What Ever Happened to Customer Service? Woman Kicks Ass “Her Way” At Burger King

‘Have it your way’ the popular Burger King slogan was turned on it’s ear when Tara Lyons, 38 of Oakland, Florida was arrested after she became so angry with Burger King employees, she hopped the counter and chased them out of the store.

The trouble started when Lyons ordered a breakfast sandwich at the drive thru window on March 9.  Moments after receiving her order, Lyons allegedly stormed in to the store and complained that someone had spit in her food.

OHN!  What ever happened to customer service?

After a short conversation with a store manager, Lyons attempted to climb over the counter but was prevented from doing so by the manager.  Lyons returned to the order counter a few minutes later, hopped over it and grabbed a scalding cup of hot water.  She began chasing the Burger King employees with the cup of hot water, throwing handfuls of condiments, wrappers and food products at them.

Tara, didn’t your Mama tell you not to play with your food?   Lyons was booked into the Broward County jail on two counts of aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony and burglary with assault.

No word on what happened to that breakfast sandwich.

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