The Tables Turn! India Is Outsourcing Jobs And Hiring Blacks

in today’s news…

Yea you read it right.

In a surprising turn of the tables, India is now outsourcing it’s jobs to America.  The beneficiaries? Mostly African-Americans.

In light of India’s current problem of keeping wages down (sound familiar?) they have decided to come back to where it all started and bring back jobs to the people who need them most (or who they took them from in the first place depending on how you look at it).

The most visible company in this practice, Aegis, is taking the lead in this area, especially since the majority of their clients or US Corporations.  They run call centers and hire mostly African-Americans, paying $12 to $14 dollars per hour, with the extra incentive of a bonus check.

My how the tides have turned.

Does this mean the US is turning into the newest third world country as predicted?

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