Raz B Is Allegedly On Some R Kelly Shyt!..But With A 15 Year-Old-Boy

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news…

Now MadMen…you know we HATE reporting on Hollywierd, but this was too good to pass up.  Allegedly,  a 19 page affidavit has surfaced where at 15 year-old -boy is accusing Raz B (formerly of B2K) of blowing out his booty hole and giving him the R. Kelly special.

Urolagnia is defined as sexual excitement associated with the sight or thought of urine

The irony? As Ms. Hunnit reported on WYMS Radio, Raz B accused former manager Chris Stokes of the exact same thing (minus the Urolagnia) awhile back.  So the abused now turns in to the abuser? How cliché is THAT?

The attack happened in China, where the legal age of consent is 14, but the boy claimed he was an unwiling participant in some of the acts, so a rape charge may be levied.

This is a damn shame.  Let’s hope it isn’t true.  We are keeping our ears to the street on this one…Ms. 1Hunnit WILL give any research found on Tuesday’s broadcast of WYMS radio at 10pm. (www.whyyoumadson.com).

Side Note: Word on the street is that Chris Stokes is the one who leaked the affidavit.  A true bitchassed move on his part if true.

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