The Truth About Barry Bonds


Man o man MadMen. Why is it that on the heels of another great show on Why You Mad Son Radio , the Gods seem fit to open my eyes to an article pertinent to the show and it’s topic.

The depiction of the African American in media. Not just in cinema but in “real life” as well. Got some boolshyt for you. Like to read, here it go!!


Barry “Pump Me Up” Bonds is the topic of this one people. Apparently, Barry Bonds is on trial for perjury for lying in court about his use of performance enhancement drugs aka.“steroids.” Bonds was indicted in 2007. Barry faces five charges in total including four charges of perjury and one charge of obstruction of justice. Bonds’ ex-beau Kimberly Bell testified against him in court yesterday. It is reported that this was in her testimony:

“The former mistress of embattled home run champion Barry Bonds gave an explicit testimony today, stating that the ball player’s body changed shape and his mood shifted during their relationship – all evidence that prosecutors are saying is a result of steroid abuse. An often tearful Kimberly Bell told the U.S. District Court in San Francisco that Bonds threatened ‘to cut my head off and leave me in a ditch,’ and that during their nine-year relationship he suffered from impotence, hair loss and acne, which are all known side effects of steroid use. She also said that Bonds threatened to ‘tear out my breast implants because he had paid for them.’

Barry Bonds and Ms. Snitch Alot

Bell told the court that Bonds admitted to her that he was using steroids when she asked him about an injury to his elbow. ‘He said it was because of the steroids, because it somehow caused the muscle and tendons to grow faster than the joint could handle, it sort of blew out,’ Bell said on Monday. Bonds’ testicles took an ‘unusual shape’ according to Bell, who added that the former San Francisco Giants star’s sexual performance declined over their relationship and that he ‘had trouble keeping an erection.’

She added that Bonds grew and shaved off chest hair and developed acne on his back. ‘He was just increasingly aggressive, irritable, agitated, very impatient – almost violent. It was emotional and verbal to at one point physical,’ Bell told the court Monday. A model who posed nude in Playboy magazine in November 2007, Bell was called as a witness

Allow me to enlighten you on why I posted the actual article. If I could draw your attention to the picture where he is standing standing next to a white ex playboy model. Need I go any further?!  I am not prejudice nor racist. I am a realist please understand this.

Now in all of my political incorrectness, I will go on to say this. Barry got what he deserved with this one!! The end! I refuse to go any further with this one because that thing we come across all to often in life called “Choices” is what i want to point out. First of all, what we read in the article is every dirty detail of facts NOT relevant to the issue at hand.

We know what steroids do. HE knew what steroids did. IF he even took them. Remember all of this came amid his surpassing “Babe Ruth’s” home run record (which is was shared with Hank Aaron). That’s a whole different topic. the point is how the image of a Black athlete is portrayed in the media is the issue. The stigma that black athletes seek white woman, abuse “performance enhancement drugs” and have girlfriends and ex wives with reality t.v. shows is what the public sees and identifies with when making judgements about us.

Lost? Yeah well then you’re not paying attention. Get you head in it family and push for positive depictions of our actors, athletes and RACE!!

Barry Wake up!

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