God Doesn’t Have To Endorse Your Gay Marriage – According to NYC Legislators

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White Jesus approves this message

In a historic vote, NYC decided it would allow same sex marriages to be considered legal in the eye of the state law, allowing for partners to have the same rights as married heterosexual couples. But of course there is a catch…language inside the new provision protects churches from being sued or penalized, should they choose to exercise the right to be bigots and refuse a same sex marriage to take place in their hallowed halls.

The New York Times reports:

The Republicans who insisted on the provision did not only want religious organizations and affiliated groups to be protected from lawsuits if they refused to provide their buildings or services for same-sex marriage ceremonies, they also wanted them to be spared any penalties by state government. That would mean, for example, a church that declined to accommodate same-sex weddings could not be penalized later with the loss of state aid for the social service programs it administers.

… The amendment that was passed stated that barring access to same-sex ceremonies, or failing to provide services for them, would not “result in any state or local government action to penalize, withhold benefits, or discriminate against such religious corporation, benevolent order, a not-for-profit corporation operated, supervised or controlled by a religious corporation.”

If that is not irony…I don’t know what is.  So if you are gay, your dream wedding amongst pristine columns of painted angels is up to the judgmental Christians who run that particular church.

You are a gay pastor ..but you oppose gay rights...SMH

Funny thing is, the church should be the biggest supporters of gay rights since so many of the clergy hide their true sexual preferences behind sermons of hate for the lifestyle, while they are blowing out bootyholes in the church rectory. (we see you Eddie Long).

How is this an equal rights win, if you can still be barred from renting a church because your partner is the same sex? This is some half-assed shit in the big scheme of things.

Personally, I think all marriage should be outlawed –  hetero or same sex.  No one should be condemned to a life of misery. In the end, we will only have a higher divorce rate and more fabulous episodes of divorce court to watch that will probably be more entertaining than Jerry Springer.#ijs



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