7 Year Olds Can’t Spell – But Are Genius At Throwing Ass In The Air

in today’s “WHO RAISED YOU” and “GTFOHWTBS” news…

WTF did I just watch?


I just threw my laptop off my deck and against the tree after seeing what I just saw. I am thoroughly disgusted by what I saw and I would hope that all of us watching this will feel the same. The question that comes to mind is Who raised the ADULTS that are condoning this?

I had the misfortune of watching this video and wondering to myself, why is this okay? Well for starters it isn’t…but if you were to ask the people standing around watching this little 7 year old girl Bubble on this little boy, they would look at me as if I were in the way because of my utter disgust. Yeah I may find a lot of wrong things funny, but this right here had me furious. I took off my belt and whipped the laptop hoping these CHILDREN in this video felt the sting of my rawhide leather belt.

I WISH a muthaf!@#$% WOULD tell me about “that’s their culture”. I reserve the right to slap the cowboy sheeeyt out of you and hope the dizzying sting would have you envision YOUR 7-year-old daughter whine up so on dat yut!! Yuh hear mi seh eh?

Madman Alex asks "Who Raised You???"

What are we teaching our children? Better yet what are we NOT teaching our babies. When does it get this bad? HOW does it get this bad? Dancing is one thing. Little Shea Shea doing the Harlem shake is cute. The dutty whine done by a 7 year old is NOT!!!!

Now here’s what sickens  me. Someone will read this and watch the video and ask “Why You Mad Son”?


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