“African Woman” Put on Display , Cut & Eaten by Hungry Swedes

in today’s “social commentary” and a bit of “GTFOHWTBS” news…

seems the message may have been lost amongst the smiling faces

Black Swedish artist Makode Linde made the cut at World Art Day in Sweden, literally.  His “art” a “stereotypical African woman” made of cake (red velvet we think), was supposed to be a political statement against the practice of clitoridectomies in the Motherland.

Even the Swedish Minister of Culture (pictured) failed to realize how the ill-conceived exhibit would be received, as she laughed and joked over the display instead of treating it as a somber serious piece.

Some Minister of Culture huh? We call it white entitlement syndrome – where a white person is immune to the problems of other cultures due to their perceived superiority.

As white Swedes gleefully cut the cake, Madoke (dressed as the head of the cake) screamed and moaned in pain. It seems the message was lost amongst the smiling faces and giggles, turning the “art” into a questionably racist exhibit.

Take a look for yourselves MadMen …

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One Reply to ““African Woman” Put on Display , Cut & Eaten by Hungry Swedes”

  1. Why get all your thongs and drawers in a bunch? Isn’t this act representative of how non-Blacks have had to survive, be civlized and learn from their Original World leaders, since their “temporary” existence? It also reflects how bonkers white males went for the Kemetic flesh of that B/female (and in the queer cases the males). Look how they devour them in pornography.

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