symbolizes the spiritual connection between humans and God. The fire inside each individual is God inside them.
    Eating the fruits of the tree of life symbolizes indulging in that connection with God. In life happiness, ever lasting life, love, and every other good thing comes from within as well as through God. The knowledge and connection of God is all humans need to maintain their well being. Once again this can be related to today’s society. In order to achieve nirvana/enlightenment we must eat from the tree of life and be blessed with the faith, knowledge and love of our creator. That connection with God is all humanity needs to be happy as Adam and Eve once were.

    The tree of knowledge- God says to Adam and Eve “This is the tree of knowledge, you mustn’t eat from it. For if you do, surely you shall die”. The symbolism of the tree of knowledge is revealed as humans control of choice. Mainly the control of sex. Before eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge humans only sexually interacted under the supervision of God. Humanity walked around blissfully naked, with no judgement. The serpent tempted humanity to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. This is a symbol of humanity’s daily struggle to resist the temptations of that which we know is wrong. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge they became in control of sex between one another. Naturally the control of a powerful force such as sex became to much for a human to handle and caused us to be filled with greed, lust, laziness, jealousy, anger, pride and gluttony. Thus when God says surely we will die, he speaks the truth in the sense that we our conscious will be killed through all the negativity. Until we can eliminate those emotions and reclaim our purity and divinity may we enter back into the garden of Eden.

    The garden of Eden- the garden of Eden is the world God created for humanity. It is a world of purity, perfection and divinity. It can literally be viewed as heaven. The symbol of the garden of Eden is the next dimension of life. Humanity was cast out of the garden of Eden into the world we are in now. We are unable to return to the world of purity and bliss that is the garden of Eden until we purify the spirit as one. This is finding true love and abolishing all of the negative egotistical attributes that were obtained in the consumption of the fruit of the tree of knowledge (control of sex). In today’s society we must also strive to remove our egos, take control of temptation and reconnect with our other half that was separated from our spirit. This is the necessary step to continue to the next dimension or what many believe go to heaven.

    Ultimately the creation story of Adam and Eve may be considered far fetched but the symbolism of the story can still be applied to life today.

    1. Whew, you’ure long winded. I had to put on my go fasters to catch up with you J .. Are u saying or telling us that Adam and eve where the first human creations made by the hand of God ? So the first Human’s ( God’s Original People ) who were created in the first six days , don’t count ? Are u saying that in essence , that there was never a Genisis One ? By the way , How tall was Adam ? I love your allegories . Just need for you to explain them in just plain easy to undestand lanuage ? There places on the earth which never had an Oral or written history of a flood of any kind, Can you name just one ? What can you tell us ,and /or do you know who the Elogyn’s are ? Thanks… I never try to change anyone’s belief’s , which I stay away from because of all the problems it has and still causing the world !

  177. Actually it is proven that the most racist race is the black race. They believe every white person owes them something. stfu and get a job and be a father to the 20 kids u have by 20 dif. WHITE GIRLS nigga. The odds of all of yall bein rappers is slim to none. If u don’t like it in America go the f*ck back to africa. They should have sent all yall back after they abolished slavery. We may have came from niggas but shit that don’t mean yall get all the welfare save some for people that need that shit worthless muthafuckas

    1. MyMy…. Choice words from a first slave ,First cannibal scythian , The Majority on welfare , The first disease carriers in the world! FYI : The Aboriginal people of what you now call America were indeed Black and they have always been here, So maybe you better catch a plane back to your land ! No hard feeling here, Just telling it on the real !

  178. It’s disheartening to see how you feel inclined to insult religious people but outlaw anyone who dare disagree with your own belief system. Hypocritical much? That’s the extent of my criticism here. Even though I’m jewish, formerly christian – I know why/where your resentment stems from. I know how difficult some willfully ignorant and/or radical religious people can behave so I empathize with your sentiments, to an extent. I just wish you didn’t feel inclined to lump all devout people into the same pool is all. But I digress…

    I would love to know what your theory is on how the human race came to be (no honestly, again this is not an attack, I am eager to know) or what the research you uncovered theorizes how the human race came to be, if not from a single pair of male/female, i.e. “adam & eve”. Evolutionist theory, something else perhaps? And if it’s evolutionist theory you subscribe to, does that mean a series of tadpoles came out of the water and began to evolve, or did it start with just one, a pair, etc?

  179. Interesting, I watched a documentary stating that “Adam” had a family before Eve.

  180. The ONLY thing I saw was the name Yahweh…which is the TRUEe…Adam was both male and female…that’s why he had a rib and a womb taken from him to create eve…the forbidden fruit was NOT an Apple…I think you need to do a little more research…THIS creation is 6000 years old…don’t put yourself up so HIGH and cut the hand of the messiah short by thinking that you’re so special that THIS was the only creation during the dispensations and ages…oh I have a lot more…get at me if you REALLY want to know…

    1. I know there are people on this page who love to qoute the bible, But the orginal book was named ,the book of Coming Forth from both Light & Dark which has a very simple meaning and that is , We’re All One ! No matter what’s read and what’s said , We are all from the cloth regardless of the Ages , Creation stories ,Our so called Interpretations . Color matters Not – Ipso Facto !

  181. Satans children are haters – Gods Children are ” Love “. There is place that’s a set aside for the ” Haters ” . I yes , They will spend an enternity in ” Unimaginable Pain ” and begging for forgivness which not be given them !

  182. I found your article interesting until the end…We Christians read more than our bibles and charitable works come easy to true believers. Y r u so angry?

  183. I cant believe you people give 2 fucks. Or that there are so many copy-and-pasters. Fuck all yall.
    For you “niggers” , ya we came from monkeys, and yall are the shortest step. Hoo-fuckin-raa.
    For the “crackers”, bravooo the gene pool got deeper past scratchin ass and slingin shit. Now you kiss ass and eat shit.
    The only thing this article proves is that im not racist. I just hate dumbasses in general. Fuck you, we should go back to being invertebrates.

    1. said this before , We’re all One and color has absolutely nothing to do with it ! I’ve had white boys tell me to my face that they came from apes .They told that if you shave the hair off an ape ,monkey , and /or a goriila you ‘ll get / see only white skin ! that would also make you a ni_ _ er ! I never use that word because it’s a slur of the original name of God !.. Tracker just opened a can of worms / blew the lid off ! He has no clue as to what he just did ! Nuff Said !

    1. Finn TheHu , Thanks for your Input ! I just want to say this , Use one his real names like Yeshua.. That’s more appropriate then the name jesus . I am not going to explain the reasons why on this site ! Yeshua Ben Yoseph , Amen !

  184. I wouldnt say its a lie, I would more say the story of Adam and Eve relates to the Isralite’s history of their geneology to as far back as its been recorded for them. But I believe there were people during and before that time.

  185. Wow, is it such a racial contempt to talk in this manner, who the heck cares, every human in history was born non racist and this is definatley spewing racial contempt to whoever is involved with this article, as good as science is many have claimed the same thing, does it matter , no, only the future matters now and trying to educate the ignorant so they may someday be colorblind like many of our species already is, I heard years ago that adam and eve were black, and no argument to that but also there is no solid factual proof, remember scientists are also of the human species and thus also flawed , but real loving humans dont enthrall themselves in such petty comments, only our creator of all of us knows and is probably disgusted with dumb shit like this, lets put this much effort in our childrens future and being better parents and just maybe MLKing and other truly good mens dream just might come through and possibly save this ignorantly channeled species of ours.Hate breeds hate, individuals must be judged as individuals not as tribes , colors or creeds.And yes we must judge individuals as such or we lose our society as we like it to be.Lose the hate or OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDRENS FUTURES WILL SUFFER FROM HUMAN IGNORANCE OR LACK OF IINTELLIGENCE. PEACE AND LOVE EQUALS ETERNAL SOLSTICE.LOVE MY BLACK BROTHERS AND THIER PERSONALITIES, LOVE MY SPANISH AND WHITE BROTHERS

  186. That conclusion is based on a flawed dating methodology. The only thing this man has proven is that he doesn’t understand microbiology.

    Rest easy my friend, the world is undoubtably 6000 years old, and there is no such thing as a black OR white Adam and Eve because we are all of the race of Adam, black and white simply being gene expressions of the chemical level of melanin in our skin pigments.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  187. Adam and Eve had sons who went out and found wives. They did not marry their sisters. And it is common knowledge that Jesus wasn’t white.

    1. There are no less then six known portraits of Yeshua a.k.a jesus. And yes, he is dark skin . Nuff Said !

  188. If it is so dumb, Why do you even care? Honestly, let people live their lives the way they want to, believing in what they want. Don’t be an active devil’s advocate because you’re doing the same thing “Bible thumpers” are doing. And if you are just presenting evidence, do that, and don’t state your argument with an underlying anger and dislike of anyone who does believe in God. If you really want to prove your point, don’t insult the people you are trying to persuade.

  189. “They” know the truth, and are continuously searching for more insight and answers that will open up the universe its called evolving. Most people are afraid of change black and white ,where we came from is no longer a question the bigger question is where are we going?

  190. Jesus wasn’t white or black. He looked like every other Jew from Jerusalem. People are different colors based on where they originated from on the planet. The closer you are to the equator, the more pigment you have in your skin to protect you from the elements. God is smart like that. So who really cares about any of this?

    1. Cassie , i would agree with you but, The people in Jerusalem today looked nothing like the people llike the people of Yeshua ( jesus ) time … ! He was of Dark Complexion as his Portraits ( Proto Historic ) show him .But , you’re entitled to think what you like and /or assume ! Peace

  191. Even if this were true, I’ll consider my white ass to be the new and improved ..things adapt and improve with time..something in nature called for a change in appearance as we become closer to being God like

    1. 2 Corinthians 11 : 14 And no wonder. Satan, their master, can disguise himself as an angel of light.

    2. Excuse me Roman but the only god you and your people are is the god of evil!! Just go and look at your history. The white race has been the menace to the whole world and is nothing but a blood shedder! There is no people on this planet that the whites have not had war with and that includes yourselves. You had a 100 years war with yourselves that lasted 116 years, please!! .

      1. The white race has not been a menace. Or haven’t always had blood shed. You’re more racist than knowledgable. If you weren’t so biased towards black, you’d understand that it would take at least HALF of the white people to want you to be free back in slavery. Not just blacks requesting it. And, if you want to get technical, blacks make up 13.2 % of this countries population. But created a rough 72% of the murders. So take that blood shed and shove it up your black ass. I’m tired of the racism. I can’t help I’m white. Like you didn’t have a choice if you’re black. Grow the fuck up and get over color.

      2. As much as try to stay off this site I keep getting back to it ! James, europeans do have the worst history of human carnage the world has ever known , including the wholesale slaughter of other euro’s . They have also proven to be the most materialistic , stealing land , gold, oil , water, diamonds , I’ll stop here because the list will just keep growing longer ! Your comment \ :if you want to get technical, blacks make up 13.2 % of this countries population. But created a rough 72% of the murders <— This comment is not really accurate if you care to check out how they do Per Centages ( Statistic's ) , which can be and are misleading . Rather then do a complete illustration .I am said like is and you can prove me wrong if decide to get the real figures ? If f you check ratio's the numbers will reflect the truth , Ratio's base on a 86.3 % white population verses a 13.2 % black pop. the numbers will be for every 14 white's murdered last year only 1 black was murdered , The ratio thus becomes a 14 ( White ) to 1 ( Black ) . Total numbers of murders will show you a complely different ( a much Higher Rate for whites ) then Blacks . The smaller the group size ( 13 % ) the higher the per centage ( Misleading ) , The larger the group size ( 86 % ) the smaller the Per Centage ( Tricky stats ) right ? but , This is how it works in this case to make Black's bad, when in fact , the opposite are the real facts . They use the media to promote the lies ! Do your research ( Honest One ) , them show a" total numbers " list for each group . Also do the same for Ratio's . Make per centage last for each group!!!! The media and certain other groups are creating all this hate for one another and yes the major of them are white . Their coal is to Kill Off 7billion 300 million of US ALL by any means necessary . We would be batter served if we all band together and expose these Demonic Beings who look like us. The world become a much better place for us all. I hate no one , but I do know the past and I don't it repeated if I , you and everyone else can help it !!!!!