Excellent…. This MadMan is anxious to see if the filmakers bring the truth.


Planet Rock

Planet Rock: The Story of Hip-Hop and the Crack Generation (TV 2011)

A look at the rise of crack cocaine in urban America in the 1980s and it’s influence on popular culture, especially in hip-hop music.

Narrated by Ice T

This documentary focused on the cocaine generation to the crack generation. It seemed that young African Americans living in poverty had no choice but to get involved in illegal drugs, either as users and/or as dealers. At first it seemed to be a cool and sexy drug, but then people start to get burned out and problems start. This film took a surprising turn when they focused on the law enforcement and political side to the story. For many, hip hop was the only way out of the drug game. They do focus a lot on the hip hop side and they go in depth about what they are…

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