Target Gives Gay Marriage Activists The Boot

Logo of Target, US-based retail chain
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Minnesota based Target Corp. has filed a lawsuit against pro-gay marriage group Canvas for a Cause to make it stop canvassing outside the retailer’s San Diego County stores.    The lawsuit alleges the activists are driving away customers by cornering them and talking to them about gay marriage.

Target attorney David McDowell, told Judge Jeffrey Barton that the solicitors are on private property, and Target has the right to enforce it’s policy against solicitors.  Bryan W. Pease, the attorney for Canvass for a Cause said Target does not have that right.  He told the Judge the outside area surrounding stores in shopping centers like Target have been considered by the courts to public domain for free speech.  He argued that Target is taking action because it does not agree with the group’s message about gay marriage.

Target previously made a $150,000 donation to a business group called MN Forward backing a Minnesota republican candidate opposed to gay marriage.  Well, that’s not very nice.  Target Corp. has not produced any evidence of complaints made by  San Diego customers.  I wouldn’t let a few people holding clipboards get between me and a sale.     Target Corp. insists it remains committed to the LGBT community and it’s lawsuit has nothing to do with the political agenda of the organization.

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