Woman Arrested for Posting a Pic of her Baby Bound with Duct Tape….

in today’s “WHO RAISED YOU???” news….

Ciara Ferguson, 21 was arrested and is facing child endangerment charges after a well known gossip site posted a pic of her cheezing while her 18 month old baby was naked and duct taped to a chair..the child’s mouth was also covered with tape.

Question MadMen…where they do that at?  Is she serious? Once the pic leaked and the cops were on her case, she turned herself in and told cops that the pic was stolen from her and she is a victim of identity theft. GTFOHWTBS…

Madman Alex asks "Who Raised You???"

I guess little green monsters ALSO took that pic of you doing your baby like that too huh? And why oh why did they cops search her home, found the little seat and there was still duct tape on it?!?!  She is going da F*ck DOWN.  And you wonder why we can’t get nowhere as a people??

As MadMan Alex would say…Ciara “shut that baby up” Ferguson…Who Raised You??

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