Obama Steps Up His Game For Gay Couples…

depending on what side of the issue you are on this either “good news” or “bad policy”…..

It was announced today that the Obama administration would stop defending the Marriage Act (the law established in 1998 that makes same-sex marriage invalid under federal law), setting the case for it to be declared unconstitutional.  This is a key move in allowing Americans to marry as wish. The directive comes as no real surprise, since President Obama clearly stated the law was bad policy during his Presidential run.

Although Obama has ordered that the justice department stop defending the law, White House administrators said they will continue to enforce the law until it is repealed by Congress or it is officially declared unconstitutional by the courts.

Although slow in coming, gay rights activists see this as the first step towards the legalization of gay marriage.  The religious right probably see this as the first step toward the end of days…

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