Grannies To Start Boosting….SSI Checks Won’t Be Cut If A Deal Isn’t Reached Says Obama

in today’s “bad policy” and GTFOHWTBS news….

this shit is chess…it ain’t checkers” – Alonzo “Draining Day”

Granny Get your Gun...Time to start Boostin'

Yea..Obama is sounding alot like Alonzo right now, playing a strategic game of chess with lawmakers on both sides of the fence.  In an announcement today, he threatened that social security checks, disability and other forms of social insurance payments would not be made if the GOP didn’t meet his demands for tax hikes on the rich.

So a little background is needed before we continue.  The current debt ceiling is at 14.3 trillion dollars and needs to be raised to avoid default and to continue to pay government bills. Neither side can reach an agreement on how this should be done.

The Republicans are in full “we hate Obama” mode and want to see an end to what they call his “big spending” and over-bloating of the government.  They claim the best way to manage the debt ceiling is to simply stop spending and enact cuts (cutting off services to those who need it the most).

The Democrats feel that only one type of cut is necessary…the Bush era tax cuts for the rich.  The Democrats are saying it is time for the wealthy to begin pulling their weight and stop relying on the poor and middle class to pay all the bills while they live high off the hog.

So, Obama, with the clock ticking has moved his pawn in position to take the Queen. With flawless execution, he called a press conference and said “if these muthaplukka’s don’t get it together…ain’t NOBODY getting SHIT!”

Pimpin move Mr. President….but do you really need to scare the holy shit out of every elderly American in the United States??  All the veterans? All the disabled?  I mean, we know what an announcement like that will will cause a public panic…phones will ring off the hook on Capital Hill as millions of people who live off those checks go bat shit.

And it will work…why? Because most Americans don’t know that it would be illegal for those checks NOT to be cut on August 2nd.  It’s in the Constitution.  And I quote: “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.” US Constitution, 14th Amendment, Section 4.

So here’s why I’m Mad MadMen….

PLEASE don't let it come to this....

1. Because the public is dumb enough to fall for the propaganda.  Pick up a fucking law book at the free library.  Understand the laws of the country you live in (for better or worse).

2. Because scaring the shit out of old people and Sammy one leg just ain’t right son.  We already agree that the rich should pay their taxes..end of story.  If you took a nationwide vote, the result would be to tax their assess.  But instead of a vote by the people, like you would do in any democracy, we have to watch a bunch of fat cats argue back and forth while grandma starts networking with the neighborhood booster.  She can’t wait for you to get it together Obama & the GOP. Rent is due on the first and the pharmacy prescriptions must be filled.   It’s gonna be real fucked up when Granny is trying to figure out how she is gonna work the pole for tips cause ya’ll playing around on Capital Hill.


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