What the snow?

Ohio teenager Cody Bragg, 18 was arrested after he allegedly snatched a purse, then called 911 for help after a witness chased him down.  According to the Alliance, Ohio police department a patron at a local Wal-Mart was walking to her vehicle when a hooded man (Bragg) drove by in Honda Civic and snatched her purse from her shopping cart.

The victim chased after the suspect (Bragg) but only managed to get her hand on his neck before being dragged from the vehicle for approximately sixty feet.  Investigators say  John Shuman, a snow plow driver witnessed the purse snatching, called 911.  Shuman began chasing the suspect, on his snow plow!  

After thirty minutes, Bragg called 911 claiming that he was being pursued by a man driving a snow plow.  “There’s a guy in a snow plow following me and he’s uh…..scaring me.”  he said.  Bragg was apprehended by police and booked into the Stark County jail on charges of Robbery and Theft.

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