71-61 – Always Bet On The Under-Ram : Final 4 Prediction

I need my sports fans to stand up right now!!  I am going through the college hoops scores and felt the need to share with me MadMen the NEW final 4 bracket!!

I am  a New Yorker for ever. Always have been and always will be. A Giants fan since the 80’s. Knicks fan since the early 90’s when Larry Johnson, Charles Oakley, John Starks, Patrick Ewing and Allan Houston ran the court. Yankees fan when Don Mattingly, Ron Guidry, Bernie Williams, Dave Winnfield just to name a few were banging ’em over the center field wall. College sports fan period. Big on the SEC/ACC circuit for as long as I can remember. Which has prompted me to go in right now.

I have since moved to VA and could really care less about the teams they have down here but I have to tip my hat to The VCU Rams. Yo this was a team that was  an outsider, a team that wasn’t good enough, a team that should have been replaced by the likes of Colorado or Alabama, who were both on the NCAA tournament committee’s “snub list.”

VCU heard the complaints, the comparisons, the criticisms. The Rams internalized them and during each of the five games they’ve won through the NCAA tournament, including Sunday’s 71-61 win over Kansas, they’ve let all of that negativity fuel them to victory. Not sure if anyone of you MadMen have caught them on ESPN but these cats are beasts. They are an athletic team with legs yo. The Jay Hawks have been the hemorrhoids of the NCAA College B Ball tournament.

Fuck Kansas!!!!!! Yo these cats came through talking out of the side of their necks and got that ass HANDLED SON!!!!!!

VCU guard Joey Rodriguez told the media after the game that during a captains meeting with officials before tipoff, one Kansas’ Morris twins offered him some parting words: “The run ends here.” Rodriguez told him, “We’ll see.” See Kansas played another Richmond Va. team, University of Richmond Spiders the other night in the Sweet 16 tourney. They disrespected their (Spiders) team huddle by straight through it. For real son?! Try that when cats are shooting cee-lo. That was their first close to “get your ass smashed in” experience but later went on to savagely decimate Richmond’s defense and halt their offensive plans. Now back to today.

Kansas thought they could intimidate a much bigger and balanced ball club with open mouths and empty hands. The lowest remaining seed in the tournament wasn’t going to be intimidated because it was playing with house money. It had no pressure and had nothing to lose. The Rams came out loose, played tough defense and started hitting 3-pointers like that guy named Jimmer.

Kansas was stunned, unorganized, intimidated. Everything the Jayhawks thought little VCU would be feeling was exactly what Kansas was projecting. Even in the second half, when Kansas went on a run to cut the lead to four, VCU dug in its heels and wouldn’t let go of the lead. No matter how much Kansas pressed, VCU never wavered, never freaked out, never wilted. It made key shots and stops when it had to and never let Kansas control the game.

Regardless of what at this point, VCU has already proven its critics wrong with a run that no one thought was possible out of a team that finished fourth in the Colonial Athletic Association and probably wouldn’t have made the tournament had it not played in the finals of the conference tournament.

But counting the Rams out would also be a mistake. They’ve been underdogs all tournament, including an 11½-point dog against Kansas, and found a way to win. Expect more of that attitude that has defined this team on Saturday. Ay yo Kansas…put your hands together one time and hold DEEZ RAMS NUTS!!!!  That’s writing a check your ass couldn’t cash all day long…LMAO. Next stop, Butler!

Congrats to The Final 4 teams!!

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