Malcolm X Assassinated…Again.

malikah shabazz


[Guess Malcolm IS turning in his grave. Malika has pled guilty to stealing the identity of the wife of one of her father’s former bodyguards and using her credit card to pop bottles. The charges  stemmed from a charge in 2009 as we reported earlier.] June 10, 2011

It must be some kind of conspiracy.  I refuse to acknowledge that the seed of one of the most revolutionary figures in American history would sully the name, history and memory of the man that has meant so much to so many.

It just so “happened” that Malika Shabazz was arrested Friday in North Carolina for outstanding warrants in NYC for charges of forgery, identity theft and grand larceny. Her attorneys says they believe the charges stem from a 2009 incident and that Shabazz is eager to get things cleared up.

Malcolm's Body Transported

Funny how this story doesn’t come out until today..February 21, he anniversary of her father, Malcolm’s death.

I smell a rat.  In this MadMan’s research, it seems that indeed, Ms. Shabazz plead to reduced charges in a credit card forgery case where she admittedly gave false information to a police officer (circumstances unknown). The Judge ordered her to pay $250.00 in fees and told her the charges would be dropped if she stayed out of trouble for a year. No mention of this in todays’ stories (of course).

(and i had to digg to find that info. here is the link:

I could find no record of her getting in to trouble that year, or any year since…so what happened and why now?  Also note that we’ve been hearing a lot of noise about how she and her sister’s are fighting over one of her father’s journals.  The family wants to put it on display, Malikah thinks it should be kept private. Certainly nothing to cause a Federal warrant to be issued.

Now I’m the last one to buy in to conspiracy theories but this one doesn’t make sense people. The MadMan will be watching this one closely.

Malcolm is either turning in his grave at the behavior of his seed or shaking his head with the “I told ya’ll these crackers was trying to destroy me” face.

This was not how the MadMen should be honoring one of our own on the anniversary of his death.

Feels like he’s been assassinated all over again.

MadMen weigh in…

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