Farrakhan Says Government Will Be Forced To Explain UFO’s


"de wheels boss!...de wheels!"

So you know (if you listen to WYMS Radio) that we have been obsessed with Louis Farrakhan clips lately. So when this came up – we had to take a listen.  The content is surprising to say the least.  We have never heard a Minister or man of the cloth speak so openly about UFO’s or Aliens, since it would more than likely disprove whatever religion to which they belong.

Farrakhan insists that the government is covering up the existence of UFO’s – but that the American people will soon know the truth of it, since we now have he technology to record and distribute news amongst each other.  Farrakhan says the American government hides the existence of extraterrestrials because the US “[doesn’t] want anybody to think that you don’t have the intelligence, the technology, the firepower to cope with what is above your head.”

Word Farrakhan? Is that why we have been bombarded with movies about alien takeovers and wars of an interplanetary nature?
Although this is nothing new (Farrakhan has been talking about “the Wheels” since the 80’s), on the heels of his widely popular vies on Libya – does this make him seem like a real proponent for government transparency or a little crazy?

I did read that even the Vatican funded a super-power telescope named “Lucifer” (I’m not making that up) to see into the far reaches of space in the anticipation of extraterrestrial life being discovered.

We don’t know what to think about this one …so we will let you decide for yourselves…video below.  FYI – this was recorded on April 11, 2011.

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