TeleVisa Competes With the KKK For Racist Assholes Of The Year

in today’s GTFOHWTBS news…

If Black and Brown racial tensions were simmering, it just went ablaze with the racist TeleVisa skit that went viral today. Although the skit is over a year old, it found life on the internet as it’s overtly racist jokes and gags offended thousands.

In the skit, and exchange student from Africa join a class of Mexican students.  They immediately begin to ridicule him, calling him a monkey, telling him his mother uses shoe polish to grease him up, throwing bananas at him, etc.  The exchange student take it all in…agreeing with their assessment of his Blackness and begins smiling, cheesing and coonin.

Really Mexico?  This is how you treat Blacks….Really? You?

MadMen, I’ve seen a lot of racist shyt, but this sickened me.  I don’t know what is worse – the Latinos (who obviously don’t understand they are “colored”), the insensitive TeleVisa for airing it or the African actor who has no sense of pride.

It can be argued that even if all Black people refused to play these types of parts, they would have just put someone in Blackface to play the role.  Apparently, there are a large contingent of Latinos who are more racist than a Rednecked southerner.

There is no way this can be misconstrued or explained away.  There wasn’t a lesson learned about how we are all “brothers” or “family”.  It didn’t poke fun at racism…it perpetuated it. Someone said that this is not racism because they don’t “hate” the Black kid.  But we all know that hate and racism come in many forms.  Any dark-skinned child watching this will learn hate themselves.  But I guess that is the point isn’t it?

TeleVisa. Fuck You.

All the actors in this skit. Fuck you.

The coonin brother? Fuck you.

All the Racist Latinos who agree with this bullshyt and look down your nose at Black people (and I know some of you personally) Fuck you.

3 Replies to “TeleVisa Competes With the KKK For Racist Assholes Of The Year”

  1. I would like to clarify that the show interpreted in these pictures is not affiliated with Telemundo rather Televisa television group originating in the country Mexico. The same TV show airs under the television channel called Univision, a subgroup of Televisa.

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