Unarmed 14 Yr. Old Shot Dead By Home Owner Who Says He Was Just Protecting His Family


In today’s news….

With everyone still emotionally raw from the verdict in the Zimmerman trial, it is no surprise that the nation is now acutely aware of the treatment of black males in their neighborhoods.

While what happened to Trayvon was a travesty, not every Black male is a Trayvon… being shot dead while simply minding their business on their way home.

No… sometimes the story is quite different.

Take the case of Merritt Landry, a 33 year old white man, father with one on the way. In the dead of night, his dog begins barking, alerting him that there is an intruder on hIs property. He gets his gun (it is the middle of the night) and goes to investigate. A figure is there in the darkness going towards the backdoor of his home.. Landry called out and the figure and makes a “move”. He shoots taking no chances. … Bullet straight to the head.

The intruder? A 14 year old boy named Marahall Coulter. A 14 year old Black youth. Unarmed. Dead on his lawn.

Before I go any further, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t say I would not do the same. If I could I would tattoo the words “there’s gonna be some flower bringing and slow singing if my burglar alarm starts ringing” on my chest. I am a huge advocate for protecting my home and family from anyone that steps first toe on my property in the dead of night without an invitation.

Now lets talk about Marshal Coulter. He is now in critical condition at the local hospital. He has a long and storied history for being arrested for stealing and robbing people’s homes. He was seen canvassing the neighborhood earlier with another young male.

The night in question, at about 2am, he and another youth were video taped riding up and down past Landry’s home, eventually stopping at his front gate. The young man then dismounts, hops the fence and lands on Landry’s property. The “poor man’s burglar alarm (his dog) begins barking … But Coulter does not retreat. He moves towards the backdoor of the house and when he hears the voice of Landry, he makes a “move” and gets one to the temple.

Did he deserve to get shot? We always say “n*gga actions result in n*gga consequences”. We tout personal responsibility. Marshall’s brother, David Coulter admits that while his brother had “problems”, he didn’t deserve to be shot.

“He would steal — he was a professional thief, sure,” David Coulter said. “But he would never pick up a gun, not in a million years. He was too scared to aim a gun at the grass, let alone aim it at a person. No way. Before he’ll ever pick up a gun, he’ll be your friend first.

There were n*gaa actions on both sides. Coulter for stealing (nothing worse than a damn thief) and Landry for shooting first and asking questions later.

A warning shot or a call to the police to diffuse the situation maybe? But I can’t lie. I honestly believe that in that same situation, with my child and pregnant wife inside, no chance will be taken and not a fuck given until the dust has settled.

While violence is not a good answer, when does defense of home come in?

Laundry has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder. The police say he is being charged because “Coulter posed no imminent threat”. He has been suspended from his job without pay.

And while his neighbors stand behind him, the Trayvon Martin case is still fresh in their minds, They say hope this won’t turn into another “Florida deal”… But we know it will.

People right now are blinded by their anger. They will not see the difference between Trayvon and Marshall.

If everything we know about Marshall is true, then he was definitely culpable in his own shooting, unlike Trayvon.

Marshall is now mostly paralyzed and doctors say if he makes it, he will have severe brain damage.

So what now? Use this case to further separate ourselves along racial lines? Or understand that these poverty crimes are the result of a larger issue of lack of resources for disenfranchised youth.

You cannot expect a man not to defend his home, and you cannot expect those without NOT to take from those who have. There must be a conscious effort by those in Government to teach our youth to fish, instead of just feeding them for a day.

What about the family itself? You know your boy is a thief, why in the hell are you not aware he is out at 2am… You know he was robbing folks, and yet now as the consequences are visited upon him, you seek to place him in the same category as Trayvon??

Why wasn’t this young man in a summer youth program hosted by his school? Where are the business owners in his community who in lieu of the government cutbacks, could take up these types of programs themselves? I bet you there are at least 5 churches in the area that could have reached out to the youth in the Coulter family.

Sorry I can’t jump on the Coulter bus. I won’t be rocking a “I am Marshall Coulter” shirt or BMX. I don’t consign ignorance just because the purveyor of said ignorance is Black.

I WILL defend my home and family against anyone of any race, creed, color, breed, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

So on this one, my Black brothers and sisters, we will have to agree to disagree.

copyright 2013. The MadMan Chronicles. All Rights Reserved.

5 Replies to “Unarmed 14 Yr. Old Shot Dead By Home Owner Who Says He Was Just Protecting His Family”

  1. @theoneandonlykellykels EXACTLY!! if your on someones property then you stand the chance of being shot unarmed or armed. your somewhere your not supposed to be especially at odd hours of the night. Lesson learned, dont be in peoples yards and parents, watch your kids.

  2. Totally agree! Black lives matter but so do white lives, Asian lives, Latino lives, etc. I also can not abide criminals, regardless of race. At 2am, he had to assume someone was home— he took his chances, rolled the dice and lost!

  3. Just like you said. That man didn’t do nothing I wouldn’t do.. but only if the intruder was in my house. Because they could be there to kill me ? But if he shot the little 14 year old outside in the lawn. They should, do the same for him.. that’s a high risk occupation that kids in.. I hope he can get his life back together and walk again. And get help. I’m a white male 41 years old.. Scotty and we can’t keep letting incidents like this, spark a beginning to what some call a racial war. If we can’t come together and settle our differences . We the people of all color race and creed don’t stand a chance. The higher ups want us to hate and fight and kill one amother. That way, we do their dirty work for em. Think about it people and may God bless us all…

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