Top Student Denied Valedictorian Status Because She Is Black

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news…

Seriously Little Rock Arkansas? Seriously???

McGehee Secondary School in Little Rock Arkansas is still singing Dixie.  The highest honor the school can give, that of valedictorian is supposed to go to the student with the highest GPA…right?

Well in Little Rock, you get it if you have the highest GPA…and if you’re white.  Other races need not apply.  This year Kymberly Wimberly (whoever named her should be slapped), was the undisputed Valedictorian.  With a perfect 4 year record of straight A’s, the senior and her family rejoiced when they received the initial notification from the school that the honor was hers.

Well apparently, the personnel of the school thought naming a Black Valedictorian would be irresponsible in a school that is over 50% white.  But they figured they would throw the poor girl a bone and name a White counter-part (who had lower grades) Valedictorian as well.

She would have to share the honor  AND take a back seat to a lesser qualified white peer.

The parents tried to appeal the school’s decision – but were shut down at the meeting and denied the opportunity to speak because , they were told, the mother checked the wrong box on a form that granted speaking privileges at the public meeting.

Mad? You should be.  And so is her father.  He has filed a Federal lawsuit citing discrimination. I for one hope they bankrupt the entire school system, cause this is some bullshyt.


One Reply to “Top Student Denied Valedictorian Status Because She Is Black”

  1. it is damn sad. Its bull and I believe the same I hope they bankrupt the school. I’d love it if she got in to harvard and showed them up.

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