Why We Can’t Get Anywhere As A People: Kenyan Lawyer Uses His Talents To Have Jesus’ Conviction Overturned. Yes. THAT Jesus


in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” news....

You see? This is what I’m talking about. The reason why we can’t get anywhere as a people.

How is it that an African man.. Supposedly educated, is more concerned about a long dead mythical figure than the REAL plight of his own people?

The laywer’s name is Indinis, he is from Kenya and he is on a quest to have Jesus Christ’s conviction by Pontious Pilate overturned, thus nullifying the death sentence imposed upon him.

Indinis claims Jesus’ human rights were violated and he intends to seek justice for him.

He intends to use the man-written Bible as his evidence. No word on if the King James Version of events will be the text, or the Mormon version or some other version of the world’s best selling book.

Indinis first tool his claim to the Kenyan high court, but they said “we have no jurisdiction”. He is now hoping the Wold Court (who handles territory disputes for the United Nations) will give the messiah his day in court. No word yet on of they will accept the case or not.

So…. You MUST understand why I’m mad about this right? This dude is more concerned about the human violation rights of a mythical white man than the human rights violations against Africans for centuries????????!?????

You gotta be kidding me right now.

Even if Jesus DID exist and is not just a reincarnation of the stolen story of Isis and Horus, wasn’t it GOD’s plan for him to be convicted and sent to his death? So you are saying that God is the co-conspirator and also culpable in the death of Jesus??.. I mean after all.. He set it up didn’t he? What next? Bringing a suit against God for child abuse? Does he think reversing the death penalty will bring Jesus back from the dead … Again?

This man has lost his damn mind. Why the hell is he worried about Jesus’ reputation, when Black people are catching hell all over the world? Really son??

Please somebody… Just give me an hour interview with this dude… Please. I’ll have him crying and questioning his reason for living.

The brainwashing of the Black race through the tool of religion is REAL people.


2 Replies to “Why We Can’t Get Anywhere As A People: Kenyan Lawyer Uses His Talents To Have Jesus’ Conviction Overturned. Yes. THAT Jesus”

  1. Glad you nailed it ~ lol for real though; that would be an interesting interview

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