Mother Angry After Daughter Vaccinated Without Her Permission

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news…

Sighie Kinney, a Detroit mother is fuming mad after her 14 year old daughter was forced to receive 4 different vaccinations without her permission.  Marcus Garvey Academy’s school clinic, operated by St. John’s medical, pulled the girl out of class and gave her  4 different injections..including one for HPV (which is usually reserved for young women reaching sexual maturity – but only with parental consent).

What makes the story even worse is that the mother sent a signed document to the school at the beginning of the school year stating that her child was NOT to EVER administer any medical treatments to her child…

School officials are backpedaling, saying they will meet with the family to make sure the issue is addressed.  Even if they showed up with a fat check, no amount of money could compensate this family for the blatant disrespect shown for the health and welfare of the child.

Sighie Kinney…you SHOULD be mad!

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