in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” news….

photo copyBack in March, THIS news portal wrote an article titled “The Top Ten Non-Black Owned Products That Black Folk Think Are Black Owned”.  Although I wrote it back in March, I redistribute it every month to remind Black folks of their economic power. This month it really went viral, being shared by the hundreds of thousands via social media and other methods.

The original list had been shared between many journalists/bloggers for a few years now. Like most lists, no one knows who compiled it, … but the PROTOCOL is to write your OWN commentary, and give props to the last source that put you on to the info.

So imagine this MadMan’s surprise when Dr. Boyce Watkin’s site, Kulture Kritic, copied, cut and pasted (STOLE), our ENTIRE article … including our ORIGINAL written commentary and addition to the original list and passed it off as his own.

Of course being the MadMan, I put his piss color ass on notice and told him to either run me my money for using our words or take it down.  His response?

watkin response

YES, you simple assed fool.  YOU DIDN’T write the article that is our fucking POINT!!!  So why are you passing it off as your own?? You know me enough to STEAL and plagiarize MY shit, so why not just apologize, admit it and give a sister her props?  How about doing your research? And since when can you steal someone’s shit and then accuse them of harassing you??

You are supposed to be a PhD… you don’t have to run around stealing my words or my work…. especially the work of other BLACK media people.

How low can you be son?

This fool used my EXACT words .. down to the “great info!” line … peep the evidence below and then check out our original article published in March of 2013 here.  While the list is static and has been around for YEARS, the COMMENTARY was written in full and in whole by me.

watkins proof 1
click pic to see larger text…

These so called “edumacated Black folk” think that because they have a little shine, they can just piss over people who are actually DOING the work of keeping people informed.  What’s a little plagiarism?… this nigga figured the MadMan was too little to make a big noise, and in typical house nigga style, underestimated this underdog’s ability to fight back. So he decided erroneously to dismiss me and try to cover his tracks… oh yea… this bitch made fool DID change the article and tried to bash WYMS in the process… saying the list is outdated, and no one cares anymore but us.

If that is true, then why the fuck did he steal it? word for word?  you thought it was pretty relevant before when you took credit for it… ol herb ass nigga doesn’t even know half of the brands on the list because he is NOT from the hood.  This bulbous head fraud could never understand why this article picked up traction the way it did… he just saw someone else getting shine and decided to steal it as his own, because Black folk were responding in the thousands to the information.

I urge all you bloggers and journalists out there to be diligent, cause the thievery of your work is real.  I bet everything on his site is plagiarized to some degree.  Speak up for yourselves! Don’t let these house negros steal your ideas or your work and think they can get away with it just because they have a larger platform.  There is enough room for us all without having to STEAL.

You wonder why Black businesses Fail… look no further than what happened right here.  This is why we can’t get NOWHERE as a people.

so FUCK YOU Boyce “Stick ‘Em” Watkins… you Charlie Brown head ass fraud…. EXPEDITIOUSLY.

I bet you know me now son.


  1. Exposé the truth, plagiarism is not acceptable at any level, and these high profilers need to be put on notice that they will be exposed for such dishonorable deeds. Reporting

    1. Check out our Video – exposing Dr. Boyce Watkins – I wish I would have seen this post first. Proud of you Standing up to him. – We have reposted you post on our page. From the Students of Dr. J. – Disclaimer: Dr. J allows us to post on his site – he does not always recommend, approve or is notified on all of our posting.

  2. First off, big-ups to you for calling out dude for what he did. Now, he may not have been the one to do it — and no I’m not defending him — but the fact that his name (and fingerprints) are all over the numerous sites under his umbrella makes him fucking responsible. As someone who has been in this blog and citizen journalism game for years.

    I appreciate you staying on his ass. Like you said, some of these “major” cats are of the opinion that they’re untouchable, and that they can get away with everything just on name only. But real talk, this cat has been feeding black folk a lot of misinformation and disinformation for quite some time since his sites have expanded.

    I myself have caught him not using creative commons protocol of attributing sources. If the muthafucka had any sense he’d know to do this opens him up to lawsuits. Trust me, I’ve seen this happen, and executed successfully.. So in closing, drag this nigga through the mud, but g’head and get that paper from him while you’re at it. After all, it’s all about accountability, and you can best believe he’s not doing it to white folks.

    1. WORD! We got his ass dead to rights. He sent another communication threatening to sue, we told him BRING IT and then he back pedaled talking about how he is a fan of my work. Funny for someone who claims to not know who we are.. all of a sudden you are a fan? Please! We got him and his condescending, flippant and dismissive responses where laughable … even being bi-polar enough to say that we “hate Black men”… he fucked with the wrong one.

  3. That’s unfortunate… the primary rule of journalism from day one is integrity and attribution… It does not water down the power of an article to say that someone else wrote it, and give them credit for it… unless you are trying to live large on someone else’s jock…

  4. Plagiarism is a big deal in college and is a very big deal in the business world. He would have been safer cross referencing the work than to play it as his own. He simply thought of never being caught like you suspected. Good for you in the catch and movement in addressing it. You have a major lawsuit shall you decide to pursue it, even with him making whatever changes. Being a fan of your work is one thing, but stealing it is another.Upon learning new or updated information through your media, I ALWAYS point my audience to you for where it from. This is how we should network together in building each others audience. Kudos to your works by the way because the list maybe old to you, but it’s fresh to me and those I plan to pass it onto. DJ Shawn (The Original)

  5. This is the lamest shit I may have ever read in my life, lol. Super childish and a whack attempt at fame. Neither Boyce, nor many other people know who u are

    1. You know who we are now. Stop jock riding this clown nigga’s dick. Plagiarism is plagiarism. And he has been caught doing it multiple times.
      It’s not about fame you idiot.

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