Mississippi tells Religious Zealots to Kick Rocks – Jesus Gets A Lesson in Biology

in today’s “good news”…

White Jesus approves this message

For those of you Madmen who have not been following the craziness in Mississippi, allow me to fill you in. The religious right decided to push their anti-abortion agenda, introducing a bill that would make abortion illegal, and a punishable crime (murder to be exact).

The basis of their claim is that an embryo is a person and should be protected by the same rights given to fully developed human beings – essentially the freedom to live.  This would supersede even the worst cases – meaning if a woman is raped, gets pregnant and has an abortion – she will be charged with murder.  The same for victims of incest and even in cases where having the child would endanger the life of the mother.

The goal was to have this bill passed in Mississippi to set the stage for the ultimate checkmate move…to challenge Roe vs Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case that gave every woman in America the right to decide for herself  if she would carry a pregnancy to full term and bear the responsiblity of taking care of another life.  This was a strategic move in that, right now, the majority of Supreme Court justices are Roman Catholic  – and based on the tenets of the beliefs of that religion, it would be safe to assume they would be sympathetic to the pro-life movement (this is chess it ain’t checkers son).

Will sperm be classified as human next??

It appears that folks in Mississippi saw through the religious shenanigans and voted the proposed legislation down. More than 55% of the voters told the bible thumpers to go kick rocks. It appears that the American populace is beginning to wake-up and realize the power in their votes.  Jesus is all well and good…but it is unlikely that he will help with the financial support of a child.

Furthermore, every man and woman should have the fundamental right of free will.  I, personally would not have an abortion.  That is MY PERSONAL CHOICE…I may feel different if I were raped, however…either way, it is a personal decision with far-reaching consequences and should not be regulated by the government. 

If there is a god who cares about abortion, then each man and woman will have to answer to that god on their judgement day.  Tom the preacher down the street doesn’t get to make that decision in the real world.  The whole religious argument is flawed and illogical.

Undeterred, the religious right has stated they will continue the crusade until every unwanted child is born.  They are now proposing that single-celled organisms – yes the zygote – is a human and should be protected.

No, I am not joking madmen.  but I am also not surprised.  What else would you expect from people who think that there is a man who lives in the clouds?

There is power in your vote MadMen. Use it and keep the ignorance at bay.


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