Slavery Is Alive And Well In Newark New Jersey

in today’s that shyt don’t match news…

the woman who enslaved her own kind for profit

We often think that slavery is long dead, as old and distant as the Negro spirituals sung at our grandmothers church. We never think that it is going on right under our noses. In the Black community, we hear of sex trafficking..but it is usually looked upon as something distant, something for Russian mobsters and Thai villages…we never think it would be right under our noses, in our own communities.

And the enslaver? Our own people.

How many times do we walk past those hair braiding salons in our neighborhoods and see the rows of depressed looking women, braiding hair as if their life depended on it?  We notice they never take breaks, but figure it’s that African work far removed from the African-American work ethic, that we don’t see it for what it really is….modern day slavery.  We don’t even bother to ask if they have eaten, we just want to know how long it’s going to take.  As we jump up from the chair 7 hours later, another client replaces us immediately…and the uneasy feeling we get when we see this? We bury it…not our business we say and keep it moving.

they were on some Kunta-Kinte shit...SMH

The disregard we have for each other is appalling.  Recently, a pair of teen slaves were freed from their captors in Newark and East Orange New Jersey.  Their overseers..Africans, just like them.  The reason? Money.  Investigators say the “masters” made about 4 million dollars off the girls and other women they captured.  They kept the young girls in dirty homes and outside contact was forbidden.  Seven days a week to work – no healthcare.

This is worse than slavery under whites…at least you had Sunday off on the plantation. How is that we treat our own worse than any other?  I hope that all Black women watching this will remember this when the next time they go to get their hair braided.  Ask questions..and if shit looks suspect, call the INS.

Be on your Harriet Tubman shit.

Watch the investigative report below.  Black people of all nationalities…u SHOULD be mad!

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