Chicago Senator retires after “black political disaster”

Illinois Senator Rickey Hendon announced his retirement after 18 years in legislature.  In a resignation letter to Senate President John Cullerton, Hendon wrote, “As much as I have enjoyed working with you and all of my fellow Senators I have decided to call it a day and retire from this wonderful institution.”  

Hendon, a state Senator from the 5th district, representing Chicago’s south side may be retiring out of frustration with the outcome of Chicago’s Mayoral election on February 22.  The Senator was briefly a candidate for Chicago’s Mayor after Richard M. Daley retired.    Hendon withdrew from the Mayoral race choosing to lend his support to fellow candidate Carol Moseley Braun, but Braun’s poorly run campaign cost her much of the black vote.

Braun came in fourth place, while Rahm Emanuel walked away with over fifty percent of the black vote.  Hendon called Tuesday’s election a “black political disaster“.  Hendon was known as “Hollywood” for his outspoken and colorful nature.

Hendon’s sudden and dramatic departure from his post can only be described as a “Hollywood Exit.”

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