Limbaugh Claims All Black People Are Taught To Hate America By Their Parents

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news…

It is Friday the 13th., and the GOP conservatives are out in full force with their Jason masks on, trying to scare the shyt out of everybody.

Rush "pass dem pills" Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh declared today that all African-American parents teach their children to hate America.  He compared what is happening in Black households to Hispanic households by saying, “I don’t see the same set of circumstances existing with the Hispanic population here that existed with the Black population.  We’ve never had Hispanic slavery, for example.  We do not have institutionalized hatred of this country being taught in Hispanic households.”

Ummm…really.  So Rush is an an expert on Black households now? He was raised by a Black America hating family? 

Rush baby, you got it wrong son.  Black people in America are just the opposite.  They LOVE America.  Black Americans have a permanent case of Stockholm Syndrome (you know…the one when you fall in love with your captor).  Yea..Black folks got a jones for America and everything Western like the rest of the world.

Have you taken the time to carefully consider the effect slavery has had on Black people Rush?.  Cause if you did, that bullshyt you are spouting would be out the window.  No other race on this planet kowtow more than the African-Americans.  Yes, there are a few militants running around, but for the most part, Blacks LOVE America and white folk.  To quote Malcolm X  “If the master say he sick, the house Negro would say..what? WE sick boss?

With Osama bin laden captured, it looks like ol Rush is trying to paint the black populace as terroristic.  What better way to win back the white house and maybe even win back all those white women who flock to the ball players.

"what happened boss? WE sick??

But you gonna have to do one better Rush baby.  Hating America means Black folk would have to give up perms, gold chains and low test scores.  It would mean an inspired love of all things African, including culture, science and advanced mathematics. it would mean the shedding of American names like Jim and Rachel and Tiffany.  It would mean actually taking America to court for reparations for all the stolen technology and labor produced by African-American hands and minds.

Naw and your people don’t want African-Americans to hate America.  Cause then that would mean a Love of self…and you racist motherf*ckers made sure that would NEVER happen.

So find another scapegoat for your terror theories.  Nice try though.

P.S.  Wake up Black people.  Wake up.

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