Somebody call 911..NeNe a Thief??

I just cleaned myself up and wrapped up with ace bandages and splints when I came across THIS next story. For real, I’m putting my AFLAC to good use fam. I have jumped out this window so many times I can’t count. Guess what. I’m on my way back out this here window again!!!

Yo why did I just read that Ne Ne Leakes is alleged to have stolen $5000 from her cast mate, Sheree Whitfield. The jump off started when Sheree was going through her divorce and was trying to move into a new crib. She gave NeNe and her husband [who was in real estate] a $5,000 deposit for a new home.” An insider went in to say, “NeNe made her give the deposit in cash . . . And later when Sheree changed her mind [about moving out], NeNe kept the deposit.” No bueno!!

Not sure how true this is but er uh, I say whip ass now on GP and apologize later if in fact you are shown to be wrong.

The saga continues!!!

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