The End Of Times or the End Of Sanity? Religious Zealots Claim To Know Date Of The Rapture (Again)

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Ok Madmen.  Grab a seat..this is a lengthy one.  I’ve been holding my tongue on this long enough…but I have finally had it with this bullshyt.

Harold Camping, the 89 or 90 year old radio host and religious zealot, claims he has it on VERY good authority that judgement day is May 21, 2011 and the end of the world is October 21, 2011. 

According to biblical folklore, everyone on earth will be judged according to the King James version of biblical events (have mercy).  Those who pass muster will be lifted up magically through their chimneys and will disappear into the clouds, into outer space and on to heaven…

sidebar: yes outer space – cause there is nothing beyond the clouds but space, the sun, moon and other planets…but back to the story…

Those remaining will be left slack-jawed as empty clothes litter the street that once held the human manifestation of Godly perfectness. These slack-jawed heathens will return to their homes to wait 5 months for the earth to be destroyed.  While they wait, they will receive letters from the people who escaped telling them it’s not to late to turn to Christ. But even if they turn, they will still be destroyed with the earth. 

How your friend will look after "the Rapture"

Oh and of course there is the standard religious fine print that defies logic as well.  According to Camping, all those who are not saved will cease to be conscious, and those who died previously will not be affected by any of this.

Seriously?  Why can’t people just admit they are scared that worldwide tensions are coming to a head?  Does mysticism and the giving of money always have to rear it’s ugly head to boot?  Will scaring the shyt out of gullible people while lining your pockets actually help anything?

And what happens on October 22nd?  Except you looking REAL stupid?  Will you give the people you fleeced their fear money back? cost thousands to put up billboards all over the country, and it costs tens of thousands to shrink wrap public buses.

Even the bible says that “no man knoweth the hour or time…except the heavenly father in heaven”. Sooo, I guess Camping is trying to say he is God?  I mean he did call out the date AND hour!  Dude said May 21st at 6 p.m. (no word on whether that is eastern, mountain or pacific time).  what say you to that oh zealots?  Seems to me like you man is a liar and is going to “hell”….according to the bible.

Harold "If I got to go, EVERYBODY gots ta go!" Camping

Look people..I’m all for free speech..but I am not for inciting panic, intolerance or getting a come-up based on fantasy (we already have that…it’s called Christmas).  There are many religions all over the world. 

 To think that Camping and his crazy band of Jesus freaks are that arrogant as to dismiss the tenets of Buddhism, The Torah, the Quran and any other Holy Book is insane. Try telling a Muslim that his religion is obsolete because Jesus is coming.  Try telling the Monks who live a true life of sacrifice, that King James – the selfish heathen that he was – sets the rules about who goes on to the afterlife.  Starting to get my drift?

I know you need followers and money….but tone that shyt down son!  One thing is certain. We will all die one day.  Can a bytch live?  We don’t need you going around shouting out days and times like it’s going to change the inevitable. 

Jesus approves this message

Come to think of it, Harold Camping IS 90 years old.  Funny how muthplukkas start crying about death and destruction as they start nearing the end of their own life.  This guy was raising hell for 90 years and now everybody has to go cause he has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel?? And we gotta go according to his timeline????


One Reply to “The End Of Times or the End Of Sanity? Religious Zealots Claim To Know Date Of The Rapture (Again)”

  1. hey I called him up in 1994, his previous attempt to force the second coming. Seems he never learned from his errors.

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