Supreme Court Rejects Delay Of Execution Request

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected Troy Davis’ request that his execution be delayed as he attempts to prove his innocence.

Troy Davis was convicted of the murder of an off-duty Savannah, Georgia police officer in 1989.  Davis, then 19 and two others were harassing a homeless man in a Burger King parking lot when off-duty officer Mark MacPhail came to the man’s assistance.   Witnesses testified that Davis shot MacPhail twice and fled.  No physical evidence was presented linking Davis to the killing of MacPhail.  Seven of the nine witnesses against Davis have recanted their testimony.

Davis was granted a stay of execution by the U.S. Supreme Court hours before he was to be put to death in 2008.  The court ordered the Federal District Court to take another look at the case in 2009.   The Federal District Court ruled that Davis “failed to show actual innocence.”   The district court suggested that Davis take his appeal of it’s ruling to theSupreme Court.  Davis ping ponged between the 11th Circuit and the Supreme Court as they played “pass the buck”.  Davis took his case to the U.S. Supreme Court filing two pleas. One for the review of the Georgia federal judge’s rejection of the innocence claim, and the other asked for a test of the 11th Circuit’s refusal to review the case.  Justices turned down both pleas without comment.

Madmen, there is no physical evidence that Troy Davis killed Officer MacPhail.  Seven of nine witnesses have changed their testimony.  The truth is out there and Davis deserves a chance to uncover it.  It seems any hope Davis may have is being cut off by the legal system, effectively boxing him into an impossible situation.  Davis’ cause has gained some high-profile support.  Supporters of Davis include musical group Indigo Girls, Susan Sarandon and Harry Belafonte;  former President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

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