Nine Year Old Sacrifices Herself For Her Sister

Peace MadMen. I am honored to give you this piece of news that shows what being unselfish really is.

Nine-year-old  Anaiah Tucker, from Atlanta, made the ultimate sacrifice for her five-year-old sister Camry when a truck was hurtling towards them. She pushed her out of the way, bearing the brunt of the impact herself, breaking both legs and her neck in the process.

Now the nine-year-old is being hailed as a hero for her courageous actions that likely saved the life of her sister. Speaking about her brave decision, she said: ‘She was too young to be hit like this, and if she got hit she would hardly be alive. She would probably be gone forever”.

Is that humble or what? The children were on their way to catch the school bus when the accident happened. Anaiah knew there was not enough time for them both to escape so she opted to push her little sister out of harms way and took the full impact herself.


Anaiah's sister shows love for her sacrifice

I often say that a lot of  life lessons we adults learn will be from our children. They live and love unconditionally. As adults we forget about the fundamentals of life and will often turn a deaf ear to someone crying out for help. No bueno!!


I am wishing a speedy recovery to little Anaiah and comfort to her family as she prepares to go through the many months of rehabilitation.

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