Can you hear me now?

The stupidity of the common criminal has no limit.  Take the case of Cody Wilkins, a twenty-five year old Maryland man who decided to take advantage of being in the right place at the wrong time.  It seems Wilkins’ own home had been involved in a power outage leaving him with no way to recharge his dying cellular.

Wilkins was (allegedly) burglarizing a house in Silver Spring, Maryland when the homeowner’s son returned and startled him.  Wilkins jumped out of a window and fled the scene but, left a cell phone behind that he had plugged into an outlet to charge.

Police discovered the abandoned cell phone during the investigation into the burglary.  With the information on the cellular phone and a quick call to the suspect’s girlfriend police managed to learn Wilkins’ address  where they arrested him.  Through witness statements and stolen jewelry found at Wilkins’ home, police were able to link him to several other burglaries that had taken place in the area.


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