President Lays Out Plan for Defense Cuts – Military Now Focused on China

in today’s news….

President Obama visited the Pentagon today to unveil his plan for a “leaner” military force.  He means to reduce the US nuclear arsenal, cut the number of ground soldiers by up to 15% and cancel certain defense contracts, new jet orders and the like.

With the U.S.’s involvement in the war ending, the President is looking for ways to streamline military spending and focus on saving money to support domestic issues.  Benefits will be overhauled, and ground troops will be cut.

The “2 war” strategy (America’s ability to fight 2 ground wars at the same time) will be no longer, as the new focus will be on land and sea mission and the Pentagon’s focus on Asia-Pacific (meaning China).

This is historic MadMen…and strategic.  This is chess…it ain’t checkers. And for those of you playing catch up…a few days ago a General from the Chinese National Defense University says that China would not hesitate to protect Iran – even if it means World War III.

See that story here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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