Black Prep School – 100% of Students College Bound

in today’s “good news”…..

For the second year in a row, 100% of the students at Urban Prep, an all male prep school in Chi-Town, are college bound.  Each and every young man graduating has been accepted into a University of higher learning.

These were the kids society had given up on. Poor,  young Black men, failed by their public education system…barley able to write a sentence when they entered in their Freshman year, in fact, only 4% of them could read at grade level at the beginning of ninth grade.

So what made the difference? Committed parents, committed teachers (each student is assigned a mentor and can contact their teacher 24 hours a day without exception), and a longer school day (2 hours more than normal school hours).  The most effective difference is that the teaching staff is mostly comprised of educated black men.

That’s right, black men teaching black men…the result? 100% graduation rate and 100% acceptance into college universities across the US. The young men announce their acceptance to Universities such as NorthWestern, GeorgeTown and Indiana State in their own version of the NBA draft, which they call “Signing Day”.

The results this school has produced is unprecedented and goes to show the effect Black Men have on other Black Men…even in the worst economic situation.

No more excuses…..



One Reply to “Black Prep School – 100% of Students College Bound”

  1. Unfortunately this is the news that would never be broadcast!! Cudos to the brothers teaching our young brothers!

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