Have You Heard The Story of LaVena Johnson?

Have you heard of the story of LaVena Johnson?

levana-johnson-silent-truthLaVena Johnson was a soldier who enlisted in the Army in 2003. She was the first woman from Missouri to die in Iraq. What happened to this young black woman was appalling.  She was found in her tent with a gunshot wound to the head, a broken nose, black eye, loose teeth, acid burns on her genitals, and a trail of blood leading away from her tent.  What’s even more appalling is the Department of Defense has officially ruled her death a suicide.

The autopsy report and photographs revealed that her death was inconsistent with a suicide, and looked consistent with a rape-murder, but as far as the U.S. Criminal Investigative Command for the Army is concerned the case remains closed.  Her father became suspicious when he saw her body in the funeral home and decided to investigate.  At first the Department of the Army refused to release information, but eventually it did under the Freedom of Information Act after Pat Tillman’s death.  In 2010, a documentary about her family’s struggle to uncover the truth about her death called  LaVena Johnson: The Silent Truth was released.  Here’s a clip below:

Now tell me if this doesn’t make you mad son?

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      1. Don’t You Mean, More Proof That MEN are too violent and Unfit to serve in the miltiary…or be allowed Weapons in their posession… or hold public office… or hold Positions of Authority… Because, it was MAN who raped and killed this young female…and it was MEN who had weapons they couldn’t control responsibly….and it was MALES in Authority who declared her death a suicide instead of facing up to the Truth of what happened…. Which tells me that MEN should be CONTROLLED AND KEPT IN POSITIONS THAT DON’T AFFORD THEM THE ABILITY TO USE, ABUSE OR HARM OTHERS before they destroy the entire world with their Out of Control Testosterone and Inability to either Temper Their Responses or Lead Others…. You want to talk about Unfit…. Lets Talk about 4500 years of Male Inability to Act Like Reasonable and Intelligent, Peaceful Humans on this Planet Who Treat ALL Humans With Mutual Respect…. We can talk about that…. and how you should be confined and Controlled based on the History of your Male counterparts…. Lets Talk about it…..

      2. Women are unfit to serve in the army…how dare you make such a statement. You are a biggot. How does a female in the military deserve to be raped and murdered have anything to do with her being unfit….jerk!

      3. Unfit? She gets raped and murdered and you dare come back saying she’s unfit?? How many men were murdered over there? Were they unfit as well? I can just guess how you treat the women in your life and I am VERY glad I don’t know you!!!

      4. Someone kills her and SHE is unfit? The person who is unfit to wear the uniform is the low life piece of crap who did this~

      5. How is her death “More proof that women are unfit to serve in the military”? How is her being murdered make all women UNFIT? Choose your words carefully! What if she had been murdered at home? Would she have been unfit to live in her home? If you aren’t in the Military or have never served you HAVE NO room to make any stupid comment as that.

      6. Women aren’t unfit to serve in the military.. its the people that do these type of things who are unfit…what person in their right mind does this? Notice I asked “right” mind. NO ONE. Only sick people do this type of stuffed. I served in the military and I rather work with some women compared to some of the punk made men that serve!!!

      7. Did you really just make that statement, I mean really? This woman did not cause any harm to anyone by being unfit to serve, she was doing her job and was attacked in her tent……..please tell me how that makes anyone but the person who did this to her unfit.

        Are people really this stupid???

      8. Whoever did this and covered it up are not true soldiers. True soldiers are the ones who believe in a just and safe society. There is something wrong with our government if they allow soldiers like this. That girl was a soldier. She risked her life to fight for her country, but was ambushed by one of her own comrades. It could have happened to anyone’s son or daughter depending on how each perpetrator is mentally unfit to be serving and representing their country. The problem is that the government doesn’t want the people to know they let this happen. They cover it up, and upstanding soldiers don’t receive justice. I have a lot of respect for the true soldiers out there that have so much love that they want to protect and work for the better of the country. This instance is an injustice to the honorable soldiers.

      9. Trednel – MORE proof that people are still ignorant & stupid- What type of comment is this to wirte! She was killed, how can you say something like that- She served this country for us- AND you have the nerve, not only will I pray for this family- I will pray for your ignorance! Be blessed- and please take that blessing your going to need it!

      10. UNFIT????!!!!!!!!! Myself and my past, present, and future sisters in arms could wipe the floor with you. Please do the world a favor and never reproduce.

      11. Dude… sometimes, when the comments are as idiotic as yours, or show the level of ignorance or prejudice one person has, it is better to just shut the hell up. Follow the advice…

      12. Trednel Neltrend is obviously mentally ill(probably brought on by erectile disfunction) ignore him.

      13. You have a very bizarre and unfounded idea of what represents proof.
        Oh, and your a troll.

      14. Women are totally fit to serve in any capacity in the military. I served better than 25 years in the military and I would take a bullet for any woman leader that upholds the military values and standards required for their leadership position. It is never about the sex or gender of the person, rather close consideration should reflect how the person wears their rank and uphold the standards. The failure belongs to those who could not measure up to the oath and responsibility befitting wearing the uniform.

      15. U r about as dumb as they come,u stupid prick!! I guess if 2 or more Taliban soldiers over power you and take u hostage,then cut your freakin head off …that would make you unfit to serve the military!!! You ignorant f$#%.. women can do every damn thing a man can do for your info.

      16. That is a pretty insensitive, asinine and out of place statement. I hope you are trolling, because to sincerely think that is an appropriate response to the untimely demise for an active member of our military services is a sad statement.

      17. trednel neltrend….U r about as dumb as they come,u stupid prick!! I guess if 2 or more Taliban soldiers over power you and take u hostage,then cut your freakin head off …that would make you unfit to serve the military!!! You ignorant f$#%.. women can do every damn thing a man can do for your info.

      18. And you’re unfit to be considered a human being.
        Go fuck yourself, you sexist misogynistic, douchebag.

      19. Have you ever served? I have served for over 14 years and am still serving now. Yes, I am a female Soldier, and probably have more intestinal fortitute than you will ever have.
        You, dear Sir, need to sit down and ShutTFU!!!!

      20. You are a complete utter moron. It is because of her selfless act to join the military, that a pathetic excuse for a human being like you, is allowed to post things like this. I guarantee you that I speak for millions, that if you fell off this earth, NO ONE would care!

      21. @trednel…NO…this was a murder by a evil dog person…more proof that ppl. like you has no understanding of what has happen here…why not driving,being a wife,girl friend etc…Murder is murder and they will find the the dog…

      22. I agree that most women are unfit to serve in the military, but not all women. I do think that women need to be held to the same standards as men if they want to serve in the military or take positions in law enforcement or firefighting. I do not think they are doing women any favors by lowering the standards for physical testing and such. Women who are in the military should be as strong as their male counterparts or not be in it at all.

        I know many will attack Trednel’s comment as being sexist and inappropriate for this particular topic, but it is not completely unfounded. I don’t think all women should be allowed to join the military. And with incidents such as these where women are being raped, honestly why would a woman want to join?

      23. Obviously you have never served. I did for 24 months and there are females in prison today for the crimes they committed against other females because of jealousy!!! Imagine the bombshell that would be if this happened due to a jealous rage. Females are a target from males and other females.

      24. You dumb fuck! the only one that’s unfit is the basterds that did this to her and the persons that are letting them get away with it. How can you say she was unfit to fight your war but was fit to be raped? do do something like that to anyone you have to be a weak ass man and who
        wants a weak ass man defending their country but a weak ass man!

      25. Your an idiot! They rape men in the military too you know, it has nothing to do with sex, it about the military and them not protecting their own. Many people sign up to fight for our county and end up getting killed by our own. Instead of investigating what happen them military just covers it up and leave the family to pick up the pieces.

      26. This is why, you sir, will always be alone. A woman will NOT tolerate such an ignorant man just like you are. This is why YOU are not respected by women as well.

      27. Trendel, you may want to watch some of the words being typed by those fingers of yours… how is any woman of any branch of the military unfit to serve because someone (man or woman) murders her?! You are unfit and a sorry excuse for a human being

      28. More like proof that men are unfit to be trusted and can be worse than animals. I say any man that uses his genitals as a weapon should have his weapon permanently removed.

      29. You are a monster for saying such a horrible thing, I sincerely hope you are able to find a way out of the devolving mancave that you believe is a reality.

      30. Lol wow, you are just a bitter virgin who apparently holds some anger towards the fairer sex. Pathetic. There are plenty of women are physically more capable then a lot of their male counter parts. Maybe you should go to the gym and get off your fat ass so you would know that.

      31. Christy Sawyer said it best. I totally agree that it is not women that are unfit, that would be men. I think it was a typo on Trednel Neltrend’s part. My prayers and condolences to this family. FYI: Women are fit to do everything we choose to do, and should be allowed to do it without cruelty from “unfit” men!!!!

      32. Any woman willing to pick up a weapon and fight is good to go by me, just be capable of handling the haul with the team. Neltrend, you have no clue what you are talking about. If you have served and were/are infantry, then you may understand something called “wits vs. wills”. Wits win every time. You’re statement is invalid. I would love to take every bit of my 14 years experience I have and train a female candidate, pit them against you in combatant competition and laugh as you get your ass handed to you like the sandwich your fat lazy ass is too lazy to get the fuck up and make your damned self when you should’ve been PT’ing (running) anyways. Could you be be anymore chauvinistic? Because I can definitely be more of an asshole if needed. — Side note, comma, pause for effect.. This is a disgusting tragedy. Sad, wrong and absolutely disgusting. Anyone in a uniform covering up, backing up or condoning this on a fellow Soldier, Sailor, Airman or (heaven fucking help you) a Marine; deserves to have their uniform beaten off and any marks of allegiance to said service removed. I’m brutally speaking but I’m angry and this dishonor is an outrage. I’m sick of it. I’m tired of it and it always puts a negative tone / black cloud over those that kick ass and serve diligently and honorably as their country (not their government) would expect. Sometimes that means picking up a weapon and putting a bullet into the enemy’s thought process group, how, why or how bad it hurts; breaks; destroys one’s body is irrelevant. Mission is priority always. If a woman can do it, then who cares?

      33. Actually, it is proof that just because someone signs up for military service, they are not automatically a hero or someone to be honored. America deifies their military, like a teen girl does Justin Beiber. It is a job people. One that at times is performed honorably and courageously. But just like my workplace and yours has good and bad employees, so does the military. When will Americans realize and acknowledge that fact?

      34. Your comment and this link prove that you are unfit to be classified as intelligent or even human.

      35. How do we know it wasnt some butch ass female doing the raping? Tried to cover it up and fake it as if a male did it? Open your mind, but the fact is she is gone and arguing over this is pointless.

      36. Are you serious? Women are unfit to serve in the Military? What a freaking JERK..I’m sure these women have more testosterone than you! Have you ever served in any of our armed services?

        I Thank All Women & Men that serve in our Military.. It’s just a awful shame that unfortunately some men just are not men at all!

      37. What? How does this prove women are unfit to serve in the military? More than likely, this proves that men, even of our own society, have not evolved beyond digusting creatures that believe women are nothing but vaginas to be demeaned and mutilated in whatever they choose. Your comment, if not merely a matter of being ill-written, is repugnant beyond belief.

      38. And your post is proof that idiots shouldn’t be allowed on the internet!! It really doesn’t matter if she’s fit or not! No one deserves to be treated like that.

      39. I proudly served in the US Navy for 12 years, land based, carrier based and out of country. Women are quite capable to serve in the military. This has nothing to do with women, but the truth being covered up – that is the issue. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS THE ISSUE!

      40. You stupid idiot son of a bitch……first off your link that you decided to share with this forum clearly has NOTHING to do with this article……..Yes I’m fucking upset and more upset that you would actually say some dumb shit like that. I wish no bad things on you or anyone around especially if you have kids but what if you had a daughter and this happened to her while she was in the military, would you still feel the same way, by the way these kind of things has happened to men as well so son or daughter this could be your child or maybe even you…..fucking idiot!!!!

      41. #1 = every member in the military is not necessarily going to be down range. Physical capabilities have nothing to do with whether you’re living in a country that is safer than most, and you could have nothing more to want for because those people are fighting for you! There are members who are doing things behind the scenes that are maintaining your safety and comfort here, and if you have a problem with that you can leave the country. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would agree

        – FEMALE, USAF Member

      42. You are an ass and should be dealt with accordingly. Screw you, you dirtbag.

      43. Trednel Neltrend…..I hope none of your female relatives doesn’t join the Army and get raped, abused and killed like this young lady did. You are heartless, disgusting, shitty individual and this is why the world is like this because of people like you. You need Jesus! you can tell what type of person you are by your statement…..I pray for you, because I see that you are a DEMON!!!

      44. Asswhole I served 22years in the airforce now retired and my job has nothing to do with how I would encounter an animal off the streets, the coexistence is for one cause and that is to support and protect this country in which we live, yes they get sent to remote places but that does not mean that you have to act like a animal cause your possible wife is back home and you can’t get no pussy, trust me I became the mean sergeant cause I made them horny mf keep their place out of my space, the military wouldn’t be shit without women but war and hungry and dirty soldiers crying to come home.

      45. I’m so unfit after 2 deployments overseas and 6 years active duty. I’m in a mans world and it will always try to surpass them in everything I do. You however are some ignorant broad who is stuck in people’s old beliefs. I feel sorry for people like you and I hope you do not I still such idiotic beliefs in your children and younger generations. You my dear need to do some reasearch.

        Very Proud Female Sergeant

      46. this woman was abused and possibly gang raped and beaten and you have the nerve to say she is not fit you bastard

      47. Holy Crap! This really is disappointing! Just the first few comments and already the ignorance comes out. Women shouldnt join cause they will get raped and killed? Are you SERIOUS! and men should be controlled by a leash like a dog! Hahaha some people are truly ignorant. So I assume she was the only female to ever join the military, any idea maybe the leaders who covered it up are female’s? Couldnt be, cause clearly only MEN join the army lol. People that leave comments like this should be shot in a firing line. The level of sheer ignorance some of you people possess is mind blowing. The whole system is corrupt, not just one man or all men, its all leaders including women aswell. The fact that you have the freedom to say the stupid shit you do and face no fear of retaliation, that freedom was indoctrined by a man “moron”.

      48. First off Trednel Neltrend You are a complete moron! You making such a comment reveals that you ahve never served or been in harms way. Miss Christy Sawyer painting with a broad brush serves no purpose. There are more honorable men serving than unhonorable. I understand the distain for such provoking and untrue statements by an obvious douchebag, but please don’t label us all because of idiot such as these.

      49. And the fact that men get raped, tortured, and killed in the military by their fellows too, not the other side but their own,you’re okay with that too?. Even men are weak in their sleep.

      50. and you are not fit to breath the air that you’re breathing but for some reason your ignorant a** is. Your response was cold and heartless and disrespectful to her family and love ones…

      51. You sir ,with a cowardly fake name, are a typical idiot online troll !

      52. CORRECTION:
        The losers who attacked, raped, and destroyed my battle buddy’s body, are unfit!

        This soldier served with honor. Some “ate-up” individuals killed her to cover their butts.
        You don’t cut down her “fitness to serve” because of what some criminals-in-uniform did!

        @Christina Reyes … The meeting of military standards have NOTHING to do with the topic at hand.
        This soldier was raped, beaten, burned, shot in the head …
        NONE of these atrocities have anything to do with this soldier’s ability to do her job! She swore to “protect and defend …”
        Who protected her?
        Throw your bigotry in the garbage. Get a clue.

      53. christy, u are to be commended for such a powerful and profound and well thought out summary on what it means being male and the dangers of male minds and leadership! Couldn’t of said it any more eloquent…..

      54. Fuck that!! What men can do we can do better!! She was there to fight for our country and this happens, and you have the audacity to say that!! Maybe killers rapist and people like you are unfit for the military!

    1. Have you heard the story of some off-beat website copying an old wikipedia article word for word, without at least citing the fact that they did? My heart goes out to the Johnsons and this is a travesty, but at least have some integrity when posting copied sh*t like this.

    2. Her death must server the greater good somehow. We just don’t know enough to understand why it was necessary for her to be raped/die. It must be or her Commanding Officer would have shot the SOB’s who committed this infraction of the USMC.

    3. I cant believe we have military that would harm there on who every did this need get the same treatment she went thur I 100% stand behine this family . and for the ones think women are unfit to serve there country you need to leave the usa cause in my eyes your not one of us we all stand together that’s why we are the usa

    4. You cannot blame the government as a whole. Obviously, this was done by one sick individual and it’s probable that some individuals weren’t doing their jobs the proper way, but you cannot blame the government.

    5. She wasn’t killed by the government, she was killed by traitors. As soon as they made the decision to do what what they did. they became the enemy of all of us. to the author for bringing more attention to this atrocity. Her family and friends have my condolences, I know it doesn’t amount to much but it’s all I know to give at the moment.

    6. What the heck is wrong with People, especially those who claim they are christian. Christians do not go to war because it is brutal al the way around. Jesus said if you pick up the sword ( or in this case gun) you die by it. This picture looks like its a Hollywood good time and war is NOT a good time it consists of killings on both sides just like this. the President of the US should go fight his own darn battles and people should NOT allow or be proud of their children fighting for their country. But rather be proud they obeyed their God. DO NOT KILL MEANS………….. just that… do not kill or be killed.. very sad story but it comes from defying Gods law..Do Not Kill,

  1. This disgusted me….Our so called goverment should be ashamed of themselves and I hope they go on until the truth will be heard.

  2. This story is sickening!!! And suicide my ass!! the military trying to play on ppl intelligence with that bullshit story!!! I will personally share this story in hopes that people can the see the bullshit that’s happening to women in the military!!

  3. This happened back in 2005 and this is the first time hearing about this atrocious death. And for it to have happened in the military? I hope they have contacted their Congress person who will have the courage to fight for them. To think this is not the first death of a female is still deplorable. Denzel Washington starred in a movie where a female officer was abused and killed. Facts versus fiction huhh?

  4. I’m a 24 year Army Veteran Retired SGM. This story stinks to the high heaven. I pray to God for justice for this family,

  5. What a dishonorable way to treat a soldier. I hope the truth comes to light. Not only for her family’s sake, but because anyone who would do this to a fellow soldier needs to be brought to justice.

  6. Lord have mercy. The tears fall as I imagine your heartache and pain not only for the loss of your daughter but the lies told to cover up and to attempt to lay blame on her for what someone else did to her. I pray that you get justice for her and that your case be the first of many to reveal what is has and will continue to happen if no one stands up for these victims of sexual abuse. If their is a petition or something to sign to get the attention of those that need to right this wrong please let me know so I can sign it in memory of your daughter.

    1. After reading this, GOD help our women in the Services. Justice is certainly needed here. How would one find out if the Service this young lady was connected with has begone to initiate an investigation providing justice.

    2. @Marsha your words of condolence for this young lady’s family were spoken well! As an employee of the Criminal Justice System, this may appear to be a case of foul play (murder) based on the information provided. Our government is responsible for the continuous mistreatment and torment of women serving in our services. I do not condone women abuse! We should disregards those who comments incite race because of the public outcry posted on this thread! Race of any female abuse is not accepted and does not matter when it comes to my feelings! I will seek further information into this matter! My condolence!

  7. I can’t stop crying. I’ve sat here at my desk and watched this little snippet twice and I am appalled to say the least that this goes on in our world. I think what hurt me more than anything is when they showed the pictures of the countless women who have loss their lives in this way that I don’t know the story of. The United States of America is the only country in this world that its citizens are blind and choose to remain blind to what is going on and then when things of a terrorist capacity happens we are left clueless as to why. What kind of country allows women in the military and they not be protected. This video will haunt me…LaVena’s spirit speaks through me. I am very interested in finding out how I can be involved in the efforts of this plight. I am so sad right now…but I’m even more angry. It’s senseless and has to not only stop…but the cover ups…my God…

  8. My heart goes out to your for your daughter, I hope you get the person or person who did this.. Don’t rest if you found out what happen.. Will be praying everything will come to the light..

  9. OMG! I didnt even think this could happen to someone in the military. they do so much for us as far as protecting the us. why torture one another? I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that justice prevails through……and I pray that the foolish ones who did this gets what they deserve.

      1. I must say I have to agree with that person. Where is the good Rev. Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson at? Where are the protesters and rallies? They made a general statement. Not saying that all black people dont care, but there is a large percentage that can care less about something until it becomes popular to care. We tend to pick and choose our battles as a people instead of fighting them all equally. 2005 is almost 10 years ago and you and I both are just catching wind of this story. So in all reality you cant be upset at that comment cause there is truth behind it. Just the other day I was talking to elders about the black community. They told me one of the WORST thing to happen to black people is integration. This is coming from Atlanta natives that are 70+ years old. People that have survived the Jim Crow era and marched with Dr. King, Ralph Abernathy, Joseph E. Lowry etc.

      2. …but LightBlack4Eva is not lying…if it had been a post about Rihanna or Beyonce or Nicki M, the view count would have exploded by now but no, this issue is not worth their time. Same story globally when it comes to black related matters.

      3. Yeah, but he does have a point on the number of views and interest, as opposed to some twerk video. Heck, a white cop shooting a kid robbing a store would get more outrage, and this story is nigh a decade old.

  10. This is totally outrageous! What a sad story and shame on them for the cover-up! It sickens me to hear this could actually happen. My thoughts go out to her family and friends….hoping they get justice in the end. Although it would still be a travesty…and senseless death.

  11. I have seen my share of that in my life time. So many inconsistencies even in the photo. Were the photos taken after someone tacked the blood around, was her body moved several times, her weapon was on the opposite side of the bed. What are the indentures on her finger and thumb. How long was she deceased before discovered? Must be the cop in me coming out. That was definitely no suicide. Condolences to the family of another lost soul.


      1. You said: “Stop lying?” Why because she’s a woman she deserves to be raped and killed? Wow you are a piece of garbage. I would love to see what you’d say if your mother was treated like that. I bet you have some sick mommy issues and you’d be glad someone raped and murdered your mother just because she’s a woman right? Another whacko.

      2. because u keep saying that means that u just want attn like a crying baby or ur the one unfit to breathe. choke yourself. stop tryn to get ppl to notice u.

    1. Stop using this sites blog to promote your bullshit crappy website. If you are such a big man try to do your own advertising instead of using this woman’s death video to promote your crappy lame sexist website jerko.

    2. Please no one else respond to this person. He is only posting to be heard. When people of this like this speak in forums of this type, it is only to get the attention that they are lacking in their poor excuse of a life. This discussion is about what happened to this young lady and the attempt to cover it up…not about whether she should have been in the military. She was there, this happened, and I want to know why and who. All else is irrelevant!!!

    3. So a male soldier who did this to a female soldier IS fit to serve in the military? A soldier must have it all, mental and physical control. And while man might be a bit more physically strong (I’d like to underline MIGHT), it really isn’t all that matters. So I really don’t think your comment makes any sense whatsoever.

    4. Why are you such an insecure piece of shit that you have to join some site to brainwash you with their manhood mantra shit? go die.

    5. Women are proving daily that they can do the jobs formerly held by men only. Women are graduating Marine Corps Infantry Training School (and the course was not altered)! Get used to the terms Masculine and Feminine disappearing from our evolving vernacular! They are terms of days gone by. They have no place in our human world! We are not second class citizens and men like you need to get over yourselves! Your weaknesses and insecurities are not our problems, so stop deflecting and using us as your scapegoats. We’re running shit now buddy. We’re smart (more of us are graduating college than men these days, ha!), talented, well-read, worldly (we travel more than men), and very intuitive (that’s simply a gift we were given). Our muscles are different because one of our human roles is make more humans. Male muscles are different and should be stronger because their human role was to kill things to feed all humans. Aside from those two differences, we’re proving everyday that we can do whatever you can do, and many times we can do it better! Deal with it mister! Men aren’t the enemy, but neither are women. That is HUMANS 101!

      Oh, your .com is juvenile! You must be a kid. Consider yourself schooled!

    6. Women are more fit to serve in the military than any man will ever be. Because it was a MAN who raped this woman and murdered her, it was MEN who covered up the crime.

      So let’s stop lying. Men like you, are egotistical, sexist, immature, and lets face it, most act like a bunch of pussies. So tell me, who is more unfit, a woman who is willing to leave her children and family behind to serve her country or a man who rapes and murders their fellow soldiers.


    7. You know….saying women are unfit to serve in military is your opinion and I won’t judge your opinion but that has nothing to do with rape or murdering someone. If she was at home and just a house wife the situation isn’t different. Rape is rape and murder is murder. I feel sorry for someone who is as ignorant as you that the only message you take from this ia who is or ia not fit for military sevice. A rapist is a rapist and a murderer is a murderer whether he is in military or a construction worker and a victim is a victim regardless of her job!

    8. That’s why you’re going to die alone. And I bet so many woman can beat your sorry ass to a pulp. Let’s face it, woman can do a lot of things better than men. And some men are better at some things as well. BUT women are mentally strong like men, tough like men, fast, and sure as hell a lot smarter. Just because she’s a young woman doesn’t mean shit. You’re unfit for the military because you lack commone respect. You wouldn’t last a damn day. You know what els I learned that women are better at? Respect, which you are lacking in.

  13. This is why I have never and will never fight for America. Spare me the patriotic B.S. about fighting for my freedom. Martin Luther King, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Malcom X, and many more true warriors fought for my freedom. Moreover, if I am a “Nigger” then I am certainly no friend of America. In fact, I am not even a citizen. Now with all that said, I have this to conclude: America, if I ever get you down….”

    1. It seems more like some men aren’t fit for military duty. I don’t think it was a woman who commited rape, torture, mutilation and murder of another American soldier.

    2. Oh please just shut up. If you don’t live in our country, then you dont understand how it works. Thus, you should keep your comments to yourself.

      Alot of people IN THIS COUNTRY are outraged by the amount of racism that goes on in this country.

      Threaten america all you want, but honey, you will go down faster than we will.

  14. I have a friend from Indianapolis whose wife (also a Black female) was killed in a similar manner, and to this very day has been given no answer by the army. America The Ugly.”

  15. I am forwarding this to my local senators and congressmen/congresswomen. We must immediately demand that this be investigated – and the senior military officers involved be held accountable. Military – what a waste of our tax dollars. I’m sick of working hard to support this system.

    1. One death and you throw yours arms up but thousands die and you “support the system”. Talk about successful washing, your country does nothing for you but you are expected to blindly follow their bullshit lies and wars!!

      1. It’s not because of the one death you idiot its because of how she was murdered and he the way they covered it up. Yes thousands die but we cant do this for all of them cause we don’t know every time someone dies.

      2. You must have women in your family are have feeiing maybe thousand have died but was they murdered by people the trusted maybe you might have a daughter or loves ones for or maybe your just an ASSSS

  16. This is so sad. The Army rapes its own women and like the police in this country who have this policy of “we don’t tell on each other”. Their punk -ass code of honor is just like the Army’s code to protect one another if a fellow co-worker does something wrong. Yet, if I see someone do something wrong to a neighbor or someone on the street I’m suppose to call 911. Really. Like I have said plenty times before this is a jacked up government we have. When things like this go on.and the higher ups go unpunished. These soldiers are suppose to be “fighting for our protection” yet they rape and kill to keep quiet their female partners in the war. Some example we set for our country…..but then again this country has always been like this. Lying to other countries about how nice it is to be living here and even fooling the ones already here about how wonderful it is….that is all BS. There is no Democracy here. there is no pride here with this government. If there was or is any good politicians here something will be done about this….. Of course nothing will be done for this poor soldier and her family. This government sucks if nothing is done….they suck already.

  17. There is an obviously a cover up, no way this was a suicide, those still photos tell the truth of what really happened to that beautiful young girl, so if you’re the medical examiner and you did nothing to reveal the truth about her death, then you’re also accountable for this murder.


    1. Yes, my daughter-in-law was one of them. She was raped by someone in command who attacked her from behind while showering. She was lucky to leave the military with her life but her life has been destroyed due to mental and physical repercussions…..what was done to her can never be reversed nor fixed! And she is still fighting to get benefits due to her. The “good ole boys club” is still alive and well in the military! She has started ABlackRose.org to help others who have been raped in the military. Check them out on facebook.

    2. Do you have any numbers? Because 0.02% is more than 0.01% and thus more likely, doesn’t mean it’s any kind of epidemic. Shouldn’t happen at all of course, but I doubt it’s even as prevalent as it is back home in reality.

  19. We have got to do better as a nation. When those who are protecting our country aren’t protected, you know we are in serious trouble. Prayers go out to the family of this young lady. Justice will be served one way or another. Nothing is too hard for God, keep trusting

  20. It is insane if anyone would believe that this young lady would do this to herself. To even have the gall to to rule “suicide” is insensible and non-caring. They think that their explanation justifies this “massacre/torture”?. This ruling of suicide is shameful on their part and shows their insensitivity to those under their “command”. This case should not be allowed to go cold and all effort should be made so that all those responsible for this crime and cover up be held accountable and brought to justice. I hope our Senators and congressmen/women stay on top of this matter and not let such crime against their parishioners and citizens go unpunished. My prayers are with the family and friends of LaVenna and to those who read this story and are affected by the loss of this young soldier and others like her.
    As there is a God up above who sees and knows all things about exactly what happens He will deal with those responsible in one way or the other; some of us may never know the outcome but God answers prayers.

  21. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I’m so sad for her family. Our government seems to put no value on human life, and particularly in military. We have so many scandals that all involve murder and no one is ever punished or forced to admit what they’ve done. God knows though……

  22. Just throwing this out there but throwing acid on women is something that a certain group of people that start with the letter M have a history of doing to educated, outspoken or uncovered women not to be too politically incorrect. As far as cic goes those guys are a bunch of dbags who do what’s best for the army and their careers not necessarily what’s right or what’s the truth.

    1. I follow you on that one.
      The same way we risk our life to defend our country, we should defend our innocent. Stuff happens but this went too far & the cover-up is unneccesary.

    1. This was an African American female soldier who was only trying to do something right by being in the military was found dead in tent with gunshot wound to the head, broken nose, black eye, loose teeth, and acid burns to genitals; death officially ruled a suicide by Department of Defense, it is very clear to see that this was no accident, and that the military was clearly in the area of being found guilty for her murder. Now I personally think that the president of the U.S. can force them to reopen this case, and make all the individuals in the unit do a serious of exams, test, dna, all the require steps needed to prove beyond a
      reasonable doubt that someone or individuals are guilty and it is also needed to find out what was the reason behind her murder. That was a horrible death to die. I pray that she was asleep, and did not see her murders alive. But I do know that if a gunshot was fired, someone heard that shot, and they had to hear the struggle, at some point or time. They need to act like a man or woman and tell the truth and quit acting like a coward hiding behind a close door.

  23. I am so pissed off right now… at the fact that this happen to a young woman.. . who went to the military and ended up murdered …….and there was nothing done about it…. no dna testing done on each and ever male in that unit to find out who could have been a possible suspect… They need to constantly put them in the media to force them beyond a reasonable doubt to find the one or ones responsible for her death. The President of the U.S. needs to take action before the military get embarrassed when the truth comes out.

  24. Are you kidding me, instead of spreading this and trying to get this family help you’re going to say we are unfit to serve! I wish her peace and her family the help to get answers thy need. This is not how we take care of our brothers and sisters.

    For your statement… I’ve deployed twice and I’m in a male filled world being active duty, but not once was I unable to hold my own. Not once did I question any men or women I served with they will always be my family. whoever did this to this to LaVena needs to be found and punished.

    You need to also get some education before you make a statement about women in the Army. I’m proud to serve and my ass will do everything and anything to meet the standards of my peers. You’re statement was a waste of oxygen. Go do some research.

  25. my heart goes out to the familyto the family I was crying the whole time I watched it,,SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DID,WOMEN HAS A HARD WAY TO GO WITH ALL THOSE MEN..so not fair but God see all…

  26. I know the armed forces protect our freedoms. If it’s at the cost of our young women, then it’s not worth it. I hope the men that did this burn in hell, I also hope that anyone who knows the truth will come forward.

  27. This is why Americans have so little faith In government. We need strong leadership focused on issues of justice and fair play for all. No more good ole boy networks, or politics as usual.

  28. I was in Iraq during that time a lot of stuff was going on that shouldn’t have been. I didn’t hear anything about her death though most likely because they ruled it a suicide. That’s crazy clearly from the pics it looks like a murder. If anyone did something like that to my sister I feel for them.

  29. Allow me to be the troll and speak my opinion among imbeciles and sheep alike. I don’t feel sorry for this darkskinned chick or any other of her race, creed, color, or supporters. She chose her path and she paid for it severely, for the future is not written in stone. This female n*gger was a weak fish in a pool of sharks. Welcome to the world of violence, war, and death. Fiat money created by a few powerful men at the very top wage war on other countries. Powerful governments control sheep with deadly force involved. Too bad this dumb stupid dog was at the both with the rest to rot and die off. Women instinctively cherish life, while men cherish death and destruction as you can see by the typical impulsive comments made under this article from each side of the gender spectrum, together they form the balance of the yin and yang. You can’t have life without death, but never expect death to be peaceful, because life is war.

  30. This is so sad I have daughters. And grand daughter I’m very angry and up set. Please someone needs to dig deeper and find out what happen to this young lady.because anyone could clearly see that this was done by someone else. And to the ASS that made that stupid comment. When and the hell being unfit have to do with what these heart less people did to this young lady. Our children goes into the service to make a life for them self. I don’t wish this on any parent. The father all so said that this has happen to other young lady. It seems to me that they have been getting away with this for a long time. We send our kids off thinking that they are safe. Never thinking that they would be hurt by their own. I’m praying for justice for this family. And other family’s that’s has lost a child or love one.

  31. i so agree with ms sawyer on this, thats that I am a male, i have seen some males act way out of line in the military.

  32. this was not a man who did this to her. he or they are less than human even. being a male does not mean ur going to be like those who committed this act. i am a man ,and i am appalled and broken hearted at seeing this story. that is the real import here. not the sexist rhetoric either way. some fa cts should be taken into consideration however that males (esp) who enlist are socialized to be monsters. theres no way around that.

  33. Proof that the United States military has no respect for the enlisted females. The killer must be an officer with this type of cover up. What’s done in the dark will come to the light.

  34. They never said it was a male who raped her, they said her death, and it was no doubt murder, was consistent with a rape murder. I don’t rule out that it was a man and honestly in all likelihood it was a male. I am a retired Army SSG and I have been deployed to Iraq and I have seen some women violators too. This is a deviant masquerading as a Solder, I can guarantee you all “Soldiers” don’t do these types of things. Soldiers don’t join the military to defend millions of Americans rights to violate a fellow Soldiers right to life. Unfortunately all walks of life join the military and some of them are criminal who have never been caught, devout racist, anti-Semitic, anti-white, gang members and even anti-government all exist within the ranks of the Military at all levels as well. Joining the military give them training they would not have access to other wise, and allows them to be invisible to the civilian sector making them less likely to be prosecuted as long as their command doesn’t find out. More is expected of a Soldier both male and female and for the majority Soldiers live up to that expectation 3 fold, but their are a lot of masqueraders within the ranks.

  35. I am very much familiar with this deplorable travesty. It deeply saddens me and I feel their excruciating pain. Yet, I applaud their fierce determination to seek justice on behalf of their beautiful daughter! In 1972, my own sister, Private Wanda Kaye Barnes 19, was in the Army for approximately 6 months when my parents received a call from Walter Reed Hospital, advising them that she was critically ill. My sister was diagnosed with a condition known as “permanent or persistent vegetative state.” This condition was similar to the Karen Ann Quinlen or Terrry Schiavo cases. However, my sister did not have any drugs in her body nor did she suffer a heart attack. She was a vegetable. It devastated me. I could not believe it. My older sister, someone so vibrant, full of love and beauty, supremely intelligent and gifted, would meet such a horrific fate. She was only able to respond to certain stimuli and breath on her own. She could not move, walk or talk. She could not scratch when she had an itch nor verbalize if she was uncomfortable. She was imprisoned in her own body. She suffered! My mom, was blessed to do a commendable job (with the help of The Holy Ghost) of taking care of her. She turned her body every 2 hours without complaint for approx. 61/2 years or so. Yes, she lived at home, and my Mom was her primary caregiver. She had a feeding tube, catheter etc . Of course, the Military did not come clean. They claim that they did not know what happened. There was never any closure for us. In 1979, After suffering for 7 long years in that horrible, debilitating state, she transitioned to Heaven at the tender age of 26. I am her baby sister. I loved her, she was good to me, and I will carry her in my heart forever! Any accolades received in this life,will be dedicated in her honor!

    1. I have no adequate words, but I am so sorrow for your loss, and I would say to Wanda, thank you for your service, and the Father knows your story, and there will be a reckoning day for any who might have participated in any wrong doing… Never does anyone escape the judgment due them in all matters, save by one name alone

  36. This makes Bernie Madoff look good. Justice must be reached in this case and those who covered up the murder must be tried and convicted.

  37. Another cover up from our government and the armed services (Army)You would be suprised what they the Armed services will do for some but not others.I would not stop until some one will help you. Sorry for your loss.

  38. American people are loosing more and more faith in our government I would not let any child of mine give his or her life for this country if another country comes we may be better off

  39. Welcome to the human race. Men and women a like feed on one another…period. In the eyes of the mind, the more emotional are not logical enough for battle. But this does not always have to be women…

    Sex wars in this scenario won’t work. Feminists and Chauvinists combating won’t bring her back. All you can do is hope somewhere down the line, humans stop consuming one another in lust, greed and grabs for power. Men get raped, beaten and killed too. (Not defending a sex, I’m passing knowledge.) The numbers are just as ugly.

    So either present a plausible change for the future, (haven’t seen one), or stop arguing on the internet. Your opinion doesn’t change fact, no matter how hard you push the keys.

  40. Unfortunately, things like this happen in not just the military but also in the general population. Also to assume it was a male that did this is ignorant to the fact that in the military there were female on female sexual assaults, especially in Iraq and during Operation Desert storm!! Maybe just maybe that’s why it was swept quietly under the radar as a suicide.

  41. Whoever killed and tortured her may think that it is all over with….NOT! God is the one who will avenge this young woman’s death. You may get way from man’s justice…but you will never outrun God’s justice. I hope whoever did this has many sleepless nights and that the guilt is eating them up!!!!!!!!

  42. The tent that she was found in was something like a mantience tent. This happened during OIF 3 at Camp Anaconda. I was an E-5 cook at the time and it was two of my soldiers who first found the body. They where working the night shift and saw a tent was on fire. They tried to put the fire at with sand and that’s when they found her body. The tent was in a construction area where they were building a new dining facility. I remember my soldiers waking me up early in the mourning after CID finished questioning them. They were pretty shaken. We all felt it was odd that it was ruled a suicide because How did the fire start? It was crazy to me running across this article today about 8 years afterwards.

  43. this little piece of information She was found in her tent with a gunshot wound to the head, a broken nose, black eye, loose teeth, acid burns on her genitals, and a trail of blood leading away from her tent. show it was foul play and females can do wat males can if the try hard enough noone is perfect so how can anyone say females are unfit becuz i have a sister in the military and been there for 17 years and she is as good at her job as any of the males and i am a male so what

  44. I hate this please anyone who can write let’s spred this story do not let this case stay closed please lets all do something for this family .this wonerful person was taken from her family She was Murderd and they will pay for this. If need be let’s write President !!!!!!!!

  45. During(US Army November 1974 thru November 1977) my time in the service,men and woman were still segregated. That was 37 years ago. I have heard of this happening in the modern Army. What is a shame is if this is a part of progress,then they should go back to the way it was when I was in the Army. We could share common ares like gymnasiums ,cafeterias and some duty assignments,but we definitely slept in separate Barracks then. Maybe it was for the best. I hope this family brings the obvious perpetrator to justice.

  46. God is not a man that He could lie,” vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay.”
    As a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Everyone involved in this crime will pay at the hands of a just GOD. From the assailants to the those who covered up this crime. Be SURE that your sins will find you out. I will not ask God to have mercy on your souls. My prayers are with the family.

  47. Lord, I know you are going to bring the truth to the light, cant nobody in this world not even the government keep evil hidden in the dark, because you are a God that reveals all the answers for us….you take care of us not the government…..remember vengeance is the Lord, I send my prayers out to her family n may God rest her soul….love everyone. We are equal….no matter if you are black, white or purple…….nobody have any room to judge anyone so stop it…..

  48. This happens quite a bit overseas. The saddest part in all of this is that our Senate won’t do anything. They spent millions of dollars holding Senate hearings trying to determine if the US could prosecute Americans that committed crimes against other Americans abroad. Look at the young woman that worked for Haliburton. She had to have reconstructive surgery; sat in a Senate hearing where the only 2 people that spoke up about the stupidity of the hearing were Al Franken and another Sr. Senator. This will not stop until the “good ole boy” system is finally cleaned out of our military. It starts at the top.

  49. Am I the only one who finds this to be ironic. you guys are making it seem liek the government was against you all. where really they were trying to prevent to the dumbassery going on now. They want to continue supporting troops with women and they want to continue showing that women should feel confident going in with troops. it would be better to cal it a suicide rather then letting people know a woman was raped and killed.

    Now that it’s out, we have people stomping on women and women fighting against these dumbasses who said it’s another reason. Now we will have less women in the forces and some going in out of spite rather than true passion.

  50. This is beyond disgusting. The Army should be ashamed. It kinda puts me in the mind of the movie “The General’s Daughter.”

  51. I started a reply to Ms. Booker and others,I must have hit the delete key by mistake.
    So I will say I am appalled by this. There has to be justice.
    My heart goes out to the family.
    I can not even imagine what the father felt ,when he had to view his daughter’s body.
    May the truth come out,
    This happened some years ago, I shudder to think how many others went through rape and even being killed and it was covered up.
    This young solider should receive the Purple Heart.

  52. I PRAY they catch her killer(s). This is sick, unjust, deplorable, and it makes me sad to know there is still no racial and sexual equality in the military, much less this nation.

  53. How on earth will i belief such lies? it was a set up…Her spirit will haunt on those culprits every day of their lives…they will never have rest of mind until they confess to the world.
    May her gentle soul RIP

  54. All the more reason that felonies should NOT be prosecuted by military authorities and handled by the civilian police. As long as the military is allowed to internally investigate these crimes, there will always be cover ups. Women who serve are always under attack, one way or another. Oh, and to that asshole who claims this is a reason why women are unfit to serve…you’re a piece of rat filth. How dare you blame the victim for her fate. First and foremost, she chose to serve her country, and her fellow male soldiers should have seen her only as a fellow soldier..they would even think of trying this shit with a male soldier, so why treat female soldiers so deplorably? I hope the piece of shit who did this gets life in prison.

  55. This story literally made me sick to my stomach. My heart and prayers are with the family of LaVena, a brave and beautiful woman whom was clearly assaulted, tortured and murdered. I am ashamed at our D.O.D. for allowingthis masmassive cover up (and the others) to exist. I know that the cowards that did this to LaVena think that they’ve gotten away with murder but one thing for certain that they will not get away with is the white thrown of judgement. Yes, I had to bring God in this because clearly some of our service men and women need Him.in their lives. I am ready to join in the fight for justice of these women and anyone else that is abused and murdered by the hands of fellow military service men/leaders.

  56. This is so disturbing. I did not know about this story or by the sounds of it, the other women that have suffered in this way too. Don’t allow your children to join the military – it’s a waste of life

  57. Jesus, Mary and sweet St Joseph!I am appalled by the story and the cover that ensued! The brass really needs to be ashamed of themselves for letting her rapist and murderer go free. This case needs to be reopened immediately!

  58. This is beyond tragic. I was in the CANG (for 6 yrs) slated to be deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 but rejected during medical because of my diagnosis of MD. Now I realize that depression literally SAVED my physical life. These heroic women will always be in my heart and prayers when praying for the Armed Forces. Uncle Sam continues to miss the mark with women and that is sad.

  59. The person or persons who murdered this woman need to be brought to justice. The person or persons who covered this up also need to be persecuted to the full extent of Military justice. I personally do not have all the facts but right now I would say all involved should face death by firing squad. There is no place in the military for this.

  60. Every agency has a particular language. Webdesign, philosophy, law enforcement, etc.etc. I am of the mindset that “suicide” in the military has two meanings. One literally meaning Death -self determined- by the “taking” of ones own life and the other meaning…. one who does not follow the rules of secrecy, one who does not play the game wisely, one who knows to much and does to much about what they know. Down time in the military can become a dangerous game that their are no training maneuvers (how do you train to out manuever your own fellow soldier/peer) it’s almost comparative to being in prison. (and we have all heard of the horror stories about prison)

  61. Horrible what was done to her and horrible that the military is doing what the military does – cover up if the crime doesn’t fit their agenda. Women do not belong in combat. There, I said it. I am a woman and feel very strongly about this. We can serve our country in many valuable ways – serving in combat does not make the best use of innate abilities and, in many situations, brings great harm not only to us but to the men we serve with. The whole “legislating for equality of outcome” is UN-Constitutional and STUPID. prayers, always.

  62. God please give her family closure and help them find what truly happened to this young lady!!! i will keep them in my prayers and justice will be served on her behalf. I love LaVena as if she were one of my own!!!!! JUSTICE FOR LAVENA is comin and my GOD be with her family!!!! FUCK the ARMY, ON MEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This shit needs to be investigated, ASAP)

  63. IS there a name we can write to in the military if we all flood them with letters and calls someone will have to do something? The medical examiner needs to be brought up on charges this is so wrong on so many levels…those who stand by and doing nothing are just as bad…we must help this could be your aunt, sister, child…..

  64. The degradation, rape, murder of our young women in the armed service is an atrocity! It’s more than a personal tragedy, it is a blight upon our entire nation that we allow this. That poor young woman was one of many. LaVena’s dad is clearly heart broken, but he also appears to have a fire in his belly over this personal tragedy. The military is a system which safe guards such practices and the men who get away with it. These men were perceived as her brothers in arms and yet they committed this heinous violence against her, and took her life. These are our soldiers???? As we look at other nations who abuse, mistreat woman and commit these violent acts against our young women, we should be JUST as concerned with what is done to our daughters, young women HERE in the United States. May God guide this family in their endeavor for justice. I send them my prayers and hope for justice.


      1. No, men who can treat their fellow soldiers like this don’t belong in the military. Men who can look at a woman and feel it is okay to abuse that woman sexually and emotionally because it is a power play to them, because they can “get away with it,”, don’t belong in the military. Because the same men that abused this woman probably have mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins and possibly someone waiting at home for them. You are just blaming the victim, here.

      2. Does that justify what happened to this young lady who was fighting for her country ? What are you saying and who are you to detemine what I can or cannot do in this life. I’m very puzzled by your response to this young girl’s murder.

      3. fuck you, anna stein. fuck you for this victim-blaming comment. fuck you for placing the blame of murder on the women victims and not on the men who committed the crimes. the fuck is wrong with you

      4. Anna Stein, no disrespect to you, but I served 6 years in the United States Air Force and was proud of every minute. Women do belong in the military and it is prejudicial people like you and others, who continually make women the minority when everyone is created equal. Men and Women get abused in the military. Men and Women issue the abuse to, it is not a one sided problem. I won’t say that everything is perfect. The Civilian Justice System isn’t perfect either. A man was brutally beaten and died, leaving behind a 10 month old baby girl and the man that did it gets almost no time and a misdemeanor assault for this crime.

      5. Women belong in the army and should be treated with respect. The fact of the matter is our government has shown again that it can’t be trusted.

      6. No, sexual predators don’t belong in the military. This has exactly ZERO to do with women in uniform and for you to say that is short-sighted, uneducated and wrong.

    1. I saw some shit that went down when I was over there but nothing this serious.They need to punish the MFers that did this. I pray for this poor family.

    2. She died in Iraq – Is there any chance she was killed by the enemy – do you know the name of the soldiers that killed her? Accusations like “I got lost on MLK Blvd and got shot” = of you were murdered by a black person fits but a soldier in Iraq being killed as a woman (Muslim faith isn’t big into woman’s lib) might lean towards jihadist huh?

      1. There is not a chance that the “enemy” killed her without her fellow soldiers also being ambushed. She was the only dead one that morning, I say the blame is close by. The accusation is made after investigating the facts and seeing the young woman’s body. The accusation also follows an unfortuante pattern in our military since women began serving.

    3. How in the world can the military get away with such a lie?? This girl went into the armed forces to serve her/our country. It’s bad enough for parents to lose their daughter but to be lied to and expected to swallow such an unbelievable story is atrocious! I pray they get to the bottom of this. I’m so glad that these things are being put before the public eye. Hopefully justice will be served.


    5. I agree with your sentiment but we should not presume it was a US soldier who killed her. In any military theater, there are hundreds to thousands of local contractors working day and night. It’s hard to believe a US soldier would have access to acid.

  65. I myself am a woman in the military and i hate to say it but the military is still a man’s world but that doens’t mean we’re unfit if anything that makes us tougher since we are wiling to go throught the same training as the men are in order to improves ourselves as soldiers, airmen, or sailors in the Armed Forces. It’s funny how people who say things like that can never do half the stuff that we can do to make it in the military I can do 50 push-ups in a minute but my MALE cousin can only do 20

    1. be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished by all means life goes on and the people who did the things they done will be punished for that god will judge them one day but also this will haunt and tramatize them for the rest of there live and to the family of ms Johnson I am so sorry for you all but the lord will prevail your daugherts death will not go in vain and for you ms. Crowley go ahead and use the military to get where you need to be weather its for schooling or what its what u make it

  66. Ok this is the Military! Not the girl scouts.. Know wtf u signing up for first and don’t be surprised IF u get just that. U are signing up for possible battle/war times, know that there is NOTHING delightful or fair about that. You are signing up to possibly be murdered in the WORST shape form or fashion, including being violated/mutilated. And lastly u are signing over your life to the very government that HAS & still proves to YOU, the ‘people’, that they don’t give a DAYUMN!!! <—(spelled it like that on purpose) about you; don't even get me started on skin color. So yea stories like the one above are sad, But don't have nothing on what's already happened to countless innocent children && women from other countries @ the HANDS of AMERICANS. Its simple research btw for the ignorants and critics. So u can stop talking before you start. Iv done my HW :))

    1. Did you really just try to intimate that women who sign up to serve should do so expecting to be raped by her fellow soldiers??

      Such idiocy on the internet, a goodly many of you should not be allowed to reproduce.

      1. While I don’t agree with the way he said it, he’s basically saying that NOBODY should be up and willing to join the Armed Forces when the government continually shows that they don’t care for the people as a whole and especially people of color (not just black, but all people of color). He’s basically saying that before you commit your life to an entity that shows it doesn’t give a damn, try your hardest and best to find a different path in life. I’m sure there are soldiers on here and I respect the grind that goes into being a soldier, but the fact remains that the government is full of shit, always been full of shit, and always will be full of shit.

      2. The support for women in the US military is lip service. The notion that any of it HAS to be this way is downright broken.
        By comparison, the support for women in the Israeli military is much better. They also have more separation of the sexes, which seems to help these issues. They perform very well there and it seems to be partly due to this practice.
        Australia has had problems too, and are also combined, but they have leaders (including their current supreme commander) who is truly upset at the problems he’s seen. The anti-harassment videos from the US Military are filled with rigid bs statements and music. The Australian guy sounds like he personally wants to tear apart anyone who doesn’t treat a female soldier as an equal member of the service. The leaders’ attitudes set the tone.

    2. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO MALE SOLDIERS. I was a female soldier and did not get treated like this. This is not how soldiers are supposed to act. :Mr. Saleem, the soldiers do not go out and look for innocent people to kill. Frequently the government of thatcountry puts them in the line of fire. Do not blame the soldiers. They are there sent by the government over some dispute between the countries. Not the soldiers fault. They try their best not to kill the innocent. These men and women have families and take no pleasure in hurting families. There are some rogues in the service that probably have no business being there but the majority are serving with honor. In this poor woman’s case she got attacked by some animals in the service and the army turned a blind eye.. This brings shame to our country. She was every bit a soldier as the rogue animal soldier that did this to her. The army needs to get involved and prosecute.

      1. As a former Marine who served in war time I regretfully have to agree with Mr. Saleem. American civilians have no idea what has been done and is still being done to the minds of their servicemen and women. The years of constant conflict and war has degraded many, if not most of our soldiers to unfeeling and uncaring savages. Many atrocities such as what happened to LaVena have and are still occurring today and are still being covered up. Just as no one will speak of the skyrocketing suicide rate or the unfathomable number of mental illnesses being reported by our men and women in uniform. No one will hear of the many cases of brutality and murder being committed by our troops on innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places around the world. The military will always endeavor to protect itself from bad publicity by any means necessary and has done so repeatedly and often. This case is a snowflake on an Iceberg and we are yet to see the full scope of the damage done. Wait until all of our troops come home and the truth will reveal itself.

    3. If you have done your homework how can you be so apathetic? If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem

    4. Uh If you are going to post written comments try using real words, you know the kind that are written out and spelled in full. It make not make what you have to say any less ignorant, but YOU will look (marginally) smarter.

    5. Eli, and i presume that you are from another country that has seen a lot of rape and murder but one of the things that pisses me off the most is people like you that blame all of the Americans that are suppossedly killing or doing worse in other countries. I served in the military and everywhere we were, it was for assistance for the people. I bet you do not know that when we go to war, we also help to reconstruct the country. And a lot of the crap that happens is done by the countries own people, i.e Saddam killing the Kurds!!!! Women are not to expect this treatment and I DO believe that the people responsible need to face the same type of punishment a civilian does. One more thing, if you live in the UNITED STATES, and you feel that Americans are responsible for any horrors that we suppossedly do, then maybe you should GET THE HELL OUT AND GO HOME!!!!!

    6. That’s so stupid!! I’m very sure if the young lady knew her life would be taken by the very ones that suppose to have her back she never would’ve signed up. Whoever the idiots are their fighting for the wrong country. They need to trade there US Army uniform for a toboggan and a pair of sandals join the rest if the idiots in Iraq. The war is US against US!! It’s sad someone fighting for this country would do something like this.

    7. No, that is NOT not what he is saying. He’s saying that during war, the brutality of humanity, such as violence, immorality, and disregard for human life are ever so keen. By putting oneself in the military, one is consenting to the possibility to being the target of violence. There is nothing fair about the military~ and rape is a prominent aspect of the risk a women must endure while serving. That is particularly true of someone place where a patriarchal culture is the norm, and the military STILL is that. Has it changed? Possibly. Probably not is my guess.

      But what happened to this poor young lady is nothing more than happens day in, day out on our own streets and in countless places across the globe. War is hell. This happens to women in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, India….

      The government does not care about her, which is why the case was covered up as a suicide. Also, likely to deny her family due benefits and save face for the Army. Nine times out of ten, the ‘civilian’ concept of just and fair doesn’t apply in the military, let alone war. It’s not right. It’s not fair. Fair is a place with bearded ladies and monkey poop.

      Don’t like the real world, stay home in the West and do not sign up for a war. Because THIS is what the real world is like. Sorry that sucks, but it’s the truth. Most people have no concept of what it’s really like.

  67. I live in Jamaica but find this story very disturbing, so sad. I remember watching an episode of “Law and Order, S V U” that was about this female abuse in the military, though fictional it seem to be happening a lot. It must be very scary to be a female serving your country having to be weary of both the enemy and your fellow officers.

  68. I went to Afghanistan as a contractor, saw many Army women suffering in ways that were unimaginable. They serve well and do a good job. Rape was an issue, by fellow Army men, and they were aware of the problem and were taking all the precautions possible. Its a bad situation, when they can’t be safe from their own.

  69. Unfit to serve her country …and labor that those of us on this side of safety may have the covering of their military efforts …but NOT unfit to be abused and say “NO” to sexual advances …(which is what Rape is) …. what a “sick mind” …and obviously comments of that nature reveals the heart of the man that makes them ….. One that is quite “capable” of the same kind of activity …!!!…. “unidentified “Beast” … that lurk in shadows in the night season ….. stalking and pouncing upon their prey …!!!…… “demons from hell” …”spirits of darkness ” ….”defiled and mentally insane” …!!…. there’s a place designed ..”especially ” for villians of this nature ….. !!! …. one that will make her genital burns look like a “piece a’ cake ” … I welcome the thought that eventually …”justice will be served”…. that’s the only comfort we can find in situations of this nature …..however, seeking out those with the same mindset and motives …. those that see no harm in such atrocious offense …with an M16 … and a “jail house bunk ” …. surrounded by those with “animal intent ” …..would be a good thing …!!….. “just might see things a little differently”…!!!….

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    This is something we should definetly be talking about. I few weeks ago i met a woman who was in the British Army and i really wondered what it was ife for women in the army. And then this…. unearthing what is not new abuse and rape against women.

  71. First of all my heart goes out to the family of the young soldier Lavena Johnson. A citizen that raised her right hand to support and defend the constitution of the United States, against all enemies foreign or domestic. I hope the government will in turn do the same for this heroine and bring her perpetrators to justice , foreign or domestic. SHAME ON THAT COMMAND, Everyone involved with handling this case that have mislead the family should be relieved.

    Secondly, to all the ladies on this blog, my apologies for such a SCUM called Trednel Neltrend. These are idiots we call TROLLS on the internet. They hide behind their computer and say stupid things to get people rattled, well son you got me.

    You are definitely a SCUM in society. you know that greenish black slimy stuff that grows on walls and places? That’s what you are and I would love to scrub you off the face of the earth. You dumb SOB. Maybe if that was your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend you will find something better to say. You are officially an Internet “Imbecile”. A dolt. I believe Your mental acumen is well below par and I don’t think you are capable of some degree of communication.

    By the way I ‘ant hard to find, I’m on active duty in the Marines with 16 years of service, supporting and defending the constitution of the United States, against all enemies foreign or domestic. And if you are an enemy please let me know.

    Lastly, to the family we will all pray for you and your daughter and hope the government do the right thing. God bless. Semper Fi.

    1. WELL SAID!!!!!!!! Sir, some people just need to keep their mouth shut and slink back to where they came from. Shame on him, like you I to shall pray for the family.

  72. I am crying for these dear parents and for this poor girl…No doubt she was murdered, but why did the military have to remurder her, by calling it a suicide. This is so sad. Let there be justice for these dear parents, and for this dear girl so she may rest in peace. God knows the truth.

  73. Her family needs all the support that they can get to continue demanding answers for cause of death of ther daughter. I am not privy to any of the facts that the Army Investigators have at their disposal but I can tell you this as an over 38 year criminal investigator, if the information provided in this story is correct, there is no way in hell that she did that to herself.. If our government can continue to lie about the murders of Americans in Benghazi, it is a fore-gone conclusion that Ms LaVena Johnson’s parents will have an uphill battle. They also tried to lie about the friendly fire killing of Pat Tillman. I pray that the family gives the US Army no peace until they obtain justice for their daughter.

  74. Sad story. For the record, I am a white male who served 7 years in the USMC. This is terrible and the guy who said “More proof that women are unfit to serve in the military” is off his rocker. I have misgivings about women in combat positions myself, but his comment is lame. The real reason this happened is because we have removed God from our nation. And trust me the military (Army in particular) has a huge problem with sexual assault. The THEORY of evolution is taught in schools as fact. We what does evolution boil down too? The strong survive and prey on the weak. It’s this simple; we have abandoned God and we reap what we sow.

    1. If you rape or kill, it is not Christ you lack. It’s morals, compassion and decency. Most people who are anti-war and pacifists identify as “non-religious” or “atheists”. Non-religious doesn’t mean, mind you, that they do not believe in God, only they do not believe in the man-made prescripts of a religious order. Most violent acts globally get carried out in the name of “My God is better than your God” philosophies. Keep your religion, James, but don’t assume that another person needs those particular principles you prescribe in to be a good person who doesn’t rape and kill. The Middle Ages were chock full of religion and zero compassion. Your religion may be the foundation of your compassion, and that’s good for you, but it honestly doesn’t, from a statistical standpoint, make most people less discriminatory and hateful of others. If anything, it throws up greater barriers to “loving thy neighbor” if they neighbor isn’t Christian, or is maybe into evolutionary theory.

  75. My heart goes out to this family and to all the families of the young ladies this has happened to. To go and fight for your country only to have the real enemies be the ones you break bread with is appalling. The military along with over institutions that have long been a ‘mens only’ club are all committing crimes to this and other degrees against women who have dared to show they are equals and join. Until we all unite are voices and let our cries be heard this kind of treatment will continue. If you agree with this atrocity from some deep seeded engrained belief than I ask you to think about what you would feel if it was your daughter, sister, girlfriend or best friend? Would you want everyone to just look the other way?

  76. No woman, no African American, no Christian, no parent, no US citizen, no human being with an ounce of moral conviction should ignore this post.

  77. Is this how OUR Government TREAT OUR WOMEN who TRUST that they will be SAFE! This is beyond SAD!!!!!! I pray that God will see that justice will prevail. I will continue to pray for this family & others who TRUST this low down GOVERNMENT that we send our precious love ones to defend our FREEDOM. RIP LaVena Johnson & in Gods ARMS…..

  78. What’s interesting is there is a name for this. It’s called “fragging” and was the label given to the murders performed by service members on their own using weapons and/or other methods that would not allow them to be identified. This was very prevalent during the Vietnam War…soldiers often killed their young officers (more than 4500 of them) this way. Most cases were never solved. Now, with females serving in jobs that put them in combat zones (there is no longer a position that is behind the lines of action), many have fallen victim to sexual assault, violent sexual assault and/or murder. Some men don’t want to listen to a woman, and others don’t want to face the repercussions of a rape investigation if she tells and presses charges. Thus she is murdered. It’s quite a sad situation. Thankfully, as if this is a very good point, the murder numbers aren’t high. However, sexual assault (and violence) is!

    Women are serving in the military. They have earned the right and are doing phenomenally. Men need to get used to it and the military leadership must put as much effort in creating mentally stable, disciplined, motivated, compassionate (when necessary), and trustworthy soldiers like they put into ensuring they have the talents, strength and overall abilities to endure the physical needs of being a soldier! Men are not the enemy! Women are not the enemy! We have to bust the paradigm that a woman’s place is at home. That shit doesn’t fly anymore. These days men and women both share all the responsibilities in a home that is happy. Gender roles have changed…and the small minority who thinks there is a need for masculinity and femininity in our military need to get with the program!

    I’m sorry LaVena had to die this way. However, her case and several others like hers are helping to get the word out! This is the best way to enforce change of mindset!

    Everyone weak man needs to know that women are serving and proving that we can and will do the jobs formerly held only by men! It’s not a MEN’s world. It’s a human world. Deal with your insecurities and weaknesses and know that we are not going anywhere! And if you hurt one of us, the rest of us will hunt you down and make sure you pay (one way or another)!

  79. Its no secret that Bush removed the restrictions, allowing convicted rapist to enter service in order to fill the ranks for War. They are now trying to put them out but the damage has been done.

    1. i dont know how you think this because we have to get security clearance before deploying and you cant have felonies in the military.

      1. Lisa, do you really believe this? When a country is at war and needs ‘cannon fodder’ the powers-that-be can (and do and always have) easily slip as many felons as it chooses under that radar. And you’re a mug if you think otherwise. I feel so sorry for you, swallowing wholesale whatever bs your govt feeds you to mollify you and present itself in a favourable light while it goes about fulfilling its own agenda

  80. My heart goes out this family. Justice must be fought for and realized in this matter. No one should have to endure such pain and agony. I shall share this story and ensure that my family, friends and others do what we can to help in this injustice. The truth and the responsible parties must come forth and pay for this crime.

  81. I don’t understand why that everyone assumes the alleged perpetrators are Soldiers and/or American. Other nationals also work side by side as contractors, Soldiers, and civilian personnel.

    1. who’s to say it was another soldier guilty of this? muslims are known to through acid on their victims. look at the things Saleem said!

  82. Prior to watching this video of Private LaVena Johnson, I had already read the story several months ago. Not sure where or how the story was brought to my attention. This is truly heartbreaking and sad. This was a young woman who wanted to serve her country. After viewing the picture of her body I am convenience this was a deliberate, vicious act of murder, not suicide. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson as parents this has to be painful and heartbreaking to know what your daughter experience and how it was covered up. I stand with you praying that justice is done and the military acknowledge that females and subjected to rape and murder in the military. Blessing to you and your family.

  83. Reblogged this on Pixiecraft: Adventures of Magick and Devotion and commented:
    I re-blogged this story for two reasons. First, this is an important issue: sexual assault in the military and the abuse of females in our military – via rape and other horrors. As the public, we should be disgusted, ashamed, and most of all – angry. Only through our anger can we reach critical mass to make a change. Second, I went to high school with this woman. I know she was a happy, motivated, promising young woman. I also know she would have stood up for others – and herself – when necessary. I do not think these two things are unrelated to her death, and that makes this so much more awful.

  84. Rape happens every day in the army. You think the US soldiers don’t rape women and their own men? It’s been proven by many stories from veterans (look em up). Also think about what they do to women that are from Iran and Afghanistan? If they could do that to their own women, its disgusting to think about what they really do to those INNOCENT people out there. How long are we going to keep allowing war, hate and destruction to happen? Its no wonder this war has proven how nasty and disgusting a battle is with no honor. If we were there for Osama and Sadam, we would be gone already, years ago! Did you know Iran was one of the three countries that didn’t have a federal reserve bank? The other two are North Korea and Cuba. Read between the lines people! It’s not all its made out to be… Did you know that Iran has one of the most intense oil supplies and did not want to deal with the US at all? Hmmmmmm and we don’t want to use our own oil supply here yet so lets go torture millions of innocent people. It’s no wonder disgusting and dishonorable acts happen such as these. The war was already started from LIES and once people wake up and put a stop to it, things will change. Its not honest and I do believe in a such thing as an honest battle. Why are we forcing others to live the way we do instead of allowing variety of culture to fill the world? Iran was amazing and their economy was rising until we came in a fucked it up for them. It’s up to US as humans to look in the mirror and realize we’re the one causing the most pain and hurt out of any country in this world. That is not how I want to be seen as an American. What about our own problems here, why are we trying to “fix” everyone else around us? The world spent $1735 BILLION DOLLARS on war and it would take approximately $135 BILLION to eradicate poverty completely. There are solutions everywhere and there are people that want us to stay distracted drinking, watching tv, smoking nicotine, addicted to caffeine and the system of FEAR. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Don’t you want your children and your children’s chirldren to have a future?! Cause at the rate we live now, they won’t have a very bright one. Can’t we take time as people to realize those we are hurting are a mirror reflection of us. Those people have families, hopes, dreams and aspirations too. I consider everyone on Earth a member of my family. We are all apart of the brother and sisterhood. It’s our choice to either feed off the negativity and fear or open up our hearts to love and forgiveness. There really are two paths in life: love or fear. The beautiful thing is we get to choose. GOD BLESS THAT BEAUTIFUL WOMAN’S SOUL AND ALL THE OTHERS UNSPOKEN OF! ❤ ❤ ❤ I know this Earth will experience peace again whether human beings exist anymore or not.

  85. That is how this Great Government of The United States works,that’s why they don’t send their own children to do service.As long as it’s not one of their own ,who cares.I say it over and over and I don’t care who doesn’t like it,I LOVE MY COUNTRY BUT CAN’T STAND THIS GOVERNMENT. Eventually the citizens are gonna turn. Liberty and Justice for all? What happened?

  86. It is too sad to know that our military would even have that kind of courage to tell such a go to hell filthy, cowardly lie to this family, to our country, to the world! Vengeance is mind say the LORD

  87. The story below was posted on my Facebook page by my classmate Taunita Stephenson and I was so grateful that she did. This is the first time I have heard of this story and it breaks my heart, I could hardly believe what I was watching and hearing, unbelievable!!! As a military dependent and veteran myself I can’t stand for this happening to another person, it is totally unacceptable for anyone, even an animal to be treated this way. Everyone should see this and sign the petition, get involved this can not be allowed to continue, not even for another day! Take a stand , stand up everybody and make our voices be heard. Let your congressman know that we will not stand for this type of behavior in our military. I am starting a letter writing campaign to my congressman to let him know how I feel and I encourage everyone who sees this to do the same. I decided I am not going to stop there I am also going to write President Obama as well, because as a father of two daughters himself I am sure he would not want them treated this way either. Let’s flood the white house and congress with letter expressing our displeasure with this type of treatment and behavior and that we will not stand for it. People who won’t stand for something will fall for anything! Let’s not be those people. Taunita Stephenson thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I don’t ever want to be so uninformed and ignorant of what is wrong in the world that I miss something like this. Thank you for being a shining example of what it means to be conscientious DeVos program graduate!

  88. This is representative of a small portion of people in the Army of the United State of America. They are not only raping women, but they are raping men. Sad state of affairs……they don’t rape just once and get away with it, they continue to do so….when they get out of the service what then……………..?? BTDT, sucked it and was at my duty station the next morning.

  89. Thank you for the articles MadMan Chronicles and your fight in returning interest to this case and others. My name is Mantra or A.K.A. Jessica Williams..I am the Official Ambassador for LaVena Lynn Johnson appointed by the Johnson family and a liaison of the Johnson family. We need continued support. As you know this has been a longstanding battle. Political and Controversial and Truth and Justice have been invisible in our uproar for LaVena. Yet, we are still here and continue to stand. Please continue to support by telling this story, researching it fully, and passing it along.. For updated information regarding this case…Please join our Facebook movement at https://www.facebook.com/lavenajohnson and support the ACT Now! Petition @ http://www.change.org/petitions/it-s-time-to-act-now-claim-justice-for-pfc-lavena-johnson# Thank you again.. Mantra

  90. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, my heart feels your pain. You have my deepest sympathy for the lost of your daughter. Mrs. Johnson, the part where you stated previously when she came home how she would get off the plane running toward you excitedly calling your name… then being delivered to you dead, in a box, Lord God; that just wiped me out. I can’t say that I understand what you’re going through because by the Grace of God, I’ve never lost a child (I have two daughters, 42 & 38 years old), but as a parent, I do feel your pain. Especially with my 38 year old daughter being in the Navy retiring this year (20 years). It hasn’t been all peachy but God has protected and kept her. I don’t know why that awful thing happened to your daughter, but I pray that her soul is at peace and resting in the comfort of Sweet Jesus. He knows the truth and sooner than not, the wicked that walks this earth, will face Him and THEN, (and only then) will justice prevail. Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, I pray that in all of your grief, hurt and pain, that you pray without ceasing and, yield not to your understanding, but look to the comforter, the Holy Spirit for peace and understanding that is beyond your comprehension. There is so much love and sympathy genuinely being extended to you via internet, but please know that “earth has no sorry that heaven cannot heal”. May 2014 grant you some sense of peace, and heal your broken hearts. God bless you.

  91. As a veteran of the Gulf War………..I know that this could have happened. Although I have never faced any sexual harrassment in the military because frankly they knew I had a big mouth….. many of my female comrads were constantly harrassed and sexually abused. One of my closest friend was raped by her 1 ssg however, she didn’t want to come forward and say something for fear of retaliation. I wanted to file charges for her but she begged me not to……I was only 18 and didn’t know what to do. This is not a game. I saw the power and control these men had over these girls. I think I had an angel on my side…….that and a huge mouth. I could have become a victim if I wasn’t cautious. .

  92. Men and women have a natural attraction. You can not remove it with words. It is nature. Men are so enamored of physical contact with a woman that they will pay to have sex. Men will pay just to go to a club to see a naked woman they can’t even touch. Men spend several BILLION dollars annually just to watch pornography. Now, many men have self control but many men do not. How many rapes and murders are committed against women? Now you put the two together where testosterone is in super supply and you expect them to act against nature.. Shame on the military and shame on people who do not recognize the power of human sexuality. Putting women in that situation, even if they want to be there was always considered dangerous and the results do show this. You can not change nature. Men must be placed separate. This is the history of the relation of men to women. This generation does not believe the truth. How man more men and women are going to be destroyed before the military understands this? Often truth is spoken in jest. From the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally”

    Harry Burns: You realize of course that we could never be friends.

    Sally Albright: Why not?

    Harry Burns: What I’m saying is – and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form – is that men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.

    Sally Albright: That’s not true. I have a number of men friends and there is no sex involved.

    Harry Burns: No you don’t.

    Sally Albright: Yes I do.

    Harry Burns: No you don’t.

    Sally Albright: Yes I do.

    Harry Burns: You only think you do.

    Sally Albright: You say I’m having sex with these men without my knowledge?

    Harry Burns: No, what I’m saying is they all WANT to have sex with you.

    Sally Albright: They do not.

    Harry Burns: Do too.

    Sally Albright: They do not.

    Harry Burns: Do too.

    Sally Albright: How do you know?

    Harry Burns: Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her.

    Sally Albright: So, you’re saying that a man can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive?

    Harry Burns: No. You pretty much want to nail ’em too.

    Sally Albright: What if THEY don’t want to have sex with YOU?

    Harry Burns: Doesn’t matter because the sex thing is already out there so the friendship is ultimately doomed and that is the end of the story.

    Sally Albright: Well, I guess we’re not going to be friends then.

    Harry Burns: I guess not.

    Sally Albright: That’s too bad. You were the only person I knew in New York.

    Ladies and gentlemen know your condition.

  93. I remember the army wanted to recruit me and I declined. I will warn my offsprings the dangers of joining the army.

  94. WOW and people were freaking out about the Zimmerman case? This is something that people should be really pissed about and not because of race but because she was a woman in our military that was tortured and murdered. Then they have the balls to cover it up as a suicide? That’s why they get away with this shit. Nobody cares. This really bothers me much more than any murder on our soil.

  95. Okay for starters yes this is wrong, and yes her command were very foul to have handled it the way they did however, to blast the military as a whole is wrong. Let’s not forget that just because we raise our right hands and swear to protect all enemies foreign and domestic that we are not a group of human beings just like the people who we protect. Everyone is not perfect the military is a group of people. We have suicides, murders, rapes, and child abuse just like anywhere else in the country or world for that matter. So to blast the military as a whole for a few bad apples is not right. I mean we have all read about Bundy, and Manson yet do we shun civilization as a whole because of those two? Absolutely not. So lets treat the military with the same respect if not more. Less than one percent of us cocky Americans serve so very few of you are in the actual “know” of the inner workings. Bottom line was her command failed her and I hope she gets the justice that she deserves. But don’t for a second think that I will let anyone drag any branch of service through the mud. I have given 11 yrs of my life to this and am proud to say I have done so.

  96. Reblogged this on musings of a kitchen witch and commented:
    I’ve been long aware of the military’s problem of sexual assault, and the culture (including rampant sexual harassment and homophobia, among other things) that encourages it. I was a woman in the military for six years, and for two of them I was a victim advocate. But this? This is…


    And sadly, I don’t doubt that every word of it is true. This sort of behavior in the ranks, and even worse, the blatant disregard for good order and discipline by the chain of command, is not rare. Because the people that did this are still out there, some of them, probably still wearing the uniform. Because that’s how they roll.

    No one deserves this. No family deserves to lose their child like this. As citizens of this country, we should not, in good conscience, accept this travesty of justice and the devastation it has caused this family.

    Nothing short of heartbreaking.

  97. women do have their place in the military they serve their country well just like the rest of us do but by all means don’t get me wrong it is unfortunate what happened to PFC Johnson I don’t condene it but the situation needs to be handled better than they have

  98. This is horrible and I truly pray for strength for her family. First of all, the Criminal Investigation Command is comprised of regular soldiers with school training in crime investigation and nothing more. They aren’t seasoned investigators like you might find in your average police department. Capital crimes like murder get fumbled all the time because they keep it in the military community. If I was this young lady’s parents, I would appeal to the US Department of Justice and get real professionals involved, that have authority and are not caught up in the rank and file of the military.

  99. She went there to kill brown people and Africans, she deserves what happened to her. Keep expanding your stupid empire into Africa and you end up shooting yourself in the head. Good riddance

    1. Your a faggot piece of shit! She wasn’t in Africa you dumb mother fucker. No one with any self worth or respect for themselves would go to Africa. I hope what happened to her happeneds to your worthless ass. You sub par human being!

      1. I agree with your rage, but the word faggot wasn’t really appropriate (I’m sure you could have found a more hurtful/appropriate word) and secondly, Africa is a beautiful place with so much to offer. Remember, it’s a continent, not a country…. Each area is so different. I’m just saying, don’t knock it till you try it. Africa was the best experience of my life and this one man shouldn’t define an entire continent. There’s always at least one bad egg.

    2. She was in Iraq dumbass. And since when does fighting for your country mean you deserve to die in such a grotesque fashion? I hope to god that if you have a daughter, nothing like that would ever happen to her. God has a special place for people like you, and it will be far worse than what that woman had to endure. Shame on you!!! We’re all humans! The same species! We need to work together, not fight one another. We’re not fucking animals.

    3. You are certainly not an African. If you are then you are one of those demons we are praying should leave Africa for good. Please, ignore this fool. I’m an African from Nigeria. I”ve seen injustice, rape, murder and cover ups and trust me most of us hate this practice with everything inside us. We are fighting daily to see an end to such evil practice amongst our people. Thank God for a nation like America, who comes to the rescue of people who their governments are determined to ruin theIr destinies. I and my family wept and prayed for the family after we watch the video. Please, we appeal to the government of the US to see that justice is done. People who look up to US as a standard for human right practice will be disappointed and discouraged if this is swept under the carpet. It’s so sad that women in the military have to look out for the enemy outside and the enemy within. Please, shut your mouth if you have nothing good to say. Thank God again for the US military and thanks to the decent, hardworking, fearless, helpful, intelligent, smart, tough and selfless US military men and women. God bless Africa

    4. First, you’re an idiot. Second, Iraq is not in Africa. Third, you have no idea what she “went there” for.

  100. i spent 13 and a half years in the so called u. s. navy and from the first week in bootcamp i saw the abuse of females in the navy and it is going on in all branches, here it is 30years later and it has not stoped it has gating worse, the armed forces is not above the law and should be held acountable .

  101. All of you seem to be jumping to the conclusion that it was OUR servicemen who did this to her. Do you realize how many “ally” soldiers are on our bases over there? Middle Eastern men who put NO WORTH whatsoever on the lives of women. I can say from personal experience, and the experiences of my brothers and sisters in the military, that the “allies” are anything but. They are abusive, ruthless, crude, violent and that’s towards MEN. You should SEE how they treat my fellow women in uniform! It’s disgusting. I’m angry that the government turned a blind eye to this, and I can only assume that it was to “not stir the pot” where foreign affairs are concerned.

    But please, don’t assume for a SECOND that you have ANY CLUE about what ACTUALLY goes on in the middle east. I would believe someone saw a Polar Bear over there before I would blame our service men over the middle eastern military.

  102. Mr & Mrs Johnson, You have my deepest condolences and prayers. What happened to your Beautiful Daughter was a heinous crime and you must continue your fight to find justice. I back you 100%.

  103. I read about LaVena Johnson in an article several years ago. I was and remain outraged. I wrote and shared this murder with others. Please continue to pursue the truth. Our young people are being raped and murdered and the armed forces continues to cover up these crimes. I have several theories. Perhaps, they can be pursued as possibilities. I do know for certain this young woman did not commit suicide, she was indeed murdered. Never give up fighting to expose her murderer (s)! The armed forces has blood on it’s hands! You have my support!

    Lavena Johnson witnessed a crime (s) and exposed those responsible. This could have been abuse, rape, and murder of civilians and/or other female/male soldiers.

    LaVena Johnson was gang raped by fellow soldiers and murdered to silence her.

    Lavena Johnson was sexually harassed like many female soldiers, and her voice fell on deaf ears. She threatened to expose those responsible, and was silenced.

  104. Reblogged this on The Currelley Literary Journal and commented:
    I read about LaVena Johnson in an article several years ago. I was and remain outraged. I wrote and shared this murder with others. Please continue to pursue the truth. Our young people are being raped and murdered and the armed forces continues to cover up these crimes. I have several theories. Perhaps, they can be pursued as possibilities. I do know for certain this young woman did not commit suicide, she was indeed murdered. Never give up fighting to expose her murderer (s)! The armed forces has blood on it’s hands! You have my support!

    Lavena Johnson witnessed a crime (s) and exposed those responsible. This could have been abuse, rape, and murder of civilians and/or other female/male soldiers.

    LaVena Johnson was gang raped by fellow soldiers and murdered to silence her.

    Lavena Johnson was sexually harassed like many female soldiers, and her voice fell on deaf ears. She threatened to expose those responsible, and was silenced.

  105. How can these people get away with this? why protect these monsters? they are like serial Killers!!! OMG bless your families. This is why i would never send my loved ones to the Army!

  106. Prayers and condolences to family’s and close friends. This is the B.S that makes me fear for my family.

  107. Oh my god. Why are we doing to our own people? These are our kids. Leave this to those fucked up countries beheading and cutting people in pieces. I say continue the search and the consequense is no less than the electric chair for the offenders. Yes, i put an, “s”, after offenders.

  108. Thank you so much for sharing this story. The misogyny in our culture runs deep, especially in bastions of masculinity like the military. Writers like you make it possible for Americans to talk about and begin to address these atrocities.

  109. Goes rite back to Jim Crow like I have said before we as a human being are not look upon as equal now if that was a dog it would get all kind of media attention it is a dam same they want u to fight for this country and die for it they should fine them and hang them like they did us but it ok for them to rap our women it is alright it aint no different our life does not match up to theirs

  110. The family is probably reading this and this should be a place to leave loving and respectful comments!! This is about BAD people doing BAD things, be it man or woman it should be handled properly… I am a military spouse and mother and this is not what a REAL MAN does or a real soldier… God Bless this family and hold them during this time…

  111. That’s horrible, people are horrible. Good for her family for standing up for her. It’s unbelievable that anyone would believe that was a result of suicide with all of that evidence. Our negligence and abuse of each other is unforgivable and unforgettable. I pray her family and friends strength and compassion. I hope to they have so many memories of her to keep her alive.

    Thank you for sharing this and helping to open our eyes. I found this post through La Virino Kiu Skribas



  113. Private First Class LaVena Johnson and her family deserve justice. I am so sorry this happened to this poor baby girl. Not even old enough to have a drink but off in Iraq defending the freedom we all enjoy today but alas, is it free when our government will at any costs cover up such a heinous crime? Found in the contractor’s tent. Was this a crime committed by civilian contractors? I served 8 years in the USAF proudly. I don’t feel proud today reading this. Dear Heavenly Father, please wrap your love and grace around the Johnson family. Bless the angel, LaVena now safe with you in your kingdom and I pray that the judgement on this earth will truly come to those responsible for committing and covering up this horrific crime. In your name, Amen. God Bless

  114. For those of you who have never served in the military, you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a veteran of the Marine Corps. I scored higher than many of my counterparts during pft’s (physical fitness tests) as well as shot Expert. Men and women are just that, men and women. I learned that there were some tasks I did much better than males in my company while maybe some other tasks were completed better by other females or males. It comes down to individual ability in some areas. That’s what make up good teams to complete any given task or project that must be completed, even including war. Most crimes I recall that occurred while I was in the military were committed by males. While a marine, soldier, or airman, we all take an oath of honesty, to uphold integrity and honor for ourselves and our country. We’re taught not to commit crimes in our own country nor in other countries. We’re also taught the consequences of such behavior. It’s sad that the leaders of the Army and our very own government are covering up this rape and murder as well as many others. I’m not sure who this contractor is who killed Lavena but he sure must somebody to the government for them to cover this up. He must be more important in their eyes than their very own soldier. The United States of America will sell out anybody for their own gain. That’s just plain and simple. There’s evidence of many acts this countries’ government has committed against our own people let an alone other countries. I often wonder how free is America? How wonderful is this country who can allow murders to occur (just as in other countries who we send troops over to protect) yet we Americans aren’t protected. For those of you who don’t think women can serve in the military you’re absolutely wrong. I’ve seen men who couldn’t grasp their MOS (job) in the military, who became drunks and acted illegally. Who fought men and women just because they had an ego problem. Men have proven they can’t control themselves when they see pretty women or just a woman at all. How many rapes have you heard of where women have raped women or men? Men attempt to place their superiority over women and at times are intimidated by a smart and well capable woman.

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  122. Sicking…Sad ….hurtful….and most of all disgraceful. ……

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  124. How ya automatically gonna assume it was a man who did this? I don’t get you ppl. Women is just as fit as a guy in the service. I knew some females who’d have my back 100% better than some male soldiers. Ya’ll gotta stop and open ya eyes

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  131. christy sawyer you are an ignorant simple minded feminist, men as a whole arent at fault for anything, you sound like an ignorant little psycho saying men should be controled and are unfit to live with women lol, she could have been raped by women, women rape eachother also. you couldt have a more invalid argument saying that it was men that covered it up. you dont know that at all there are pleanty of women of high rank in the military. feminists are the ones that should be kept in a controlled enviroment lol. anyone who is stupid enough to belive the things you said is mentally unstable

    1. Your post might have a little more weight if you weren’t illiterate.

  132. I know that’s right, dad!!! That no suicide to beat yourself, pour acid on your genitalia then shot yourself in the dam head, gtfo!!! Get justice, Johnson family. My heart goes out to you fire I am a Navy mother of a daughter sailor. I salute to your daughter for her service

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