Mr. Ghetto IS The Reason Why Abortion Should Remain Funded

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news…

I love Black people…but I HATE niggas.

this is the future? please RUN and log on to and get your child a BOOK!!

I usually try to refrain from using this phrase, and only break it out on the rare occasion I am made to feel like the extra amount of melanin that connects me to some people is a curse.

After watching this video MadMen, I wanted to kill myself.  Seriously.

It can be argued that this song and video is a throwback to Luke and 2 Live Crew.  To that I say, Luther Campell need to be fucked up for fathering this shyt.  I’m all for artistic expression but this???

I hate Mr. Ghetto’s Mamma’s uterus..I Hate his daddy sperm!…I hate the Doctor that pulled him from his mommas cooch, and I hate the factory that produced his Similac!!  I hate the New orleans school system…

I hope WalMart sues and demands the video be burned, thrown in the river, fished out, stomped on, buried, dug up and then burned again.

Pay attention folks, and watch the video to the very end..

This is what a lack of education means for your sons and daughters.

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