NYPD To Strip Search Citizens While Walking Down NYC Streets

in today’s GTFOHWTBS and Bad Policy News….

Commissioner Kelley is working with the Pentagon to secure a motherload of Terhertz Imagining Detection scanners (portable body scanners) that will be used to measure the amount of radiation coming off a persons body, and most importantly, anything blocking that radiation…like a gun.

Talking about the technology, Kelly says the gadget will be mounted on NYPD vans, with the rays shooting at passerbys.  The rays can peer under your clothes from up to 16 feet away.  No one is immune to the search – just be “reasonably suspicious” and you will be zapped – without your knowledge or consent.  Kelly says it will cut down on the number of stop and frisks, but Civil Liberties groups are opposed due to privacy concerns, calling it a violation of every citizen’s Fourth Amendment Rights.

So now, not only are you being filmed at every corner, you are also being stripped search at random…a virtual “pat down” if you will.

Ok MadMen…I can see this being used in times of war..outside of the US to detect suicide bombers to protect our troops,  but in the streets of NYC??? Do I have to risk having my DNA scrambled to go to the corner bodega?  Are we now enemies of the state?  Take a guess what neighborhoods this technology will be placed in…damn sure won’t be Wall Street or Times Square.  It will be the same poor neighborhoods where the racial “stop and frisk” profiling takes pplace..it will happen in neighborhoods where EVERYONE is under suspicion just because they are brown and poor.

This is some bullshyt.  Speak out MadMen.  Don’t give your right to privacy away!

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