Obama Gets Locked Out Of The White House

yeah…we wrote a whole article about this one…

Republicans all over the world and regular Obama haters are playing this video like a really good porn tape.  Hitting rewind over and over again.  Feeling orgasmic release every time they see Obama trying to get in the White House only to find that the staff has locked him out.

But phooey on the haters who thought President Barak “Mr. Cool” Obama would get fazed and start acting te fool.  Knowing the cameras were on him, he calmly continues whistling, never breaking stride until he finds an open door further down from the Oval Office.

This is bad business…how do you lock the President out of the Oval Office?  Staffers say they didn’t expect him back so soon…ummm..he’s the President.  You are his staffer…you have his schedule.

Somebody is getting fired.  #imjustsaying

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