Substitute Teacher Arrested For Popping Bottles In The Classroom

Applaud this woman...sometimes you need a drink to deal with these bad ass kids.

A substitute teacher  in Ohio was placed under arrest on April 8 for Disorderly Conduct Intoxication and Open Container.  School officials became concerned that Keller was having a “medical issue” when she was found unconscious in Room#127.

After they woke Keller up, they began to suspect that she had been drinking and called the Westlake Police Department.

Student with the correct answer gets an 20 extra points:  What is the medical term for an alcoholic blackout?

In the beginning, Keller denied that she had been drinking, but reports issued by the Westlake PD say Keller had a bottle of Grey Goose vodka with her. Substitute teachers were never THIS much fun when I was in school.  A little Algebra and a dirty martini.  Who’s really suffering here?

I bet a couple of shots of the good ole’ goose made listening to those essays that much easier.

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